Hawaii in Snapshots

Hawaii 1Hawaii 2We had such a lovely time in Hawaii this past week! Here's a little photo diary of all the fun things we did together…. 

Hawaii 3Lots of beach time! We stayed in Oahu and had plenty of time to drive around the entire island several times during our stay. We found a lot of pretty beaches on the North Shore. 

Hawaii 4Hawaii 4This giant sea turtle was so amazing! 

Hawaii 6Hawaii 6Hawaii 6Hawaii 6Hawaii 6Hawaii 6Hawaii 12Hawaii 12Jeremy and I planned this trip to celebrate our one year anniversary. We invited Emma and Trey along because we thought it would be fun to have a mix of alone time and double dates. 🙂 It was perfect. Most days we had breakfast together and dinners on our own. 

Hawaii 14Hawaii 14Hawaii 16Hawaii 16Hawaii 16Hawaii 16In the food department, we made a point to try as many local things as possible. Delicious + fun! 

Hawaii 20Hawaii 21Hawaii 21On our anniversary we had the most indulgent day ever. Lunch by the beach and for dinner we had the best sashimi of our lives. YUM. We drove around the whole island and stopped at every little shop we found. It was magical and sooo relaxing. We made a new list of a few important marriage goals for our second year of marriage. This is a tradition, we made our first list on our honeymoon. :) 

Hawaii 23Hawaii 23Hawaii 25Hawaii 25Hawaii 27Hawaii 27Hawaii 27Hawaii 30Hawaii 31We're so thankful that we got to take this little trip together! It was so much fun and we'll never forget our first anniversary! xoxo. elsie

In case you are curious, here are some clothing details: My dotted swimsuit is c/o ModCloth, Emma's striped swimsuit is c/o SimplyBeach and Trey's sunnies are c/o BonLook. 

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