Happy Birthday, Miss Rachel….

1a few months ago my friend, danielle, sent me these adorable cupcake decorations. i loved them so much that i wanted to plan rachel’s entire party to match them!
rachel is quite the little detective, so we had to keep things super secret. thanks to Silje, Zeke, Emma & Jeremy we actually surprised her!!! it was so much fun. here are a few pics…2345678910111213What a wonderful time with friends! I love you, Rachel.

  • I love Silje’s pirate expression…argh! great pictures with the punch of red.

  • omg you have inspired me aaaalot 😀 i love everything that has to do with art im actulally taking painting and i love it but i dont know what i want to do like a carrer yet im still in highschool actually im a junior and i just cant choose :/

  • What a fun friend you are putting all this effort into your friend’s b-day. You should move here and be my friend. 🙂

  • I absolutely adore the photo of emma with the banana on flickr. She so reminds me of the movie Ghost World and Daniel Clowes comics. So sweet!


    I’m sure you have seen it!

  • awwww, that looks like such a fun time. you are such sweet friends! i love all the pirate lovelies. and sharpie tattoos!

  • Those cupcakes look absolutely fabulous!! The toppers are awesome, I agree.

    You are a bunch of great friends to put on a party like that, bravo!!

  • Happy Birthday Rachel ,, looks like you all had a blast!! Thanks for sharing all the pics! So fun!

  • Awww!!! Super cute photos…I love the RV cupcake and forever heart drawing on the arms. (Good Work) The party looked to be a fantastic time. Very cute decorations. Happy Birthday Rachel!!!! Elsie you do a beautiful job at every party you’ve ever posted…I love seeing your ideas. BTW very nice photo of you and Jeremy w/o the eye patch.

  • Cuttteeee!!! 🙂 That looks like so much fun! You plan the best surprises 🙂

  • This looks like so much fun, makes me wish I was there!!

    Happy birthday Rachael.

  • Hi!!!It is the 1st time I visit your blog, and I love it!!!!I love your last photos, they are amazing!!!!!

    Now I will come and visit you more.

    See you….


  • A real happy birthday! And a happy party!, lol…

    Nice pics and wonderful skins!

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