Gold Stud Manicure DIY

Gold Stud Manicure DIY (click through for tutorial) Most of the time I’m a pretty simple manicure kind of gal. I usually do my own nails, so going to a salon for a manicure is always a big treat for me. Here in Nashville there’s a natural nail salon called Poppy + Monroe that Elsie and I love (Emma’s been there too!). The last time I went, I got this awesome gold stud pattern done on each nail and I just thought it was the prettiest nail trend that I’ve seen lately. Since not everyone is lucky enough to get to go to our favorite place, I thought I’d show you how you can add some bling to your own nails at home no matter where you live!

Gold Stud Manicure DIY (click through for tutorial)Supplies:
-nude or light pink polish (I love this pink shade.)
round gold nail studs
wax picker pencil
clear topcoat
nail glue
-thin paintbrush or wooden skewer

Gold Stud Manicure DIY (click through for tutorial) First, shape, buff, and polish your nails until you have the shape you like. Apply several coats of nude or light pink polish with adequate dry time between each coat.

Gold Stud Manicure DIY (click through for tutorial) Squeeze a small amount of nail glue onto a scrap piece of paper and dip the end of a paintbrush or wooden skewer into the glue. Dab a small drop of the glue centered near the bottom edge of your nail about 1/4″ from your cuticle. You want enough glue that the stud will catch onto it and stick, but not so much that it squirts out all over your nail once you add the stud on top.

Gold Stud Manicure DIY (click through for tutorial) Gold Stud Manicure DIY (click through for tutorial) Use your wax pencil to pick up a nail stud (face side up) and place it gently on top of the glue. Press down with the pencil lightly once you have the stud in place and allow the glue to dry.

Gold Stud Manicure DIY (click through for tutorial) Repeat the process with each nail until you have studs on each nail (I found that unless your glue dries really fast, you can usually dot two nails with the glue in one turn). Once the glue is set, apply two generous coats of sealer with dry time between each coat, and admire your new manicure!

Gold Stud Manicure DIY (click through for tutorial) Gold Stud Manicure DIY (click through for tutorial) The gold stud is such a simple addition, but it feels so special and posh with a little added bling. This is also a design that’s relatively easy to do when using your less dominant hand since you can move the stud around a bit if it’s not exact when you put it in place. All in all, it’s an easy add if you want to take a simple manicure to the next level, and it’s a perfect look for upcoming holiday parties as well. Bring on the bling! xo. Laura


Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Laura Gummerman and Todd Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • Most of my dainty rings are from Moorea Seal’s shop:

    Laura 🙂

  • Pink colour for nails has always been in style and by matching it with the golden stud you made the perfect simple and fresh combination.

  • Where do you buy your gold midi rings?

    They are so delicate and beautiful! I’ve purchased a child’s real gold ring at a jewelry chain store and its still not as delicate!

    Also are they real gold? They look it!

  • This is beautiful, and I’m loving those gold manicure tools!

  • This so beautiful, I love how delicate it looks, I’ll definitely try it out next time I do my nails

  • I like it, it looks great and super easy to do !! thank for sharing 🙂

  • Love this look! Like you said, it’s so simple, but it really makes a fun statement!


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