Heart Jeans D.I.Y.



If you haven't noticed, I have a bit of an obsession with hearts. I even designed a pair of high waisted jeans with hearts on the knees recently. This got me thinking… it would be super fun (and easy) to add hearts to the knees of almost any pair or jeans! I'm enjoying gathering new pieces for my fall and winter wardrobe, including a few DIY pieces like these jeans. I'll share how I printed mine below…


Outfit Details:
Jeans c/o Levi's, Blouse c/o ModCloth, Shoes/Jeffrey Campbell, Necklace/My design for ModCloth


Here's how I hand printed the hearts on my jeans
… 1. Try your jeans on (or hold them up to your body) and make a small pen or pencil mark in the center of your knee. This will be where you place your hearts. 2. Cut a heart from paper that is the size and shape you want for your pants. 3. Use the paper pattern to cut two stencils from contact paper. Place them on the knees and make sure they are both in the same position. Take your time, positioning is super important! 4. Use fabric paint or screen printing ink to sponge over your stencil. Dry and repeat until the area is completely covered. 5-6. Remove stencils and enjoy your new jeans! xo. elsie

  • Ahh! Thank you for sharing all your creative ideas!!!! I hope my boy friends love them on me!! 🙂 You are an angel!! <3 <3 <3

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  • This is gorgeous!!! You can also do it on your back pockets if they are plain!!!

  • I just LOVE these and think they look adorable. I’m definitely going to try this. I adore hearts too (and stars!)x

  • I <3 it!

    But can I put the jeans in the washing machine or do I have to handwash them?

  • Dope! I gotta say I totally love your blog! I share it all the time!
    It’s become my top blog daily read! Xoxo

  • Amazing! You’re so creative 🙂 i’m going to try this out with an old pair jeans I’ve got layin around

  • Those are very cute! A great way to spruce up old but favorite jeans!

  • i love hearts too!! today i found a cute pair of red cowboy boots with white hearts all over. so much fun!!

  • Good work and super design. It is today’s trend . This design show your excellence and creative mind. here various different and easy design which can created by self at home…..And the cost ……it’ totally free of cast Thank for this post

  • Awesome idea…they look cute! I can see doing diff quirky and girly things…idk, like cupcakes! lol

    follow me@

    ThnX <3

  • These look great and remind me of my grandmother! I have lots of brothers who always get holes in the knees of their jeans which my grandmother used to kindly fix up for them.

    One day she sewed a huge red heart as a patch to cover an especially large hole and my teenage brother, the owner of the jeans was mortified. When another brother next had pants to be fixed he left specific instructions about NO HEARTS which she sort of honored – she sewed it to the inside of the pants! Ahhh I miss her.

  • 1. I love this blog so much.
    2. The RSS feed link is broken? I think? I have tried on multiple occasions to subscribe but alas, the link does not work for me.

  • i’ve been wanting to sew cute heart “patches” on the elbows of a shirt or sweater.. these are the times i so wish i could sew.. at least a little bit!

  • Those are adorable!! I do not think I could pull them off though 🙂

    Maybe I’ll make some for my sister!!


  • Super cute I think this is exactly the solution I need to make an old pair of jeans wearable again.

  • this is seriously too cute. another great idea would be heart shaped elbow patches. It would look so cute on you 🙂

  • I wish I wore jeans more often, because this is such a lovely tutorial! I may try it with other things though, I have a black jumper, so maybe a white heart/hearts on it?



  • I totally wanna try this 🙂

    I just wanted to say, I really like your new blog layout, especially the header and tabs. However, and I mean this to be constructive criticism, I feel like the sidebars are a little overloaded. It distracts me from the material you write.

    I’m not trying to bash your blog. On the contrary, I really enjoy your page. Nor do I assume that you will make immediate changes because of what I said! I was just offering my creative feedback.

    Have an amazing day!

  • I love this idea. I think it would work great with a more beat up pair of jeans as well a sorta soft/hard mix.

  • lovely~ i think i can D.I.Y when my pants broken at knee lol it’s funny

  • Love this idea, I think I might take this and use it on elbows instead of knees. I love a good elbow patch.

  • I would just like to say that I LOVE everythink you create!!

    Why isn’t your shop next to me? (Sorry for my English)

    Laura Italy

  • first of all: i adore your new blog design.
    second: the jeans are so cute.
    third: i adore your new blog design.

  • Cute idea! I’ve been a little bored with my jeans lately, so I might have to dress a few pairs up with some cute shapes.

  • I so want to do that! The new layout is super duper cute, but I wish the skinnier column was still on the left side. It looked more balanced. 🙂 Just my opinion!

  • When I paint T-shirts and use stencils, I usually use baking paper and spray-paint. That way the paper doesn’t move and it is more easy to get the lines straight. When doing a lot I think it might be a bit cheaper (although I don’t know if it is the same in the USA). Just wanted to share with you 🙂

  • totally cute!… and perfect to get the jeans that i don’t really wear a lot back in wearing rotation!


  • This is really cute! What a great and simple way to jazz up our clothes.


  • Oh my gosh this is so cute. I think I am going to add some heart elbow patches to a sweater!!!

  • (I’m sure you’re aware) but I was at an Eisley show tonight and am pretty sure one of the lovely ladies was sporting a blue velvet dress that i’ve seen somewhere 😉

  • Ooo I’m definitely going to be doing something like this to the pants I’m wearing right now 🙂 Great DIY thanks<3

  • Oh I ♥ it!!!!!!
    I have always had an obsession with heart too.
    Great idea, thanks for sharing.

  • So cute. I think felted hearts would look cute too. I love hearts as well. They remind me of being in love. xo, rv


  • I love heart prints. A few days back, I saw Lilli from Frocks and Frou Frou blog wearing a top with this really huge heart print in the center. It is too cute, it inspired me and now this! Thanks for an awesome tutorial. Will definitely be trying this out on a few plain shirts.


  • Sweet tutorial. I might making matching jeans for me and my lil’ one. Thanks!


  • What an adorable tutorial! I’m totally going to do this <3


    PS, love the new layout!

  • My favorite outfit you’ve ever worn. I love cozy things. The hearts just make it better.

    ♥ sécia

  • I HAVE to try this! How cute!! And the blog is soooo amazing! You did such a fantastic job! What can’t you do lady!? 😉 xo

  • Love this idea!

    –Jaclyn T
    Silver Twig Necklace GIVEAWAY @ my blog:

  • The blog looks SUPER!!!!! The jeans are really cute! Elsie you look Great too!

  • That’s so easy and cute! The options are endless. I made onesies for my daughter doing that! Here’s the link if you wanna check it out! (http://acollectionofpassions.com/blog/painting-onsies-thursday-giveaway)


  • Cute, Elsie! What an easy way to spruce up a pair of jeans!

    Talia Christine

  • Cute tutorial & SERIOUSLY LOVINNNNNNNNN’ your new blog format!!!!
    Did you design the entire blog format yourself?

  • I wish I could find jeans I could cuff like that! a 36″ inseam doesn’t make finding skinny jeans easy = ( … or really pants in general… i wear a lot of skirts and dresses haha


  • This is so cute! It reminds me a little of Alice In Wonderland. :] I love it!!

  • So cute! I love how you painted the hearts! I think it could look nice to sew little felt hearts on there instead 🙂 or hearts cut from vintage fabric! So many possibilities…

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