Halfway through the 30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge

Half way through the 30 Day Self Portrait challenge!We are reaching the halfway point of our 30 Day Self-Portrait Challenge! In case you missed the original post the basic idea is that we are going to take a self portrait everyday for 30 days in the hopes that we will step outside our normal photo routines and learn a few things along the way. Self portraits are a great way to practice because you always have your (willing) photo subject available. 🙂 How are you doing with the challenge? We've been following many of you online (with the #ABeautifulMess hashtag on Instagram) and we love seeing all your pretty photos!30 Day Self Portrait Challenge with abeautifulmess.com The challenge is open to everyone and you are welcome to still join in! For those of you who have been participating we will soon be giving away two signed copies of A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book to two randomly choosen winners once the challenge is over. So don't forget to use #ABeautifulMess and you are welcome to leave us your username in the comments below. xo. Emma and Elsie

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