Golden now available for Lightroom and Photoshop!

Golden | Desktop is here!! I’ve absolutely loved following #AColorStoryGolden to see how you’ve been using it in the app. I’m really excited to be able to bring the actions to both Photoshop and Lightroom now!

Scroll down to see some of them in action:

Before and after edited with Jadeite+ in Golden | Desktop

Edited with Opal in Golden | Desktop

Edited with Amber in Golden | Desktop

One thing the Golden set is great for skin tones! It gives off warm and natural tones without being too orange. It’s also great for outdoor photos as well. Try some of the presets on a photo with the sky in it to see how the hues change! We love that they can make such a difference on some photos, while being more subtle on others. This makes them great for indoor photos as well.

Edited with Garnet in Golden | Desktop

The Golden set comes with 45 actions or presets! Along with all of our other Desktop sets, it also comes with 27 basic actions or presets. You can now find the Golden set in the A Color Story shop!! If you share any of your photos using the set, be sure to use #acolorstory so we can see them.

Thank you SO MUCH for your support for Golden. It has been so exciting for me to see it going out into the world.

xx! Elsie

  • YESSSSS this is so perfect! I ALWAYS have issues with filters looking too orange. I love how it changes the tone without affecting the color of clothes or other small details. Thank you thank you!

  • This is super exciting! Amethyst is my favorite filter in ACS! I use the golden pack more than any other filter set, so I’m stoked to have it available for lightroom.

  • EEK!! So exciting! Congrats! I usually go for much cooler, moodier tones in my photos but I have fallen in love with the Golden filter pack. Now I just need to figure out which Photoshop/Lightroom program to go with so I can start purchasing all the ACS packs!

  • DO you have any tutorials on how to use these? I have both PS and LR but don’t know how to use presets. I would love to buy these but just need a little help on how to use them. Am I missing a post where you already explained this?

    • Hi Katy! Your purchase comes with a how-to guide to help get you started. And just FYI— our presets are compatible with Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom 6, and our actions are compatible with Photoshop CC. 🙂

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