Halloween Gift Printables!

Halloween has always been one of our favorite holidays here at ABM. The costumes, the pageantry, the CANDY—we love it all. If Halloween was missing one element that could make it more fun though, it would be that you don’t really give gifts on Halloween. And no, handing out tootsie rolls to strangers doesn’t count as “gift giving”. I mean, like, doing something special for your pal or significant other, ya know? So this year we decided to create some Halloween printables that are specifically for gifting your buds with some sweet treats to celebrate the spooky day. All you have to do is print and cut!

You can download our printables here and here.We’re working with our longtime supporters at Canon USA for this post. I used the (gold!!) Canon PIXMA MG7720 photo printer on this project, especially since I knew a rich black was going to be important to these printables. It IS Halloween after all. 🙂

Halloween Gift Printables- too cute! (click through for download) Once you’ve printed your pages (I would suggest a semi-gloss paper for this project), use scissors or an X-Acto knife to cut out your designs.

Halloween Gift Printables- too cute! (click through for download) We made three Halloween wrapper patterns that you can cut down to whatever size candy bar you want to cover. Since it’s hard to find the super cute foil wrapped candy bars these days, you can unwrap the chocolate from the plastic and rewrap them in aluminum foil first before adding the paper wrapper. Sooo much cuter!

Also, don’t forget to add one of our phrase tags to the front of your bar too!

Halloween Gift Printables- too cute! (click through for download) Cut out the coffee wrapper and attach it to your pumpkin pie’s favorite to-go coffee or hot chocolate. Maybe leave it on their desk at work so they come back from their boring meeting to a midday surprise.

Halloween Gift Printables- too cute! (click through for download) And for a more “sophisticated” Halloween gift, wrap our vampire teeth wrapper around a bottle of wine (red of course!) for a snappy presentation. This would be a great hostess gift if you are attending a Halloween party, and you’ll get extra points for basically adding to the party decor.

Halloween Gift Printables- too cute! (click through for download) Hang this “trick or treat” garland above a bowl of candy set out for your office mates or mail it in a Halloween card. Just use some tape to attach string to the back of each cut out letter and let your candy corn colors fly high!

Halloween Gift Printables- too cute! (click through for download) So yes, while you should spend lots of time on your Halloween costume and make sure that you get the kind (and volume) of candy you deserve on fright night, don’t forget to spend a few moments to throw your best buds some goodies as well. After all, once you get that 3D Mrs. Pac-Man costume up and running, you’re going to need help navigating doorways and what not, so you never know when you’ll need a friend! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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