happy little Saturday to youuu.

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uhhh….. nice hair. 

k. so i considered taking a ‘day off’ today…. not gonna happen though because i have some craft ideas that i must do today. which brings up the question, does it still count as a day off if i am working for fun and not because i ‘should’? i think it should probably still count. i mean… it’s a impossible to draw the lines between love-hobby-job and ‘making the monies’ sometimes. today it feels like a hobby, though. i like. 🙂 


i should run, but here is an adorable bambi lamp that i wouldn’t mind owning one day. so cuuuute. 


and these glasses are SO pretty. i saw them on etsy and faved them, but they’ve already sold. 🙁 they were from this lovely shop which has some of the prettiest vintage glasses i’ve seen on Etsy!


and if you haven’t heard… great news for lovers of Polaroid!

happy Saturday to youuuuuu. XO. elsie 

  • hey! luv ur hair, haha. And i also loved the orange chairs that you bought for your kitchen, they match perfectly and they’re so cute!

  • I really have to see if my Mom still has my pink and grey polaroid camera. She’s a pack rat…I can almost bet on it that she has it. I’d just have to figure out where to order the film. I sure do miss the polaroid!

  • that book in the bambi picture “I can Fly” ….totally adorable golden book from I believe 60’s or 50s…it is also illustrated (and possibly written?) by Mary Blair. My little Bug LOVES that book, its so cute!

    and good news about polaroid!

    Sarah M

  • Hey thanks for always being such an inspiration. I have to find better work/life balance in my life but I’ve signed up for your Autumn class. Can’t wait!

  • Film for Polaroid! YAY!! It had been a while since I checked The Impossible Project.

    GOOD for you for doing craft stuff for fun today. I desperately need to do something for fun, but I always have so much to do for business and not enough time. 🙁

  • where on earth did you get those adorable glasses you are wearing in the first picture?! i loveeee them &
    i neeed them!

  • i have the same crush! i am in love with the bambi lamp for two years now 😀

    ps question! when did erin posted the goodies? I still haven’t received them! I just don’t understand. Everything i order seems to find my house except this 🙁


  • oooooh, i love the yellow chairs you got from the mr.! 🙂 they make the first picture really vintage xD

    ha, i also love that polaroid is finally “back” <3

  • It’s great news about Polaroid but so expensive for such a small amount of film (especially here in the UK). I usually have love for Urban Outfitters but can’t help feeling ever so slightly ripped off and let down by them this time!
    Those glasses are great though! Shame that I can’t wear any apart from my prescription ones (and they’re and expensive prescription too, dammit! Haha) x

  • thank thank you for your lovely blog entries! I am now living in Cambodia and devoid of all my normal inspiration (got some new too) so to see all the yummy eye candy from you is soooo lovley. You make my day 🙂

  • haha i was having the same issue this summer…coming home from work and staying up late doing crafts..some for work, some just for fun …it can be hard to tell the difference sometimes 🙂

  • Does anybody know if the impossible project will be available online? There’s no UO here.
    Absolutely love polaroid!!!! =^.^=

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