Hand Stamped Clementine Wall

Hand Stamped Clementine WallToday I’m so excited to share an easy method for creating the look of wallpaper with paint. You already know we love statement walls. They’re such an easy way to completely change and customize a space, adding so much personality. So it was a pretty natural fit to team up with Home Depot and take on their motto: “Let’s Do This.” Since my kitchen is mostly neutral with a few pops of mint and turquoise, I knew it could handle a statement wall. Wow, I had no idea what I was missing before. It’s a completely different space now. The best part is, this whole project only took us one quick, easy (and super friendly!) trip to Home Depot and two afternoons of on-and-off painting (with a lot of dry time in between).

This was the first time we embraced a more imperfect treatment with our stamping to create a more effortless design. Each stamped clementine is stamped with only one impression… no filling in or cleaning up edges. Just stamp and go! I was inspired by this print by artist Jorey Hurley and the artwork of Anek (the Italian print we have hanging above is from her!), especially the colors overlapping in this plum print. I wanted to create something with a similar vibe for our wall.

Paint ColorsFor our colors, we chose Behr Ultra Interior paint in Orange Grove, Indian Paint Brush, Pumpkin Patch, Tart Apple, and Herbal Tea.

-3 shades of orange paint listed above (for the clementines)
-2 shades of green paint listed above (for the leaves)
-1-inch Wooster Pro paintbrush
-Werner step ladder
-craft foam

Make a foam stampCut out your clementine (imperfect 2-inch circles) and leaf shapes out of craft foam (use one for each color), and glue the craft foam onto cardboard squares to create your stamps.

How to create a wallpaper look with a stampStarting with your lightest orange shade, use the small paintbrush to brush a very thin layer of paint onto your stamp. Press your stamp firmly onto the wall and press down around the edges with your fingers. Continue to stamp the wall with your lightest shade until the wall is evenly covered. Remember, this layer is the first of your three clementine colors, so you only want to stamp a third of the total amount of clementines. Create a sporadic, but visually balanced pattern on the entire wall.

1 Once your first round of stamping is complete, move on to the next shade of orange and repeat the process. Do a combination of overlapping clementines, small clusters, and some that don’t overlap.

2Continue to stamp your darkest orange color and then your green leaves (one color at a time, drying completely between each color).

Let's Do ThisTips for stamping a large statement wall: Make sure to step back from the wall between each color to check that each shade is evenly balanced. If you are unsure of how many impressions to do, start out with fewer stamps. You can always add more later if the wall looks sparse or uneven. If you mess up, wipe it off with a wet paper towel and try again. Our “Let Do This.” bucket made a nice make-shift trashcan for the little mistakes we made along the way.

It’s important to know that this project will not look amazing until you are in the final stages. At first you will feel like you’re doing some sort of weird 1980s sponge art project. Don’t worry. It really takes shape after several layers of color!

For the edges, we made half circle stamps. This detail helps give it the look and feel of wallpaper, rather than stamping.

Hand Stamped Clementine Wall Here’s the finished wall. I could not be more happy with the look. From far away, it really looks like wallpaper and closer up it reminds me of a cute painting I would buy from Etsy!

Hand Stamped Clementine Wall I never really considered adding this much color or pattern to our kitchen, but I’m so happy I gave it a try. I love how it makes our kitchen feel a million times cozier!

Hand Stamped Clementine Wall What do you think? Do you have a wall in your home that needs this sort of vibe? What shapes would you choose? xo. Elsie

ps. Orange you glad we didn’t make a banana wall?

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Project Assistant: Laura Gummerman

  • this is one of my favourite posts ever because it’s so simple yet the result it’s a very happy wall. The other day I was listening to an episode from your podcast where you talk about your past houses and I felt so nostalgic of this house!! I wish I could recreate the same feeling of warmth and cheery in my house. Have a nice day!

  • Hello Elsie,
    really nice idea, what about a rose wall?
    I would lke to do one but don’t know how…

  • Such a cute wall! I love the use of different colors in there. I tend to end up matching just 3-4 of the same colors in a room, but I’d really love no boundaries. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Dear Elsie, I just linked your amazing Idea on the facebook page of our “We love living magazine” here:

    I hope that is ok? I love it! If not pls let me know.

    Kind regards from Syl loves::-))))))))))))


  • Love this idea for a statement wall! It’s so bold, but really lovely. I don’t know if I could muster up the courage for it, but it’s really beautiful!

  • So cool! I’m not sure I would dare to make something like this at my place. I’m just too much of a coward and too much in love with my white walls 🙂

  • I really like this wall! It’s simple, and just understated enough that it doesn’t seem to over power the whole room. You have my STAMP of approval, haha.

    I recently finally buckled down and started my own blog of years of considering it, if you’d like to have a look the URL is naomisubmerged.blogspot.com

  • so freaking cute!! and i love that green door



  • Amazing!! Saw you post this on pinterest and totally thought it was wallpaper. I would have to recreate this but with some kind of bird stamp…

  • Where do you get all those ideas from? Seriously! This is fantastic – again.

  • I LOVE THIS! This wall would make me smile every time I walked into that room.

  • So, so cute! Did you do anything to prep your wall? Does it have any texture? Thanks!

  • I think this is my favourite project of your blog EVER! I love it!
    You two have the coolest kitchens!

  • This is so cute! I want to do this in my kitchen. I love the colors you’ve chosen, too.

  • will probably not start with my walls but may a dress or paper as see how it goes. smile


  • I think this was wallpaper too, at first! This is th coolest thing ever! I totally would love to do that in my kitchen. Seeriously the coolest kitchen DIY I have ever seen( and I have seen many…) I hope you guys will make a DIY book some day. I will be the first in line to buy it 🙂

  • HOLY DROP DEAD AWESOME! Seriously, you girls are always pulling out some great crafts and such but this one is my fave. Even my husband liked it.

  • This wall turned out SO cute! Love it!!

    Stephanie May*


  • Oh okay! Hahha when I first read this title, I thought you stamped it WITH a clementine and was like hmmmm how’s that going to work?

  • This is such a great idea, love how it looks in the end!


  • This is ADORABLE! You can find cool kitchen and house decor items for much LESS on cool sites like RueLaLa and Gilt. Sign up with this invite:

  • Fabulous idea and such a cheerful stamping design!


  • Yes! I did this to my bedroom when I was younger (without asking my parents…oh, boy). I decided it would be a good idea to paint a section of my wall into a white picket fence and then stamped on dragonflies and butterflies. Uh…and then I hot glued some insect coasters/fabrics. It was insane and I got into a lot of trouble, but I loved it! This is far better. 😉

    The Rambling Fangirl

  • love, love, love this accent wall, I think I totally need to do something like this,

  • That is such a fantastic and pretty idea! I keep thinking my kitchen wall need some accessories to warm the place a bit but I don’t feel like hanging posters or photos and that is just a perfect idea to had some cuteness to the place!
    Very beautiful, I want to hang out by the wall for hours with a nice cup of tea and a clementine (winter arrives, so is my need of vitamines! 😉

  • I really, really love this. It would look so perfect in a sunny florida kitchen!

  • Fantastic. What a great idea. As a Realtor I am going to share this idea with my crafty clients. Love your blog! Thanks.

  • O M G, this is so freaking awesome. This looks so funny and so adorable. You guys are amazing.

  • So cute! I love orange! This would be so adorable in a kids’ playroom as well.

  • I had been anticipating this post since you shared on IG it’s just too great. i have the perfect wall in mind for this! Looks like Home Depot will be seeing each other soon. 😉

  • The Eat sign is a project from our book (due out next August) so I guess you could call this a “sneak peek” Instructions and more details will be in the book! 😀 So glad you like it! It was one of Emma’s projects!

  • Hi Kelli!
    We made little 1/2 stamps for the egdes.
    Thanks so much- elsie

  • Oh this is perfect!! I can’t wait to have our house to make transformations like these…

    Lucy xo | http://www.we-resolve.com

  • Wow I love this idea! We live in an apartment so we are unable to make any statement walls yet but I imagine my house will have a couple once we get one!

    Whimsy Darling

  • wow, i love it! how did you do the partial clementines so close to the trim? i’m dying to know!=)

  • Oh my gosh I love this so much, and with the spondges looks so easy to do, wish I had a spare wall in my kitchen to do this :p xx Emmi


  • I love how simple, yet stunning this is! Unfortunately I’m not allowed to paint the walls in our current apartment, but someday when I get the chance, I’m going to have so much fun with it!

  • I am in awe! I cannot get over how lovely this turned out! Really brilliant job miss Elsie!

  • I love the idea, but for me it’s a little too busy. I think if I did it (which I hope I can someday), I would stamp less.

  • Wow, that looks amazing! It does look like wallpaper. Hope you have a great day.


  • I love it! It reminds me of a booth at our local antique warehouse that sells vintage fabrics. They had a clementine fabric recently.

    One question: Your “eat” sign. Did you make that or buy that? I’ve been wanting to make one but am not sure where to start! Thanks!

  • You’re so brave..! Love how it worked out though.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • This looks really great for a kitchen and really goes with the framed picture. Love it and definitely want it!!!

  • I absolutely adore this! We are selling at the moment with plans to buy a renovators delight so I will have to store this away for a future project.

    Well done! It’s inspirational stuff.

  • So so so in love with this – the colours, the pattern, everything.

    It helps that the rest of your kitchen is to-die-for as well (the art print! The bucket! The delicious mint door!)

    Orange you crafty 😉

  • So clever and simple and looks like you had so much fun too. This is super sweet!

  • This is such a cute idea! You’ve finished it well with the contrasting ‘Eat’ and the door really stands out. Big fan.

  • My fiancé agreed to let me do this to our home when we move to Texas! So excited!

  • Definitely one of my favorite projects! Turned out really lovely and definitely looks like wallpaper, great job!

  • Oh wow, that is SO cute! I would do this to my house if my husband wasn’t so modern. He wouldn’t go for this, ever. Very creative!


  • This is so great! I have been doing a TON of DIYs recently and have been thinking about repainting my bathroom, this is SO CLEVER! I may just have to do a spin on this to make my bathroom extra fun 🙂 Love it!!

  • So cute! What a great idea! I love this in the kitchen! And it would be so fun to do in a kid’s room!


  • Love the vibe this gives! Also a big fan of the “imperfect” approach. Fabulous!

  • Oh my goodness! This is seriously adorable. I hope to do something similar in my home!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • Hi Laura!
    Great question!
    We did make half stamps to do all the edging with. I’ll add that tip to the post. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

  • Thanks so much Lindsey! I’m so happy it “passed” as wallpaper. 🙂

  • Hi Mary!
    Good question. Since we only used one coat of paint (and not a lot with each impression) I would simply cover it with a coat of primer and then a coat of two of paint to cover over it. The texture is not significant.

  • How cute is this!!! Adorable as can be 🙂

    Jamie @

  • This is possibly my favorite project ever. So cute. I’m in love with that wall!


  • This is so cute. I really really love the pattern. I’m so sad our kitchen is too small to add a statement wall.
    I’m always so excited seeing your home projects and can’t wait for your second book. Much love, eva from Germany

  • Could you guys get any more awesome?!?! This wall is the best!! The color combination is absolute perfection.


  • Looks great! How did you do the half oranges around the door frame and the light switches? Did you make a separate half-orange template? Or is there some kind of clever magic going on here?

  • fruity perfection! adds so much brightness into your kitchen. lemon slices would also be just as cute.


  • I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS!!! I totally thought it was wallpaper when you posted the picture on Instagram. I think it is really cute, and really makes your kitchen homey. And the print is the perfect compliment to it 🙂

  • pps. Because it would have less ‘a-peel’, maybe?

    Fun one, Elsie! Especially now the days are getting less sunshiney 🙂

  • I LOVE THIS! I want a statement wall in my kitchen…just have to convince my husband!

  • This is a cool project, but I especially enjoyed seeing where you gathered your inspiration! It’s nice to see which details of each print/artwork you were drawn to and then used in your own project, with your own spin on it.

  • Love it! Cherries, strawberries and lemon slices (my favorite Starburst combos!) would be cute, too! 🙂

  • cute! my son would love this!


  • beautiful painting and DIY work.

  • I love, love this wall treatment! I do have a question, though – how much texture does this method of stamping leave on the wall? If you want to change it, would you be able to paint over it without sanding?

  • Bahaha, orange yo glad joke, my favourite! Also, LURVE this diy! I want to do a strawberry wall now 🙂

    Turquoise Flamingo

  • Love this! I’ve been thinking of how to paint my room. This is a really good idea.


  • Oh my!! What a cheerful print! I would have never thought of this idea. I love the creative approach you took to doing this. Thanks for the DIY inspiration- I would love to play around with different prints and make a statement wall.

  • This is my very very favorite thing you’ve done. I want to try a similar idea with a floral. So perfect.

  • Oh my goodness that wall is fantastic. I can’t believe how easy it is to create too.

  • Absolutely love it – you rocked it! banana’s wouldn’t have been quite the same. A vegetable could be fun too?

  • This is so cute! I love the slightly imperfect circles, I think that’s what really makes it look arty and like fruity rather than dodgy sponge painting, it’s totally perfect for this wall in your kitchen too, not overpowering and very fun

  • I love this! I’m not brave enough to do something as colorful, but it would be easy to switch up the colors and pattern. This is such a fun post! Thanks for the inspiration! xx


  • Clementine wall, I never would’ve thought of it. Very fun a whimisical, perfect for the kitchen.

    The Flair Society

  • My english’s terrible! I like the paint “la cucina piccola fa la casa grande”! if you was in italy probably the paint was in english 🙂 (I hope my english is understandable..) Fede

  • FREAKING OUT. I’m so in love with this idea its amazing I absolutely love it. you guys are the best!!


  • At first, this pattern looks overwhelming and busy. In actuality, when it’s all done, I think it looks fantastic!! It looks really fresh and the colours are so crisp!! Love this!! What a great idea.

  • This is so, so adorable. You could make the cutest sunny lemon wall! Total swoon.

  • Oh. Mah. LAWD. I totally thought this was wallpaper. I am so doing this. Love it!!

  • This is just adorable! What a cozy, hand made addition to your kitchen. Love it!!

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