Guest DIY: Silje from Little Bird Crafts

SiljeHi! I’m Silje from Little Bird Crafts. Elsie and I have been friends for a long time and I am so excited to contribute to the Blog Party today! Recently I’ve been really into making soaps. I am planning to make some for the RVA online store soon. 🙂   

Picture 3Picture 4I just made a fun mini book. Here’s a DIY……. 

DIY 1 copy  

Cut two 4×4″ paper squares and  four 4×5″ paper strips, I used brown card stock, you can also use patterned paper. Fold 1″ so that you have a 4×4 square, and 1″ flap, do this to all four paper strips.

DIY2Use glue dots on the back of the paper flaps, and glue each paper strip flap to each of the four sides of one of the squares.



Glue the second 4×4 paper square in the center to cover up the paper strips.

Now you can decorate with pictures, or just cute little notes and text like I did, the options are really endless. Make a cute little book for your best friend, or for that special someone for valentines day.

DIY4DIY5DIY7DIY9Super easy, and super cute! 🙂 XO. Silje



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