Back from California…

Marilyn1234I’m home from California! It was a great time. It was so cool to see my sister getting started on one of her biggest adventures and dreams to date! I am so proud of her and inspired by her… wow!

If you know me in real life, then you have been hearing about how excited I am about this film for months and months…. seriously. I love Wes Anderson so much.. and India… you know how i feel about india..sigh. My heart was SO happy. I’ve seen it twice this week…. that part wasn’t on purpose… but i wasn’t complaining!

6Last, but not least, guess who is switching to hybrid? It’s a brand new baby Prius. I am so super excited….trying to think of the perfect name still.

Well, i guess that is about it. I gave my camera to Em and I am waiting for my new one to come in the mail so there might be a small pause in my world of obsessive photo taking… but it will be followed by a tidal wave!


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  • ha- I just posted about Darjeeling Limited on my blog today too! Saw it last night and loved it- so amazing visually.

    I’m jealous of your Prius. I have a big gas hog of an Explorer 🙁

  • Congrats on the new camera AND car! Can’t wait to see all the great photos you’ll be taking with your new baby. Best wishes to Emma too! You two are awesome! 🙂

  • My baby Matrix is named Tess. I love her so much. She is such a hoot, she loves to drive fast, so I really have to make her mind! She is Phantom Pearl Grey so everyone is always telling her how beautiful she is! I know that you will find just the right name for your new baby and she will make you smile just the way Tess makes me smile!

  • have you ever seen Monsoon Wedding? thought of you when I watched it. awkward story line in some parts, but overall a good movie, costumes and set is interesting

  • after a long and tiring search for your book (somehow they are always sold out at every store in canada) i have gotten ahold of a copy at the craft show that happened today. i sat down for a straight 5 hours and absorbed every little detail. i am soooo inspired by your work…keep it up!

  • Wow, lots of changes going on! 🙂 Change is good, though sometimes a little scary. Thinking of you!

  • I cannot wait to see this movie! Now …you have made me want to see it more. I will have to go alone, of course. My hubby won’t go….too weird for him….hahaha

  • KT,

    I loved Monsoon Wedding! Saw it at OBU for class but saw again for fun.

    Colors!!! E, you should watch.

    Loved the trail mix comment. Next you’ll be sewing all your own clothes. Oh, wait. Now its hip.

    Love you. Do new hybrid cars smell as yummy as regular ones?

  • What type of new cam are you getting? Congratulations on the Prius….my cousin has one and its so economical and affordable. Dana

  • Good to know I’m not the only 23 year old in a Prius! I have a silver one named Maxine and I don’t think I’ll ever drive anything else, I love it. I can’t remember the site, but you can order all these cool modifications for the voice one your navigation system… I have Mr. T, fool! Congrats!

  • woo hoo a new camera and a new car….how lucky are you!! Great photo of Emma…..I wish her loads of luck with her new venture 🙂

  • Love the car! Glad you made it home safely and can’t wait to see some more pics!

  • Hi Elsie,

    I’m currently researching for a new camera myself. Any chance you can share where you purchased your new camera?


  • I so love the idea of naming the car India!!

    Or maybe just Indy – cuz that sounds more girlish 🙂

  • Yay! I have a blue prius and her name is Carmione (like Hermione). You will love how fast they go and getting 45 mpg and driving a super cute car!

  • Hey you!

    I’d like you to see something I did inspired by one of your canvas. When you feel like, could u visit my blog?

    You’d make my day =)


  • Glad you are home safe and sound! Picked up some Love Elsie stuff last week and once I get past the classes I’m teaching tonight and tomorrow – I’m going to sit and play with it all! Yeah!

  • I just saw your last picture on flikr, very cute btw, but please don’t be sad. 🙁 I know it is so hard though. One of my wonderful, beautiful sisters passed away 6 years ago. We were so close and it still hurts soooooo bad. She was only 40 yrs. old too and that seems to make it worse. I have 3 more wonderful sisters and a wonderful brother too, so I am very, very blessed. I hope you get happy soon!!! 🙂

  • 1) sorry I forgot – what car did you have?

    2) why didnt you like the nikon?

    3) I want to see that movie!!!

    4) I would LOVE to go to india too. *hugs*

  • I have had my prius for a little over a year and LOVE it… I will never go back. I love the push button start and my back-up camera (two things that I don’t know how I functioned without before). Enjoy 🙂

  • I went to Forever 21 (for the first time ever) the other day, and it made me think of you 🙂

    I miss your photos, I hope you get your camera soon!


    Hugs, Silje.

  • I went to Forever 21 (for the first time ever) the other day, and it made me think of you 🙂

    I miss your photos, I hope you get your camera soon!


    Hugs, Silje.

  • i own a green Honda Element … of course I had to name him “Kermie” … and on the dash to help me navigate is my little stuffed Kermie the Frog! I love him!

    How about “Pandora” (Greek for talented … I think!)?

  • I name my cars, too, Elsie! Right now, I drive “Goldie.” My husband’s car is called “Sue Bee,” well . . . only by me!

  • How funny! I’m getting a new Prius too!! My first new car ever! I’ve been lusting over them since ’03. I’m going with “Spectra Blue”. What color will yours be?

  • Welcome Home! Congrats on the new car and good luck to Emma on her adventure! Looking forward to seeing the movie too glad to know it was so good!!

  • We love our Prius. You will be really happy when you see your gas bill cut in half. It’s such a sensible car. Congrats!

    How about licorice for a name? 🙂

  • OOH cool! I’m so jealous,lol. I have been wanting: a new camera, a new (well can’t afford that, but new-er than my old ’87 lol) car and to see that same movie! lol. I may have to *beg* someone to babysit so I can have the affordable one on that list haha. Congrats Elsie!!! And P.S~ I think India is a fab idea for the car’s name! Good thinking Leigh-ann!

  • Loved loved loved The Darjeeling Limited. They are the male version on me and my two step sisters. Seriously, except for the being high on pain killers all the time.

    Maybe you could name your new lady Penny – on account of all the pennies you’ll be saving because of her.

    Sorry you are without Emma, but what a cool place to move to. Best of Luck to her.

  • I envy you for having this car, Elsie! So gorgeous! Is this the exact color of your Prius? I think it would be better if your car’s silver or red; I think it will fit your personality more. But black’s pretty cool, too! Congrats!

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