Guest DIY: Katie from Skunkboy Creatures

Inspiration 1.JPGHello friends! It's Katie from Skunkboy Creatures. The DIY I have to share today is a pretty collar in honor of the blog party! You can wear it over t-shirts, sweaters or anything you like! My inspiration for this project was this pretty owl.  She shares my love of pretty collars and dainty fabrics! 

Supplies needed:  pretty fabric, measuring tape, scissors, sewing machine or patient hands, needle and thread, pretty trim, button, and iron
1. measure.JPG
1.  Measure around  your neck and then measure out your fabric.  Mine was around 22 inches.

2. cut.JPG
2.  Cut to appropriate size.  
3. stitch.JPG
3.  Use your sewing machine to stitch around one rounded edge, down one side, and around the other round edge.  Then stop.

4. iron
4.  Turn inside out (which is actually right side out).  Iron your edges so your collar lays flat.

5. sew trim
5.  Pick your pretty trim and sew it along the open edge.    

6. pick buttons.JPG
6.  Time to choose the perfect button! 

7. sew button.JPG
7.  Sew your button on one of the edges.  You can either make a button hole on the other edge, or make a loop with a piece of yarn and stitch it on (be sure your opening is large enough for your button). 

8. be pretty _).JPG
8.  Good job, you did it!!!  Wear your new collar proudly!  


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