hello from Hawaii…

Photo 1078
we are the sleepiest two people in the universe right now. tomorrow is ryan and cayt's big day and i'm so excited. i'll share real photos of this beautiful place tomorrow. night-night. XO. elsie  

  • hey hey, have a wonderful time. I’m right now in the rainy germany and the weather is ekkk!!

    Take care, D.

  • I think I’ll win the title “most sleepiest” soon enough… I’m flying from Tokyo to Los Angeles tomorrow, getting home Saturday, and going to school on Monday.

  • Elsie, I know this is a weird question, but are you wearing lipstick or something in this photo? If so, what color is it? It’s really nice!

  • Okay i’m crushed! I’ve been lusting after Rachel’s vintage quilt kit; it sold out!?I’ve been watching the update & didn’t see it list. =(

  • elsie, do post pics…not that you won’t be busy celebrating and all 😉 and your tattoos are the coolest i’ve ever seen hands down. could you be any cuter? jeezalouisa.

  • Hi everyone! I’m sorry that some of the things you wanted sold out! Rachel will probably do quilt kits again in the future, but they always sell extremely fast!

    JJ, i’m not wearing lipstick in this photo. XO.

    Thanks everyone, i’ll take lots of photos today!

  • Stop always taking pictures of yourself.
    It’s incredibly annoying.

    I check out your blog for design inspiration, not to see what doe-eyed pictures you took of yourself using your webcam.

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