happy birthday, WILL!

123I just have to post a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY greeting to one of my favorite people in the whole world!
Will, you have been such an amazing friend to me this year. It makes me smile to think about all of the crazy memories we have had so far…. the fairy shoot in the rain, so much sushi it is *insane*, robot dance parties, thrift store shopping, fighting with zack (haha!), laughing….crying…making pumpkins and felt dolls and listening to arcade fire and swimming and never going bike riding b.c i am soooooo lame… oh, and how could i forget about *iPhone day* (it’s a holiday….DUH) and david bazan and art walk and all of the many many little things that really made this the best year ever.
YOU ARE AN AMAZING FRIEND!!!! (yes, i am shouting at you.)
over and out. 🙂 elsie

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