Hand-Stamped Pet Tag

So cute! hand-stamped pet tag (click through for tutorial) For the longest time we didn’t really have the need for a cat collar for our pets. Our first cat, Charlie, mostly stayed indoors, and when she timidly ventured outside, she always stayed within a few feet of the safety of the porch. However, when we got our second cat, Mac, we quickly realized that our fearless-natured second kitty was not about to let the porch, or the fence, keep him from checking out the neighborhood. I was really worried that he was either going to get lost or that someone was going to pick him up, assume he was a stray, and keep him (he’s very friendly). So, it seemed time that we get him a collar so that he could explore a bit of the turf, but still have the markings of a cat that has an owner somewhere nearby.

We’ve had a rather sad black nylon collar for him for the last year, and it seemed time to upgrade his look with something a bit cooler. It felt like every time I put it on him, he would look at me with this, “Really, Mom? I have to wear this ugly thing?” sort of a look. Since I’m a bit obsessed with making hand-stamped jewelry for myself (like this and this piece), I thought it would be a good look for Mac as well. And it’s totally normal to match with your cat, isn’t it?!?

So cute! hand-stamped pet tag (click through for tutorial) We’re working with the nice folks over at Fancy Feast again on this post, as they’re launching their new Broths with Chicken (I think Mac is getting a little spoiled). It’s mostly dog people here at ABM, so it’s been fun dreaming up these little cat DIYs as part of the #WaysToWow campaign.

Also as part of our partnership, Fancy Feast is making an additional donation to Humane America Animal Foundation (behind Adopt-a-pet.com), who helps homeless pets get out of shelters and into loving homes. As you know, shelter adoption is especially close to my heart, so we’re proud to be supporting the organization.

So cute! hand-stamped pet tag (click through for tutorial)Supplies:
jeweler’s bench block
round stamping blanks
letter stamp punch set (mine were 6mm tall)
-washi or painter’s tape
-jump ring or small split key ring
collar of your choice
-black marker and rubbing alcohol (optional)

So cute! hand-stamped pet tag (click through for tutorial) Use the tape to secure the bottom and top of your stamping blank onto your jeweler’s block. Leave a space just taller than your letter stamp so it can also act as a guide for your letters.

So cute! hand-stamped pet tag (click through for tutorial) Line up your name letters in the right order in front of you (you may need a different size of letters depending on the length of name and size of circle you choose). Starting with the middle letter, stamp your letter with 2-3 firm hits of the hammer, and then continue to add the next sequential letters on each side until the whole name is completed. It’s really helpful to have a few practice blanks to get the stamping rhythm down first. You can buy a couple of cheaper blanks to practice on first (see more stamping tips in this post as well).

So cute! hand-stamped pet tag (click through for tutorial) To darken the name and make it more visible, you can color in the grooves with a permanent marker, and then wipe across the top with a swipe of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel or cotton ball to remove the excess. 

So cute! hand-stamped pet tag (click through for tutorial) He looks so much more handsome in his new personalized collar and I think he knows it too. It’s up to you if you want to use a breakaway collar or a regular one for your tag (Mac is really good at wriggling around until he gets out the breakaways, so we use regular collars for him).

If you don’t want to do a large tag, you could just do one initial on a smaller circle instead. You could get a set of numbers as well (some sets have both though) and make a second tag to stamp your phone number on in case they get lost. Stamping is a really fun way to personalize items, and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to use it in the pet world now too. Of course, this project isn’t just for cats, puppies need collars too! So, what do you think? Will your pet get a new wearable present soon? xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions


  • Thanks, you have shared nice information about a Pet id tags for your dogs and cats. It’s a great idea to keep your pet safe.

  • I love this project! I would be cute for other things too, like placement cards at a dinner table or gift tags!


  • Love how this tag turned out – I think I’ll have to make one for my pup!

    I have to add to the chorus of breakaway collar voices though. I’m also not thrilled with the choices that are available, and nylon doesn’t hold up long term to kitty scratching, but I will forever be a convert after my husband and I had to help remove the body of a cat that had hung to death on a fence. Our guess was he slipped while jumping and got hooked. To make it even more heartbreaking there wasn’t contact info so we couldn’t call the owners to let them know.

    Our cat that goes outside always has a breakaway collar and every once in a while he doesn’t come home with it. Whether it’s from getting hooked or just getting out I’m just happy collars are easy to replace.

    Hopefully someone will start making some stylish ones soon : )

  • Oh this is adorable! I need to do this for Pixie with a cute print on it for photos.

  • Such a cute idea, tape does make lining things up easier! Great idea.

  • I have no idea why I didn’t think of securing the tag in place with washi tape when stamping! It makes so much sense!! lol Thanks for the helpful tidbit & inspiration. I love me a good metal stamping project!

    Grace, Faith, & Glitter

  • Cute project!

    As others pointed out, non-break away collars can be super dangerous for cats, even indoor ones, as they can get caught and strangle themselves. Letting cats outside off a leash is also super dangerous, not only for them (animal attacks, cars, cruel people) but also for local wildlife. Tons of birds and small mammals are injured and killed by outdoor cats, which as domestics with a constant food source, definitely don’t need to be hunting. I’m a huge advocate of keeping cats indoors or on a leash, as I work in a wildlife rehabilitation clinic and see the damage of outdoor cats every day!

  • Such a handsome guy – and you’re right, he totally knows it too! Stamping is so fun – and it looks perfect!

    Warm Regards,
    www. Little Wild Heart .com

  • So cute! Been wanting something like this for my three baby girls (dogs) 😉

  • If he gets it off perhaps just a microchip for identification is in order. This is a serious thing that shouldn’t be ignored. I would also warn readers to do this are your own risk.

  • A very cute post but I have to point out that this is a very unsafe collar for a cat to have. Since cats are so adventurous and like to climb they need a color that can stretch or easily break open. As a veterinary technician I know the kind of trouble our little furry friends can get. So please, if you make a collar for kitty be sure its stretchy or break away. Too loose can still be haphazard to your cats life.

  • It’s beautiful! I want it for my George too 🙂

    xx Erika

  • This is too cute! I want to make one for my maltipoo, Milo!


  • Aww I absolutely love this! Mac is adorable, Laura! I’d totally be making one of these for my cat if he’d wear them! We put a collar on and within 24 hours he’s somehow got out of it! Such a fun way to brighten up boring cat collars! 🙂
    xo April
    April | April Everyday

  • The collar and tag are SUPER cute (as is MAC!). I’m also concerned that it’s not a breakaway collar! If Mac gets caught on something, he can’t get loose and tragedy can follow. Please think about this! I know it’s disappointing that breakaway collars don’t come in the best of cute styles (I have found a source of super cute Hawaiian themed breakaway collars for cats and have been using these for years), but safety first! Don’t want to be a downer but want to keep kitties safe!!

  • Love this! Just to point out to folks with indoor cats, this is still a great idea! I have one cat who sometimes tries to sneak outside (she has never actually gotten out), so she wears a collar when we have guests over, since sometimes folks aren’t looking out for an escape artist cat!

  • I haven’t used a rubber one, but I’ve tried to hammer on rubber mats before and it wasn’t nearly as good. I would get the steel one 🙂


  • Omg. This is way too cute! I’m definitely going to try and make a collar for my pup. So chicly badass

    xx, Mel

  • Oooh the kitty is really cute!!! i need to buy a letter stamp punch set!!! 😉

  • Ahhh!!!! I’m so excited about this post! I’ve been wanting to make something for my mom’s new dog and this is just perfect. Thanks!

  • This is such a fun idea! This would be a great mother’s day gift for my mom! (she has two cats!)


  • My pet would totally get a new wearable present soon if his name was not Morris Chestnut. Haha! My dog LOVES to wear a collar, though (I know, right?), so I might have to get brave and try this!

  • Aww kitty! That is an awesome collar. I need to get one for my big cat!

  • You can totally attach it to a breakaway collar if you want. The one I used isn’t because Mac is really good at rubbing against the ground and getting out of those pretty fast!

    Laura 🙂

  • Love it!
    Is that collar break away? Any concern if it’s not? I’m worried our cats would get stuck on something.

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