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Happy Mail is back!!!!!!!! We’ve been working toward and waiting for this day for months and months and months, and we are SO excited that it’s finally here! Our product brand, Oui Fresh, is relaunching our stationery subscription kit. There are a few small changes we’ve made (mostly behind the scenes stuff), but overall this is the same great product, just elevated a little. We hope you are in love with the new Happy Mail as much as we are! Here is a more detailed look at everything in February’s kit.

For those of you familiar with Happy Mail you know the basic drill, but there are a few changes, so please read through the following information. We also have more FAQs on the Oui Fresh site.

What is Happy Mail by Oui Fresh?

It is a monthly stationery and paper goods kit that you can subscribe to and each month the kit will be shipped to your home (or preferred mailing address). Each month will have an average of 11-12 items, and the majority of these items are designed by us and our team. These items are mostly greeting cards but there are other fun items too, like art prints, postcards, stickers, washi tape, notepads, mini journals, and other cute items we know you will love.

You can subscribe for 12 months, 6 months, or month to month, depending on the level of commitment and price you prefer.

How is it different from before? 

The main differences are behind the scenes and won’t be noticeable to subscribers. Basically, we had to switch up how Happy Mail was being produced, so that we gained more control over the process. In case you are curious, all the paper items designed by our team are printed in Arizona, and our fulfillment house is also located in Arizona. These are two major factors that didn’t exist before.

But one difference we do hope subscribers feel is we have been working to make Happy Mail by Oui Fresh a little different in that the designs are even better than before and the kit will (hopefully) be even more useful! We learned a lot from your feedback from previous Happy Mail kits and we’ve taken all that in and hopefully created a even better kit with more value for you! Or at least that’s our goal and we still always want to hear your feedback. 🙂

Another fun addition is our inclusion of a featured artist each month. Happy Mail is a great opportunity to showcase some amazing talent in photography, design, and other artistic mediums, and we are really excited to introduce you to some of our favorite artists. Our first month is a Dolly Parton quote print from chainstitch embroidery artist Abbey Eilermann of Daily Disco custom embroidery studio. Abbey studied embroidery in Paris and fashion design at SCAD — you may have seen the rainbow denim jacket she designed for Nova! Our featured artist’s info will always be on the back of their piece so you’ll know where to find them.

How much does it cost?

Being a subscription service, you can choose your level of commitment:

12 months = $15 + shipping
6 months = $18 + shipping
1 month = $22 + shipping

No matter what level you choose, you will be automatically renewed each month unless you choose to cancel (see our FAQ page for more details) so that you won’t miss out or have to resubscribe every month.

Do you ship to both the USA and international? And what are the costs?

Yes, we ship to both! Both are a flat shipping rate of $5 for domestic and $10 for international, both include tracking.

At this time, we are not aware of any additional costs that our international customers may incur, but should we become aware of them we will add those to our FAQ page. Since we are not aware of the laws of every country around the world, it may be that additional fees could occur, and if we become aware of this we will work to inform you.

When does the kit ship?

At the end of every month, so this month’s kit will ship around February 28. Subscribers will receive an email notifying them when they are charged and the kit is shipping to them.

If I was previously subscribed to Happy Mail do I need to sign up again? 

YES. As we mentioned, there have been a lot of behind the scenes changes to Happy Mail. With this, moving to a new shop site and changing our fulfillment partners, there was no way to move private customer data (including credit card information). We understand that it may be inconvenient to our past subscribers to have to sign up again, but unfortunately it’s 100% necessary and was the best option. This is why we’ve been promoting the wait list as much as possible (hopefully without annoying you all, ha!) so that those interested could hear about the Happy Mail relaunch first and hopefully subscribe before we sell out. This email went out yesterday.

How long will Happy Mail by Oui Fresh be for sale? 

We will launch each new kit around the middle of each month and it will be for sale until we sell out. Just like our non-toxic beauty box, all subscribers will continue to get their order filled first (since they already subscribed) and every month we will open up a limited number of additional subscriber spots. If the kit is sold out but you’re interested in subscribing, your best option is to join the wait list as we always notify this group first when a kit is available.

Will there be an unboxing video each month?

Yes! Instead of a video we share on the blog, we’re going to do unboxing similar to the beauty box. Today, Elsie will be doing this month’s unboxing on our IG stories (@abeautifulmess) and we will save our unboxing stories in our highlights so you can see past kits.

What does the mailer look like? We’re so glad you asked, because it might be our favorite part of the new kit …

Click here to subscribe.

Please let us know what questions you have! We will add to this list or our FAQ page if we get a lot of the same ones. xo. Emma, Elsie, + the ABM and Oui Fresh team

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with ACS for Desktop actions.
  • I LOVE the Dolly quote! That’s my current mantra <3 Glad Happy Mail is back, and I love the featured artist idea. So much yayyy!!

  • J’aime beaucoup votre blog. Un plaisir de venir flâner sur vos pages. une belle découverte, un enchantement. blog très intéressant et bien construit. Vous pouvez visiter mon univers. Au plaisir

  • Hi – such wonderful news! I was a previous subscriber to Messy Boxes and it sounds like this new launch of updated Happy Mail May include some elements that the Messy Boxes had?? Thank you for always creating such wonderful products, investing time, add work, talent and joy into everything y’all do, and sparking my artistic mind to grow more and more!

    PS. last summer as an art instructor at a summer camp, I used leftover Messy Box boxes as stations for my kiddos to do both marble painting and coffee filter-dying with liquid watercolors. The kids loved the boxes and asked me “how much” of a mess the phrase “Go make a mess” meant for them to do, haha

  • Ah I was so excited to see happy mail come back but I see you’ve increased the price of shipping for Canada. I paid $23 cad before and now with the new shipping cost it would cost $31 cad. Any chance you would be able to lower the shipping costs for your Canadian friends? The new shipping costs makes it less affordable for me and I would be SO sad to miss out!

    • Sadly no. Since we first launched Happy Mail (nearly 3 years ago) shipping prices, and prices in general if I’m being honest, have risen. We wish we could keep our prices the same forever but it was not sustainable for us as a small business. We completely understand that this may push the kit out of some of our customers budgets and that makes us sad but we still feel really proud of the great value the kit is overall. 🙂

  • Hi! I’m trying to buy some frames for the prints that come with the Happy Mail, but I can’t seem to find the measurements anywhere. Can someone help me?

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