Happy Memorial Day!

Oh hey weekendHey, guys! I just wanted to pop in real quick and wish you a very happy Memorial Day!

Also, here are a few fun random weekend moments (from the past month or so). I love it when I get a chance to share random snapshots with you! Randomness is a lost art in blogging these days.

(above) Last night we went to The Hook for the first time. I had heard rumors about the Frosty Pimm’s Cup and there are zero things I love more on the weekend than sipping a cocktail on a porch. It was the best. They had a bunch of cute yard games too. Will be back many times this summer. I want to take Emma and Trey; it’s definitely their vibe!

But first, coffeeWe’re nothing if not creatures of habit, so almost every weekend we go to The Nashville Farmer’s Market and grab a coffee, sometimes a fresh juice, maybe some peaches and usually at least one plant from Garden’s of Babylon.

We went to Farmer’s Market of the Ozarks a LOT when we lived in Missouri, and so I guess it’s one of the rituals we were able to find another version of in our new home.

Love ya!We noticed we were already starting to forget to try new places, so we made a commitment to try at least one new spot (whether it be food, shopping or just a happy hour) during the summer. We’re not traveling very much this summer (just two trips), so we should be able to try a LOT of new things. This is very exciting to me. It’s our first summer in Nashville, and we really want to experience as much as we can. (Please leave any suggestions you have in the comments!)

This past week we tried Bar Taco with most of the ABM team (some people were in town to visit and we met a new team member for the first time!), and we really loved it. We took some cheesy mural photos (above) while waiting and got cupcakes after. Pretty freaking perfect if you ask me!

Flower TruckAnd here’s one of me and Penny posing in front of the cutest little flower truck. She’s such a gem!

Well, I guess that’s all I have for now. I hope you have the day off work and are doing something special with friends and family. Jeremy and I are having a big catch up day since we had guests in town all last week, and if I complete my whole list, I have a little reward planned for tonight (and, yes, it involves shopping for plants – I am very predictable). LOVE YOU GUYS!! Elsie

PS- If you love sales and shopping as much as I do, we have a pretty sweet secret sale going on today. You can get 20% off any Oui Fresh accessories (purses or sunnies) using the code OuiLoveYa This sale will expire tomorrow, so go get em!

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