Halloween Decor: Boo Banner

Boo! Banner *such a cute idea for Halloween!Hello ABM readers! It’s Rubyellen from Cakies and I’m pretty excited about this way easy (but way cute!) project. It’s October, and the fun Halloween decorating has begun in our house, so I though it would be fun to make a little messenger banner to get a little more festive. I have made a message banner before (see here), but I think our house needed one just for Halloween.


3/4 yard of black cotton fabric
3/4 yard of single sided fusible ultra-firm stabilizer (I used Peltex 71F)
Fabric marking pencil/chalk
23″ long dowel (may need to cut down the length of your dowel if you purchased a longer one)
26″ – 28″ strand of yarn
Iron and ironing board
Boo letter template
Sewing machine
Boo! steps1. Fold your black fabric in half and cut out your banner. See dimensions pictured above. 2. Cut your stabilizer smaller than the black fabric banner size. I did mine about 3″ less than the length and about 1″ less on the sides. Fuse the stabilizer and fabric together. Note: Place the stabilizer about 2″ down from the top of the banner, to allow space to fold the top of the fabric down 1″ to create the casing for the dowel. 3. Cut out the Boo template (or your own block writing), center it onto the front of the fabric banner and trace with a fabric pencil or chalk. 4. Cut out the letters. 5. Fold the top of the banner down 1″, pin in place, and sew down the entire length about a 3/4″ from the folded edge. This creates the dowel casing. Note: If you don’t have access to a sewing machine, use fabric glue to hold the casing in place (or there’s also good ‘ole fashion hand sewing!) 6. Insert your dowel into the casing and attach your yarn to each end of the dowel.
Boo! Banner *such a cute idea for Halloween! Hang and enjoy your BOO-tiful banner! What are some other fun sayings you would put on your fabric banner? xoxo, Rubyellen
Credits // Author and Photagraphy: Rubyellen from Cakies

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