party pics….

hello hello! the busiest week in my life is now over & i have a few happy stories to tell….. 

the party was SO much fun. it was crazy busy the whole night. i saw lots of old friends, met lots of new friends and talked many many people into eating cupcakes. :) 
it was wonderful!! 
i was so happy that Rach & Silje were able to be a part of the lovely evening. 
We did missed Emma very much. :( 
Here are a few photos from the ribbon cutting ceremony….. 



i really did scream when i saw the big scissors. it was like a dream!! 


(the most wonderful boyfriend in all the world!!!) 


the coolest kid i know…. :) 


my brother, his beautiful girlfriend, Sarah, and miss Vanessa. 

(thank you, Will, for the great photos!!) 
I seriously need to take some more shots of the store tomorrow. I want to show you every little thing…. all in good time. :) 
Rach and I did a little interview for this blog
I loved the little surveys sooo much i had to share them here: 

(and rachel's…) 


XO! elsie

  • People had to be TALKED into eating cupcakes?!?! Crazies! Everything looks fantastic! If I’m ever in your neck of the woods I’m so dropping in!

  • Hey Elsie. Awesome start to the shop, well done!! It all looks so great, can’t wat to see what you come up with girl. I read on Rachel’s blog about Sebastian’s Cupcake Eating..that is so cute. oxoxx

  • Looks like the party was tons of fun! Congratulations on a successful grand opening! Wish I could have been there. 🙂

    You guys all look so cute!

  • i wasn’t even there and i screamed when i saw those scissors!! those things are the BEST! congratulations on everything you are doing, and i can’t wait to start the class!

  • congratulations on the great opening!!! the scissors you got to use are soooo AMAZING! of course you were sceaming! and you look soo cute and tiny with them, hehehe!
    I’m also writing to you to invite you to play a photo game: “6th photo” It’s very easy and fun, and it doesnt take long to do (I imagine you don’t have much time!)Hopefully you’ll like to take part, but please tell me if you don’t.
    Take a look at the rules at my post:
    thank you!

  • YAYAYYAYAY!!! I got into the class. Phew! I was seriously sad that I had waited so long before and didn’t make it. But you awesome chicks heard my prayers and I just signed up! YAY! I also received my unicorn kit yesterday and am so excited that I may drop the other 110 projects I have started and make something from it right away. My daughter MUST have a unicorn doll she tells me! LOVE,LOVE, LOVE all the pics from the store. SO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL!

  • congrats on everything you have obviously worked really hard & it def shows!!!

    you & rachel’s interviews are both cute! yours reminds me of when my brother & i were young we went into the woods & found all these bones…convinced they were dinosaur bones & would be rich!!! we brought a garbage can full home & were so sad when our mom told us they were deer bones & made us wash our hands 1,000,000 times 🙂 ha!

    sorry for the long story i thought you’d enjoy! anyway keep up the good work & again congrats!!!
    ~emily b.

  • Hi! I just discovered your blog via the 6th photo tagging in a rather roundabout way : ) Love your shop! Anywhere that has cupcakes is ok by me. And those scissors looked like fun!

  • love the pics! interview! and can’t wait for the class! yay! and to see new home decor projects – my rental is ready for a makeover! 😀


  • Oh I adore the big scissors and Ya! Congrats on this swell opening!!!!! And thank you again for visiting AgCA:) with Rachel:)

  • Hi Elsie, just wanted to let you know I already got my Unicorn Kit and had to play with it right away, it’s gorgeous! Congrats on the store! 🙂

  • congratulations on everything going so well!
    a couple of my friends and i have been so excited for the online opening since we don’t live close enough to visit.
    those little interviews are so cute 🙂

  • félicitation !!!! de la france et plein plein plein de bonnes ondes pour une grande réussite !!! biz

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