Halloween Party Shopping Guide!

Halloween Party Shopping Guide!There’s only a few weeks left to plan the best Halloween bash of the season! The great thing about Halloween parties is that they give everyone a chance to let out their inner kid as all things cute and wacky are totally fair game. In case you’ve been hunting for the perfect party decorations, here’s a list of our favorite Halloween must-haves that will spice up any creepy get together!

1. These adorable skull plates will not only decorate your table, but they’ll also hold your spider-shaped appetizers as well.

2. Party fans are a quick way to make the perfect photo booth or dessert table backdrop. Just open and pin in place!

3. How about serving your Bloody Marys in one of these amazingly creepy glasses.

4. Wax lips (with vampire teeth!) are a must have for a photo booth prop.

5. Label your tasty confections with these cute mini pumpkin chalkboards.

6. The spider web-in-a-bag is a classic Halloween decoration that never goes out of style—perfect for a haunted entryway!

7. Hanging garlands is another easy way to add some color and texture to the party without a lot of effort.

8. In case your gang isn’t the “full costume type”, providing a few masks will give off a spooky vibe with minimal dress-up effort.

9. Make your tablescape scream Halloween vibes with this lace spiderweb tablecloth.

10. For the especially daring, try your hand at a ghoulish dessert with a jello brain mold!

11. Even your cheese tray can get into the spirit of things with these toothpicks.

12. These flashing light-up eyes would be perfect entangled in some spiderwebs in a dark corner (or maybe just peeking out of the chip bowl).

13. While I’m a fan of the classic “jello shot in the test tube” for a Halloween party, try something new by serving them in a syringe instead!

14. What’s not to love about a giant candy corn?!

15. Were you thinking your party didn’t need a 4 foot wide spider with eyes that glow?? Think again!

16. Honeycomb decorations are a great way to add some 3D color and texture to your party decor (assembly is so easy too!).

17. This black cat napkin can cross my path any day of the week—meow!

18. Spider web bowls are perfect for chips and popcorn (or fill them with fun sized Kit Kats, please!).

Looks like all the ingredients for a great party if you ask me! While there’s still plenty of time left to find the perfect creepy and cute additions for your big bash, don’t wait too long or your ghost decorations won’t be the only ones “boo-hooing” if you know what I mean. Happy Halloween!

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