Guess what’s coming—

It's Killer! You'll love what we're coming up with in the factory this week! RVA Update Friday at 11am! :]
(This is Leigh-Ann, Elsie is making paper dolls!)

– We've been listening to the same Britney song on repeat for a few hours
– Elsie is squealing about wanting a finger monkey (her new dream pet; she's hilarious for wanting cute miniature animals!)
– Jeremy is downstairs writing a new song. I fall asleep to his piano one floor below and it's pretty wonderful.
– We keep yelling "Next" (because her Dad notoriously said that at Sunday dinner at least 10 times, and we loved it!)
– It's 2am and a 2 person dance party is coming!

Look at Rachel's new chalkboard!!! I met her today & love her so much.

Rachel chalkboard 

More sneak peeks coming soon! LA

  • All fun things 😀
    I wish it was friday already!

    Have fun!

    XO Vera

  • 2am 2 person dancer parties are the best!

    sounds like you’re all having such fun! yes yes take lots of pictures!

  • Oh gosh I have to have that chalkboard to go with my bigger one. It wants a friend. Thanks for the update L.A. Glad you’re having fun.

  • yay! what a dream come true! and the rva update… eeeek is right! woo hooooo!

    see you in one week!!!!!!!!


  • Thanks for the update…seems like awesomeness is brewing over there. and OH MY OH my Oh my!!! I want a pigmy marmoset toooo!!! That is the cutest thing in the world!!! Elsie if you find out how to get one, let me know!!! hehehe :o)

  • You should listen to the Lily Allen version of Womanizer! You can check it out on her myspace, she has been closing most shows with it .. It totally surprised me at the Seattle show.

    Have fun!


  • how fun! it sounds like you girls are having a great time!! I wish I could meet you all and have a girly craft day. I also wouldn’t mind the falling asleep to piano either! How peaceful and wonderful.

    Looking forward to the RVA update!



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