(Grown Up) Back-To-School Shopping!

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School’s back in session! You may not be sharpening your pencils for a new semester anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a few back-to-school items, right? Maybe a new leather backpack is just the thing to replace your usual purse for a bit (and you can carry around that book you’ve been meaning to read all summer). The fall season also brings back all the denim items you can handle, so score yourself some new overalls, a denim jacket, or a casual dress (how cute is that jean braid on that shift dress?). Fall is also the perfect time for a fresh pair of ankle boots, or, for when that wet weather hits, some candy colored rain boots as well. You’ll stay cozy in or out of the classroom in a sherpa-lined jacket and a high-waisted suede skirt will get you the “best dressed” nomination anywhere you go. Lots of warm tones and neutrals are a great nod to the season, but don’t be afraid to layer in a pop of color here and there. Hopefully you’ve found a few pieces that get an A+!

  • I love the little black bag. This is a cute layout what did you use to create it?

  • Luckily as a teacher I get to enjoy the most out of back to school shopping! I have my eye on the black and white plaid dress, so cute!

  • I love those overalls! I’ve been dying to get a pair for ages now!


  • Oh man, I miss school days so much. Times like this I wish I was a kid again, to have no responsibilities! I love the little black backpack you picked!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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