Hanging Planter (made with plastic fishbowls!)

Fishbowl Hanging Planter (click through for tutorial) abeautifulmess.comI don’t know exactly what it is, but there’s something about hanging planters that can be so special (and a bit magical). Maybe it’s because you normally see those types of plants stuck on the ground, so when they are floating in midair, it’s like, “Dang plants, you’re up so high!” I can’t help but feel excited for them. Since hanging planters can get pretty expensive, I thought I’d come up with a cost-effective way to make a group of hanging planters (and it’s super easy too!)

Fishbowl Hanging Planter DIY abeautifulmess.com Supplies:
-plastic fishbowls (I used both a 1 gallon and a 1.5 gallon size)

-eye bolts (you can use almost any size, but I used a 1/4″ x 2″ eye bolt)
“S” hooks
-large washer that will fit over the eye bolt

-thin, metal chain to hang the planter on
ceiling hooks
-small succulents or other plants
-potting soil

Fishbowl Hanging Planter DIY abeautifulmess.com Step One: Measure two inches from the opening of the bowl and mark the spot with a pen. Use your drill to drill a hole on your mark (you’ll want to choose a drill bit that is the same size as your eye bolt). 

Step Two: Put your eye bolt through the hole and screw the washer first and then the bolt on the other side.

Step Three: Fill the bottom of your planter with two inches of soil and place your plants into the soil (you can also add an inch or so of small rocks before the soil to help the water drain better). Add more soil as needed and pat down lightly.

Step Four: Attach the “S” hook to your eye bolt and hang your planter onto the end of your chain. Follow the instructions for your ceiling hooks and attach the hooks to the ceiling in your desired spot. Hang your planter chain onto the hook and you’re done!

Note: Depending on your chain, you may or may not be able to shorten the chain yourself. If it’s thin enough, you can use pliers or a Phillips-head screwdriver to open the chain at either end to hook onto your ceiling hook and screw eye (you won’t need the “S” hook if you can do that). If it’s too thick to bend open yourself, you’ll have to have it cut to the right length when you buy the chain and use an “S” hook to connect the two.

Fishbowl Hanging Planter (click through for tutorial) abeautifulmess.com Fishbowl Hanging Planter DIY abeautifulmess.com Fishbowl Hanging Planter DIY abeautifulmess.com Fishbowl Hanging Planter DIY abeautifulmess.com I’m really proud of how these little guys turned out. They look super clean and modern, and I love that they remind me of the clear bubble chairs that I’ve always had my eye on. So what are you waiting for? Put some of your plants up high and see how they like it! xo. Laura

Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Laura Gummerman and Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Stella and Piper of the Signature Collection.

  • Love this idea! I have seen these types of terrariums all over lately, most recently at Target. I always think these are so neat and then think that I will run into them and have them fall to the ground and shatter, since they are always made of glass. This is the perfect solution for me, and I love that they are bigger!
    Here is the link to the glass one at Target in case you were curious.


  • Oh, how did I miss this one! Maybe I was on vacay 🙂 I love this idea. I have seen a lot of these on Etsy and have always wanted to know how to make my own. Brilliant!


  • Eeeep, I can’t wait to try this! What a wonderful and inexpensive alternative! Also, I love that you guys include what photoshop actions you used. I’m diggin’ using the Signature Collection.

  • Love everything about this. I’m thinking this would be perfect hanging from the pipe that runs along my ceiling.

    You ladies always have the cutest ideas.


  • “Dang plants, you’re up so high!” – I definitely LOL’d at this and almost spit out the water I was drinking. What a great DIY!

  • This so original and would look great!


  • Oh my word, thank you for this. I am on the verge of creating these! http://chicorigins.blogspot.com

  • Eeeeennnnnnh….they’re okay….at first i thought they were tiny and that made them more interesting but bigger was just so-so. Try getting a little more classy with a better chain and eye hook. C’mon Laura – Class it up!!

  • These are gorgeous!! I can’t get my plants to live for long, any tips?
    I also agree with the previous question about watering these darlings.

  • these are gorgeous Laura!! What a fantastic idea. I’ve got a little lonely corner in my living room that’s in need of brightening. Something like this might be just the ticket!

  • “Dang plants, you’re up so high!” <<<< Dying laughing!!! Love this so much!

  • These look awesome! You did a fantastic job!



  • Great post! This spring I am trying to add a little green to my apartment. Plants add so much life to a space, don’t you think? Here’s my inspiration:


  • I love this idea and it’s on the top of my “to do” list. I have a cat who eats any plant I have and this is the perfect way for me to have some beautiful plant arrangements that she can’t get to.

  • Really, really fantastic idea. I will absolutely pin and make this one! 🙂

  • I love this idea. So much so, that I am thinking about how I can use this. I want to so badly! Thanks for sharing.

  • This design idea is really so cool and easy to try! Love it!

  • I second this question! I’m wondering if watering them with ice cubes (and letting the cubes melt slowly) would work so that they would never be saturated with water.

  • I absolutely love this and have been waiting for something to catch my eye for a specific spot in my bay window. So excited!!

  • I love this!! I think I’m going to try it out too. 🙂 I agree, I enjoy hanging plants as well.

  • Awesome idea! And they’re big enough to hold a couple of succulents.

  • Ahh these are amazing! I’ve been dying to create a succulent garden, so maybe I’ll just have to create some of these!!

  • how brilliant! i love the idea of the larger ones! all the glass ones for sale are pretty petite and rather pricey.. I will definitely be giving this a try when I move into my new home! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • I’ve just got into putting indoor plants in my room and this is THE most perfect idea!! Great DIY, definitely going to bookmark this

  • Those look awesome, maybe I can sneak some into my new home!

    My only concern would be watering them – doesn’t water some stay in the bottom and stuff? I have always been told to have an outlet in a flower pot for excess water, so the soil doesn’t get too wet and the roots won’t rot etc. Or maybe that’s no concern with succulents?

  • Wow these are stunning! How easy are they to upkeep?


  • I love these, I made something similar with mason jars to hang from our balcony-fence. 😀

  • I have seen this idea so many times at Pinterest! Love it! It’s not an original idea though, but I still like it that you post it and made it. 🙂 I saw on Pinterest also a lot of fishbowls in other shapes; like teardrops! Also very cute!

  • I am currently looking to put some indoor plants in my room and this is such a nifty way to do so. Thank you!


  • What a great idea. I hope to move to a bigger place soon, then hopefully I can try it out.

  • Beautiful! But, am I the only one that’s never seen plastic fish bowls?! Where did you get them, please? 🙂 I would love to do this- it’s the only way I’ll be able to sneak cute cacti in the house without chubby little curious fingers poking…

  • Oh. My. Gosh. This is fate! I was looking online today for some EXACTLY like this for the corner in my room and now my prayers have been answered i will be stopping at the pet shop tomorrow!

  • Love this! I love the look of hanging glass planters but have never been able to get myself to shell out the money for it. I kept thinking there must be some way to make it myself. And using plastic to make it pretty much indestructable… ingenious!

  • Love these, but I’m wondering how they will drain when you water them? Did you add any layers of pebbles, or just plant them into soil?

  • definitely my favorite laura project, too! I need to try this!


  • such a good idea! and so much cheaper (and less fragile…haha) than the little glass planters! =)

  • Any advice for maintaining these cute little guys? I made a terrarium once and loved it… for a few weeks, then the succulents got all spindly and weird and out of control. It was very Little Shop of Horrors.

  • Beautiful! Great idea 😀
    I’m definitely making one for my dorm ♥

  • Loooove the idea!
    Unfortunately, I’m no lucky at all with succulents planted in plastic/glass bowls/pots, but I’ll try this too because I love it! Fingers crossed!

    A fashion & DIY blog…

  • These are so cute! Perfect if you’re low on space!

    Carina | http://www.carstina.com/

  • These are absolutely adorable! Such a great addition to a boring room – I much prefer living art!

  • Those plants look amazing up there! Cool tutorial~


  • THESE! Love it! You just really upped the hanging planter game with this project. <3


  • Oh, how beautiful! I absolutely love these 😀 I so wish I had room for hanging planters, but I guess that’ll have to wait until I move to a bigger place.. Thank you so much for sharing! <3


  • I love hanging planters! They are just fresh and fun. Great idea! I like the bigger size of these ones, theres actually enough space for an array of succulent babies!


  • Such a good idea. I’ve thought about buying these but they are so expensive! DIY all the way

  • These are fabulous! I’m kicking myself that I’ve never thought of this 🙂

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