Hanging Vase Display

Hanging Vase Display DIY abeautifulmess.com It’s no secret that we love flowers here at the studio. We would probably have them on every surface of the house if we could, so we are always looking for cute ways to display pretty petals. Here’s what we did to make one of our own:

Hanging Vase Display DIY abeautifulmess.comSupplies:
-small vases (like these or these)
metal robe hook (if you don’t already have a hook you want to hang your vases from)

Hanging Vase Display DIY abeautifulmess.com To be honest, hunting for the exactly right vases took up the majority of the time on this project. You need vases that have thin necks with wider openings at the top (so the rope doesn’t slide off), and you don’t want them to be too big overall so that they don’t get super heavy once you fill them with water. Once I found the perfect vases, we installed a robe hook and tied a long piece of twine several times around the neck of each vase. I gathered all the strands together and staggered their heights before tying the group of strands to the robe hook. Once the vases were hanging, I poured in water with a measuring cup and added some pretty flowers to finish the look. 

Once these flowers have run their course I can remove the stems, pour the water into a bowl, and pour the bowl down the drain—this way I don’t have to untie the vases to dispose of the water. Easy!

Hanging Vase Display DIY abeautifulmess.com Hanging Vase Display DIY abeautifulmess.com Hanging Vase Display DIY abeautifulmess.com Hanging Vase Display DIY abeautifulmess.com Isn’t it lovely? The hanging display adds such a colorful and friendly vibe to the kitchen wall, and I love how easy it was to put together. Think you’ll make your own? xo. Laura

Credits// Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Laura Gummerman and Sarah Rhodes.

  • This is so lovely ~ i will try this one with my sister ^^/

    anyway please visit my blog if you’ve got free time

  • This looks amazing! Gosh, where did you find those vases, I must try this! Though my biggest fear would be they’d break…

    find me on 9outoften.com

  • Beautiful idea!!! I’m going to do it with old lightbulbs decorated with alcohol dye! hopefully it turns out nicely! Inspiration!!!

  • i looooove it! so simple and yet, sooo beautiful! i’m gonna give it a try, thank for sharing!

  • Oh my! I saw an idea like this in one of those first home decorating books…except it was a chandelier-type cluster hanging low over a dining table. It really anchors the space. I love this idea!

  • love this idea. i might have to try it seeing as I’ve just moved into a new Apartment time to get decorating 🙂

    check out my blog

  • soooooo cute!

    i wish i didnt live in earthquake country T___T

    at this volume

  • This looks so chic and beautiful! Thanks for sharing this cool idea!


  • Nifty! Don’t pour the used water down your drain though! Use it to water your houseplants ^.^

  • This is such a wonderful idea! I’m definitely going to try something like this. Thanks! xo

  • This is a wonderful and great way of displaying flowers! Perfect! 🙂

    Lulu xx


  • These are gorgeous! I’m thinking you could alternate pretty vases with jars, holding floating candles too – how lovely would that be? So tempted to try that out for a dinner party tonight 🙂

  • Me, too! But with vintage bottles and I’m thinking that I need to re-string them and add them to my wall now!

  • I love where you hung these! They are perfect for that empty space in the kitchen.

  • Absolutely beautiful! I love the end result! And perfect for the warmer weather.


  • This is so fun and beautiful, I’m fearful, tho, that it would not survive my children.

  • I have always loved hanging bud vases, i love how the combo of twine glass and flowers creates a modern but natural look. So pretty

  • Each time I see a new DIY in your blog I think, well there’s not way the next one is better than this. And each time I prove myself wrong!
    How do you come up with such amazing and easy to do ideas? Thanks you so much for sharing!
    Have an amazing day 🙂

  • I love this! It’s so great to have pretty visual displays that don’t consume a sometimes desperately needed surface space.

  • i love the mix of colors and vases!

    when you have the water collected, why not toss it in the yard instead of down the drain? even if the yard is just covered in snow, it’s not like that water needs to be cleaned at a wastewater treatment plant.

    <3 from hot (and too dry!) california

  • I love the idea but I would be so afraid they came from the awl down! xx


  • Hi Jessica!
    That part is more about arranging the flowers to tip one way or the other, once we hung the vases and filled them with water, they really don’t move at all 🙂


  • Love this! Definitely might have to give this a try in my new flat, thank you!

    – Natalie
    www.couttiepie.blogspot.com [A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog]

  • Love the flowers! So very beautiful!

    Have a wonderful weekend:



  • Such a nice DIY, great decor idea. Would love to make something like this. x


  • I have to create this, as it is so pretty and cute too! Hope I can find the bottles – time for a goodwill run!

  • What a gorgeous idea! It looks so quirky and pretty, would really love to give this a go!

    Eve & Faye x
    Sugar Spun Sisters – A blog about charity shops, cosmetics & coeliac disease

  • I agree, the one you made looks even better! I love that you can change the colors just by changing the flowers you use.

  • This is lovely! I did something very similar to this as decoration for my wedding, only outdoors on an arbour. I’m tempted to make an indoor one to remind me of the day!

  • Well, I know what my first post-wedding nesting project will be!
    This would also be really cute to keep fresh herbs in.
    And I know the World Market by my house has the perfect vases. YESSSSS

  • I hope I can find the right type of vase, and if I do I will definitely do this project!! So cute!


  • But CB2 actually have vases that are for hanging and wall mounting….uhm, why not just purchase those? The twine is visually cluttering in my opinion.

  • LOVE it! So beautiful and clever!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • This is so cute and simple! I have the perfect spot in my house for something like this!



  • This is such a cute idea!

    And it looks gorgeous against the subway tile!

    In a kitchen you could use it to help herbs last 🙂



  • How cuuuuuute is that?! I absolutely love it! So simple, but it’s one of my favorites of y’all’s so far!


  • Such a beautiful idea! a perfect way to add a little bit of colour to a space that wouldn’t usually get some. Love it.


  • Gorgeous…but how do you make them *stay the correct way without moving?


  • Beautiful! What a gorgeous piece of décor! Love your decoration ideas!


  • I will definitely make my own! I love the ones from CB2 but I like this less permanent option because we’re renters. The less holes the better!

  • This is so beautiful! 🙂 I love flowers, and this is such a chic way to display them 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!


  • I love this, it’s so pretty, and I love how easy it is to make, although I would be constantly scared of it falling and smashing. And those flowers look beautiful, I love the colours!

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