Having Heroes: Our Mom + Grandmothers

Family photos 1We thought today might be the perfect day to talk about having heroes, since our mother is probably one of the most important heroes in our lives. And this year I am lucky enough to be adding another special mother into my life, Barbara (my soon to be mother-in-law). We spent the day celebrating our mothers! Here are a few quick thoughts on having heroes as well as some specific examples from the awesome women in our lives.

Family photos 51. Heroes can inspire us. Sometimes life feels overwhelming and it can be easy to feel defeated or depressed by your current circumstances. Maybe you recently went through a major set back or painful situation? Or maybe you just aren't feeling very inspired lately, like your just going through the motions in life. These moments are a great opportunity to find inspiration from heroes. It could be someone in your life you know personally, someone famous in your industry or a historical figure. I love hearing how others have overcome hard times! It inspires me to keep going and take a note from them to be brave and stay strong during tough times.

Family photos 62. Heroes give us a standards/goals to reach. There's a saying that goes "Tell me who you admire and I'll tell you who you are." And I think that can be SO true. It is good for us to surround ourselves with people who we admire and look up to. Having heroes can help make us better people. I love noticing all the awesome qualities of others and trying to cultivate those attributes in my life. Never be afraid to grow!

3. Heroes can remind us that being human is ok. Whether your hero is a historical figure, nationally known or a personal friend they will likely all have something in common: they are all human. And being human means we are not perfect, we make mistakes. And that's ok! I know sometimes I can get frustrated or feel down about myself when I've come up short of my goal or my ideal. But I think it's super comforting to remember that all the people I look up to, who I want to be more like, have made mistakes before too. It's ok to mess up. Why do we fall? So we can pick ourselves back up. (If you can guess where that quote is from let's high-five later. πŸ™‚

Family photos 7I am SO thankful for my mother and grandmothers and the awesome example they have set in my life! They are my heroes and they inspire me to be better and stronger in so many ways. My mom, to me, is the perfect picture of a creative champion. Elsie and I mention here on the blog often how much we owe our creative upbringing to our mother and the example she has set for us. My mom let us make SO many messes growing up. She was patient and encouraging and always made us feel that whatever we are up to it was important and awesome. My mom makes me feel fearless. I have never been afraid to fail around my mom, and that is a precious gift she has given Elsie and I. If I am lucky enough to be a mother one day I hope to give my kids the same gift. 

Family photos 3I know it's mother's day but I can't think about heroes without also thinking of my grandmothers. It's funny because our grandmothers really couldn't be more different. They are both such amazing women whose lives inspire us in so many ways. My grandmother, Norma, is the picture of discipline and consistency. There is no one else I'd rather have on my team than her. If she says she will do something, she will, no matter the obstacle. She is tough as nails and I hope to be more like her as I grow up. My grandmother, Corina is my example of passion. There is never a dull moment with Corina. She lives large and loves fiercely. If she sets her mind to something you better just get out of her way! I hope I live as passionate a life as she has.

Family photos 2Do you have any special heroes in your life? Is it your mother, grandmother or maybe a mother figure? Take the time today to remind them how much they mean to you. And set goals in your life to have heroes and to let them inspire! xo. Emma (and Elsie)

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