Leigh-Ann arrived and we've been having SO much fun. Let's share… 

Photo 310
Photo 309
i tried to force her to try these chocolate skittles. (gross!) 
we are taking her to lots of our favorite local places, so keep watching for tons of photos! :D 
here are a couple photos of a new purse i designed… 
isn't he a cutie? 
i'm feeling really inspired. almost finished with my first big set of hand-painted vintage photo albums, 
just did a weird concept shoot & thinking about making everyone in my 'factory' breakfast for dinner! 
XOXO. i hope your day was lovelyyyyyy.  
  • awww! looks like y’all are having a blast…can’t wait to come see you guys in a couple of weeks! cecily and i are sooo stoked about the rva craft weekend :]


  • Wow! I love the purse. I’m really into the geek glasses too! I’m going to have to get a pair on payday.

  • L.O.V.E!!!

    i totally can’t wait to meet you girlios irl! 11 more days and i’ll be there! whooop wooop!


  • Love that purse! I found your blog via pink of perfection. I think I’ve read an article in GO Magazine about you too? I live in Springfield too…

  • thank youuu thank youuuu!

    i can’t wait to meet you girls at the weekend!

    anne, that’s so awesome! hope you can drop by my shop sometime.. it’s on commercial street. XOXO.

  • LA is so cute.
    love that you are having fun.
    the girl scout outfit looks really fun too. [:

    i’m thinking of coming to visit america next year…
    maybe i can come say hi.

  • ahhh i wanna be having fun with you and leigh ann. two of my favourite bloggers!!!

    enjoy your time together 🙂

    ps: that bag is too cute. i adore owls.

  • Awesome job on the bag!!! I’m hoping for some awesome photo taking while I’m there to visit.

    HI LA!

    Will Vanessa be there over RVA weekend? I hope so. I would love to meet her too.

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