hello my darlings & dears….

whoaaa! what a crazy weekend/week! here are a few photos from Cider Days. We had a great time hanging out at the Red Velvet Art booth. it was wonderful to meet some new people, share art & stitch together….
12i was super suppper bummed because i accidently deleted all my photos from the first day of cider days. 🙁 but it's ok… at least we took some more…
3i love rach's bow soooo much!
4halfway through the second day of Cider Days i had to leave early to show my new home in the Commercial Street loft walk. It was so fun and scary to show my loft to a couple hundred people just a week & a half after i moved in!! certainly a good challenge to get things looking cute as soon as possible, though….. here are a few photos….567more to come soon!

brittany and I will choose a winner ASAP. i want to let her help me choose! the recipes look aweeeesome. i am excited. larson and i have had quite a few pumpkin spice & gingerbread lattes and we are wearing our matching american apparel cardigans (yes, matching!). i love.

here is a cute photo of the lovely brittany denbow…8

oh, and my friend, Christie, tagged me…. so before i forget:
7 very random facts about myself

1. refuse to own a microwave.  2. only let rachel read my journal. 3. feel sad when i haven't been thrifting for a long time. 4. listened to The Sounds a lot today. 5. suddenly obsessed with red plaid. 6. afraid my hair is starting to look like a country music singer. 7. lost my phone for 5 hours today and purchased some acid washed jeans from Target. loves. elsie

  • Your loft is looking great! I can’t wait to see more pictures…thanks for sharing! It’s fun to see a sneak peek into the life of Elsie 🙂

  • Elsie, I lurveeeeee your new loft. The stuff from cider days looks absolutely adorable and Im wondering some things…

    1. that darling bag? are you selling it?

    2. your whole fall playlist? you MUST share!!

    aaand since Im working in charlotte russe before I leave for college…and I just read youre into red plaid…thought I’d tell you about this dress we got in that I bought for myself(im putting it with a black glittery scarf and a black crocheted beret/beanie). It’s sadly not online anymore so ill have to tell you about it…

    Its red lumberjack plaid and babydoll. Short puffy sleeves. And has a little belt. You would so love it. I thought of you when I was buying it. well, happy fall;good times with your assistant;and merry cooking as you pick a winner and begin autumn culinary adventures. :]

    peAce. xoxo.



  • Els-Love the floating shelf with your paitings. Question–are those super mini tea lights next to them or super mini LEDs? MUST KNOW. Please share. Keep enjoying the fall. It’s beautiful here in Walla Walla, WA. Peace.

  • Your loft looks amazing!!! 🙂 🙂 Love that new painting 🙂

    P.S. You made me laugh saying that about your hair, it always looks cute!

  • wow Elsie! Great seeing photos from Cider Days…INSPIRING and FUN!!

    I {heart} f u n!!

    My sis & I are going to have a lil’ stall in a craft market next month at KraftBomb and we are supa dupa excited!!!

    Oh h h h…I refuse to own a microwave too! Heh..I just am plan scared! ha!



  • i’ll play!

    7 very random facts about myself

    1. i drink at least three cups of tea everyday.

    2. i’m on break til oct 6th from school (help me think of fun projects!)

    3. fall is the best season ever 🙂

    4. animal collective- mouth whooed her

    5. i’m gonna make pumpkin treats tomorrow!

    6. i cut my bangs last night and i love them!

    7. it’s easy to smile knock on wood.

    happy belated first day of fall!

  • such fun! Is that a tote in the first photo? With ‘xo’ on it? I love love it! It looked like an awesome booth fir sure!

    and also… I’m loving red plaid as well, with scottish in my background, it’s lovely to sport every once and again! (loving that thermos, like lots)

    take care, I’d love to give you a new ‘do! (but you’re hair is still cute, even if you think it looks country) 😛

  • Can i just say…your blog makes me so happy!

    I’m new to your blog, so I’m not sure if you’ve done this already, but if you haven’t can you post other blogs that you read?

    Its really addictive.

  • I love the pictures. I am going to call you this week, my kids are sick, YUCK, so that makes it hard to talk on the phone really at all. I want to hang out soon. I missed seeing you at sider days. Hopefully I can come over soon and see your adorable new place. love ya, Christie

  • thank you thank you thank you.

    i’ve never left a comment here before but thinks ima doin’ it right.

    i looove you for not wanting to ever own a microwave. i tried to throw mine away last week but “someone” wont let me. (you should try to talk some sense into him) 🙂

    lastly…loft looks grrreat and i luf the sounds!

    xo. j.

  • Okay this whole Gocco thing is blowing my mind. tell me more about it! I saw it on Silje’s blog too, and now I am obsessed with it. I keep looking them up! Also, the loft looks awesome, I can’t wait to see it! AND, It looks like you had so much fun at cider-days! you girls are so freakin cute!! I hope you cleaned up (made a lot of money)!

  • wow you must have worked so hard to get your loft all sorted!!! I dont know if I could …come to think of it I always work better to a deadline!! I was sorry to miss out on the give away as I was working hard all weekend and missed it :(….have a great week

  • Hey Elsie, You made me laugh about the country music hair. I love it either way you always have great hair.

    I didn’t put in my recipe the other day but I have one up now (Not trying to win anything though I already have your fabulous idea box…Hehehe!) Anyway you can check it out here http://photography4me.blogspot.com it’s my most favorite.

    Love the new pics!! Welcome Brittney

  • Hi, i’ve put a link to your blog in mine. i hope you don’t mind.

    Alejandra from Spain

    Visit me!! (scrapovertherainbow.blogspot.com)

  • your loft looks lovely! tell us more about the loft walk – how does it work, and how did yours get chosen to be featured?

    loooove the ghost prints too, by the way. 🙂

  • I love your artwork!! It’s fantastic!

    Just wanted to leave a little shout out. 🙂

    (saw the photo on Rachel’s site and followed the link)

  • one question, els.

    why are you against microwaves? i dont think i could live without one!

  • I like that saying, thanks!
    Thanks for posting this. Very nice recap of some of the key points in my talk. I hope you and your readers find it useful! Thanks again

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