happy monday!

hello there. i just wanted to share some random pics…. a little sidewalk chalk lovin’… i am getting SO excited for Halloween! So, I am thinking it might be fun to play a little game of **20 Questions** today… so if you have a fun, funny or random question, ask away! I will pick 20 tonight and do a big post…

September 14xo. elsie

  • Everyone has that “one” outfit they loved growing up, the one outfit that made you feel the coolest, like you could take on the world! Or, the outfit you saved and saved for, the one you wore until it had holes in it! What is your most memorable outfit??

  • Love those pictures 🙂

    Here’s my random question…what is your favorite emotion other than happiness? 🙂 Very random, huh?

  • In your travels in US and other countries, what is one of or the funniest thing you’ve ever seen?

  • I LOVE your blog!! I check on you daily 🙂 random question: where did you fit in in high school?

  • Okay, this is totally random (love coming up with questions list these for my friends!)…

    “What one species of animal could you not imagine living life without and what one species would you never, ever want to see up close and personal?”

  • Is it wrong that I know the answers to 2 of the questions already asked?

    No, that’s not my question! My question is

    What is your favourite Autumn (Fall) tradition or activity that you did as a kid or now?

  • if you could have a comic-book-style *superpower* what would it be?!

    (besides art, i mean, where clearly you already HAVE superpowers!)


  • I really love your blog and your product lines!

    Here’s my random question:

    If you can choose one (famous)person to take a photo of, who would that be and why?


  • Where do you find all the neat places to take photos? Your pics always have neat backgrounds.

  • How do you stay in shape? Are you an exercise nut?

    Who introduced you to scrapbooking?

    Who “discovered” you?

    Are you an art major?

  • If your going to choose one scrapbooking -brand as your alltime favourite, and one as your favourite right now, what would it be? (you can’t choose your own 😉 )

  • Love the photos, Elsie! Here’s my question:

    What’s the one song that you just LOVE to jam to while you’re driving in your car? 😉

  • do you preffer solid undies or pattern undies? (if you dont want to answer that, haha, here’s another…)

    which do you like most?

    sour gummy worms


    blue sharks

    ?? :]

  • Love your blog.

    What are some are your favorites, which ones do you read for inspiration??

  • Ooooo! Fun!

    ~~~ What is your one “Go To” favorite fashion piece? A watch, a cool scarf, a pair of shoes?? What is that one amazing item that you turn to time after time?

    ~~~ If you were to give birth to twins today- (1 boy & 1 girl) What would you name them??

    ~~~ If you could remove 1 color from the world- what would it be? (and if you could “save” one color- which would you pick?)

    ~~~ When you are sick, what is the one food that makes you feel better?

  • This is always a fun one, especially as an ice breaker…

    What was the first music concert you attended?

    I would share mine, but it is a little embarassing. I’ll wait and see is Elsie picks it.

  • Hello Elsie!!! Lovely picture as always.

    I have a question, it is a little personal. I hope you do not get mad at me.

    I miss T.J. Are you still with him?

    Love, Paola

  • Hi Elsie

    Knowing that your getting excited for halloween… my question is…

    What is your favourite time of year? and why? and also how do you celebrate it?

    Ok so thats 3 questions!!!

    Caroline x

  • You are having a dinner party. You may invite 5 people, dead or alive, real or fictitous (sp?)…who do you invite and why?

  • You broke into the scrapbooking industry in a big way, at a young age (I’m so proud and jealous!). Did you have a career before that? Or did you have career plans/goals that were outside of art & photography? Or did you just know that you’d have a livlihood in that area?

  • I love when you have these posts. Okay the question is if you were a cartoon character which one would you be and why?

  • happy monday elsie! my question: what type of halloween/fall decorations do you put out? im sure we all would love to hear about/see them :)~Dianna~

  • What’s your signature word? Always found in your reply to every conversation…you know…that one word that you realize you say all the time…but it’s just so perfect that it fits every day life!!

    {mine is “fabulous” 🙂 }

  • Love those baby pics. She’s adorable!

    Here’s my question. Your life must be pretty hectic at times with all those deadlines and stuff. What does your average working day look like and have you ever experienced times that you didn’t feel creative but had a deadline to meet?

    Have fun answering your questions!

  • i was gonna ask what you are dressing up as but someone a coupla questions ago beat me to it…

    so, variations on that:

    what is cocoa going to be for halloween? 😉


    what are you going to hang on your door for halloween?

    yay, october!

  • My random question:

    How do you get your skin to look so flawless all the time?

    I’m totally jealous, by the way . . . Any secrets or tips would be great!

  • 2 questions…

    1. what is one of your most embarrassing moments? scrap or non..


    2. what’s your best cure for a hangover?

  • Sometime ago you made a Lay out about a new start, after a difficult time. I´m wondering how are you doing now? On your blog everything seems fine but are you really oke?

    (not interfering but seriuosly interested and hoping you are really oke)

    Hugs Irene

  • Music is a passion for you. Who/What is your ‘All-Time’ favorite music artist(s) and what song could you listen to every day all day, as in for ever and ever?

  • i’ve been trying to scrap some of the “darker” moments I’ve had recently… only because I feel that scrapbooking should show all parts of a person… and am so used to trying to scrap happy stuff that it’s hard to figure out the right approach. so my question is… do you scrap the bad and the good? and how do you do that when your style is so positive and fresh?

  • I’m sure this sounds very petty, and probably none of my business, but what happened to TJ? You two seemed super happy and then the next thing you say is you are going through a divorce.

  • Elsie — do you have a nickname? If so what is it, who gave it to you and what’s the meaning behind it?

    My nickname is Bump and its so fun to hear someone yell across the room — there’s bump!!!! Haaa

    Love everything you’ve been doing lately, super inspiring.

    much love bump

  • OOPS! Open mouth–insert foot!!! After my post, I read the post above me–SO SORRY–bad question!

  • Do you have a good quote in reference to music…i need one for a mini-book i am making.


    sarah k

  • Do you have a good quote in reference to music…i need one for a mini-book i am making.


    sarah k

  • You never cease to amaze! :~)

    Great questions so far!

    Mine is:

    If you could be anybody else in the whole world besides Elsie, who would you be?

  • I wasn’t even planning on this being one of the “20 questions” but what program do you use to edit your photos? I would love to know because I am getting a new camera and I want something to use to edit pictures. Thanks ! love your work btw !! =]

  • What do you usually eat for lunch? Are you an eat-at-home-girl or do you usually go out?

  • Hi Elsie! I love your stuff and you have inspired me so much. Incredibly, I can’t find your 52 Scrapbooking Challenges book ANYWHERE….and I want it so bad! Should have bought it the one time I have seen it!

    So, do you have plans to come out with any more idea/inspiration books?

  • I second Jess’ comment (1:44) that is helpful inspiration for me too! My vote (doesn’t count but I’ll still vote to myself) goes to that question.

  • Favorite Embelly???

    Early Bird or Night Owl???

    Cardstock/ Patterned Paper???

    Color Pics / black and white??


    Love all your Elsie creations and your lines!!!

  • Hey Elsie, I love the photos, they ROCK!!! 20 questions, this is my fave game!!!

    – when designing a new line, what inspires you? Where do your ideas come from?

    – When you first starting scrapbooking, did you always have a funky/doodling style?

    Have an Awesome day!! :o)

  • LOVE those baby pics! Especially that first one!

    For the 20 questions fun:

    What is your guiltiest pleasure?

  • I love halloween too – we always throw a big party. What is your favorite Scary movie. I still love Nightmare on Elm Street, gotta love the young Johhny Depp!

  • What ever happened to you and TJ? Does it bother you that your relationship is documented in a book? And how did you meet Will??

  • Hi Elsie,

    I LOVe your style and gorgeous products!!!

    Do you go looking for funky coloured walls as backdrops for your photos?

    Love your pics also!! Always fresh!

    Ali x

  • ok..if you were a dog and could pick your own name…what would it be???LOL..i know its fairly random ..but hey???you said you were feeling fun??..mine would be gypsy…(like My dog!!LOL)..further to that..what sort of dog would you be?..Id be a pug..but thats just me.(Just like my Gypsy!)

  • Did you ever imagine you would make it big in the scrapbook world with such a different style than the norm? Did you ever try to change your style to fit in? (something tells me no, but just wondering!)

  • What is your favorite cupcake flavor?!?!?! 😀 😀

    Love the pics and the sidewalk chalk – so cool

  • I’m curious…..what does it feel like to see your personal art embellishing the personal scrapbooks of people across the globe? How do you respond emotionally?

  • I would love to hear more about those two people who brought you into this world… are you like them? Do they love art, too?! What types of things do you do when you get together with them?!

  • What did your first scrapbooking l/o look like? Wear did you hear about/get started with scrapbooking?

  • I have a question for ya – juts last night I was skimming through some old CKs – 2005, 2006 or so. I noticed your layouts and noticed how you have changed over the years, layout-wise and I am sure your life, interests, etc. have changed too. I am your age, 24, and was wondering, how do you think your life has changed since you were 22? You have had some major life moments in the past two years – how have they impacted and changed who you are as a person now? Thanks Elsie – you are a very inspiring person for women our age! 🙂

  • Your photos are wonderful! Which camera(s) do you use? I’m doing a little research so I’ll be set when I’m ready to get a new one.

  • What’s in your purse?

    Do you always use the same purse, or do you switch purses frequently?

  • How do you protect yourself from all of the negativity in the scrapbooking industry? I think must be hard for anyone who has as much material out there as you do, since we scrap our lives. It’s like peeking into our journals at times! And there are so many…haters, I guess…out there. I know you’ve talked a little about this in the past, but I’m wondering how your attitude has changed as you’ve been around for a few more years.

  • Games? What games do ya like to play? My family loves Cranium and Trivial Pursuit. How about you and your family?

    Reading your answers is going to be fun!

  • I loove how you think in your art… what motivates you to use the colors and items you use on your art?? It’s so random and I just looove it!!

    I can’t wait for your new book I have totally worn out the last one!! Looove it and looove you!!

  • i love your artistic style and i think people will be naming their kids after your product lines…

    anyway…heehee…here’s my question…

    why does it take you so long to answer your emails??? i emailed you that i have an adorable monkey companion to send you for your ‘sock monkey’…it’s awful lonely here and wants to go!!

    if you look, you’ll find my email!!!

    keep having fun elsie!!


  • Same question as last time… (hoping for a response!!!)

    What is your facial regimen? Skin care, make up brands, fave fragrances…what makes you glow?!? 😉

  • if you could design the album cover art for any band, who would it be and what “feel” would the design have?

  • If you were given the choice tomorrow to live anywhere in the world for one month your only requirement is to learn the art of that culture where would it be?

  • What sort of enhancement did you have done to your lips? They are miles bigger than they were years ago.

  • Elsie, where is the one place that you feel most inspired?

    I also want to say that the newest pics you took of Sophia are absolutely breathtaking! TFS!

  • I know i’m late!! Maybe you didn’t pick yet.

    * Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    * Where are you heading next in the business world?

    * Where did you get where you were? What started this amazingly exciting path your on right now?

    Thanks for posting. I love reading about your adventures.


  • You are just so dang cute! You really have a unique “look”. My question is how do you get that look in your pics? Also… what is the one food you could not live without?

  • Have you ever been to IKEA? If so… what’s the verdict? Love it or hate? 😀

    Peace out, Miss Cupcakeface. /


  • What television show was your favourite when you were a little kid? Like about 5 or 6 years old.

    I live in Belgium, so I probably won’t know the show you come up with, but I know it’s a lot of fun to find all of the children’s show with your friends, it’s weird how much you’ve already forgot! I liked the carebears, the smurfs (with is Belgian btw) and off course Samson en Gert (which you probably don’t know)

    Love, Anika

  • If someone was to look at something and go that is so Elise what would that one or lots of things be? For me it’s anything ugly or with scottish terriers on it. Strange I tell them if they think its ugly I will like it.

  • Hi Elsie! Hope you feel fine!

    My question:

    what was/is the most important person in your life? And why?

    whish you all the luck!


  • Hi Elsie! Hope you feel fine!

    My question:

    what was/is the most important person in your life? And why?

    whish you all the luck!


  • Hi Elsie! I read on your blog that you went through a divorce – do you still have the albums that contain the time of your marriage; or did you get rid of them? How do you approach keeping hold of things like that when life changes so dramatically?

    Also, can I just say, I am so impressed with your sunshiney attitude during times of grey. It may not be how you are feeling, but I admire your disposition!

  • You always get the best pics! OK so the ? I have is what is it like to live a day in your life? Is it exciting, fun, adventerous? Tell us a little bit about your day to day life that we don’t see!

  • what is the one thing that keeps you strong – through all the valleys and mountains of life…?

  • what is the one thing that keeps you strong – through the valleys and mountains of life?

  • Do you know if your products are manufactured by people who have good working conditions in whatever factory and country your Love Elsie line is manufactured?

    Mary Kate

  • *Have you always been a positive person? Did you have a fairly happy childhood. I see lots of positivity on your blog and am just wondering if you decide to FOCUS on the brigher side of life.

    You have such a fun attitude Elsie, love coming to check your blog out often! 🙂

  • Hi Elsie

    I love your work and your outlook to life.

    My question is what is it you look forward to most? it can be about anything


  • Hey E!! I absolutly love the baby photos. I may think about doing something like this with my next baby. My husband is from a farmimg family. Might as well embrace it right? My question is kind of silly. I think of my life as a cartoon. Especially when I’m at work!! If your life was a cartoon what would it be about and what kind would it be.

  • Hmmm… funny questions… okay, what is the strangest product you have used on a scrapbooking page?



  • where are TJ and Cocoa…?!

    It’s been a while since we have seen a pic or a lay-out talking about them…

  • Hey Elsie,

    Just wondering, you are such a music nut, and you love all kids of bands and artists, do you yourself have any musical talent? Do you play any instruments, i see that Doren plays piano…how ’bout you?!



  • what type of dessert would you choose – chocolatey or fruity?


    what’s your favourite flavour cupcake? (right now mine is the lemon meringue cupcakes i made last week, but it changes all the time!)

  • hi elsie! you always look so cute and polished…so my question is, what kind of makeup and hair products do you use??!! 🙂

  • Kudos on the sweet baby pics!

    How do you keep your creative thoughts organized, at home and out and about?

    ie: projects you want to complete, color combos, inspirational sights, etc.

    Have a great day!


  • Kudos on the sweet baby pics!

    How do you keep your creative thoughts organized, at home and out and about?

    ie: projects you want to complete, color combos, inspirational sights, etc.

    Have a great day!


  • If you had the option to either ride a giraffe, ostrich or camel…which would you pick and why? (did I spell ostrich wrong? It’s very likely that I did!) 🙂

  • If you had the option to either ride a giraffe, ostrich or camel…which would you pick and why? (did I spell ostrich wrong? It’s very likely that I did!) 🙂

  • great photos & I love your blog!!

    If I am not too late…here is my question.

    If your life had a theme song what would it be?

  • What topic(s) do you consider “off-limits” for scrapping? Things you would never want to put on a page. Sex? Death? Addiction? Arguments?

  • LOVE your BLOG!

    I would love to know more about how you got your start in what you do now, what mentors you had, what practical business and personal advice you received etc etc.

    Also – since I am a pug owner – I would love to see more pictures about Cocoa and here about her! Like – how old is she? where did you get her? why did you pick the name Cocoa? My Puggie’s name has an INTERESTING history. You said your family own’s Pugs -are they all black pugs?

    Also part 2 – What nationality are you and do you follow any religion? If so – which one?

  • First off, I gotta say I LOVE LOVE all of your lines…and the new Zoe and Noel likes look amazing!! You make my favorite stuff for scrapbooking!

    I would like to know what your favorite song is…

  • Hi elsie! i am a very big fan of yours i love your photography and your scrapbook line. My mom does too, she has meet you at CHA a couple of times i think. This post interested me because i saw the drama for your mama shirt and realized you found it at delias and i work there in sarasota fl.



  • I am new to this blog, I must admit it ranks up there among one of the most unique blog ideas I have ever seen.

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