HFHS House: Bedrooms (Before + After)

Bedroom before and afterMint bedroomMint bedroom   Mint bedroom The house we purchased for our Habitat for Humanity project had two bedrooms, which we're excited to show you today!

One dilemma we faced was how to update the bedrooms without knowing who would be using them. It was a real head scratcher. We didn't know if the family who will eventually own this home would be a single mom with two young daughters, a single dad with a teenage son, a couple with a newborn, a couple with no children, or really anything in between. We just didn't have that information. For a while we thought we might just leave the rooms completely unfinished, but that just didn't feel right when you considered what we were doing throughout the rest of the house. 

Finally, we decided to keep the rooms as simple as possible but have adult-size beds in each. If the family doesn't end up needing one, they can always donate it or store it in the basement until they do. 

In the first bedroom (pictured above), we removed the old carpets and restored the wood floors. We repaired the walls and gave the room a fresh coat of paint. In each room we decided to paint one wall with an accent color to give the space a little personality. This room got mint (same as the door in the kitchen)! Our thought was that even if the family doesn't enjoy the color we chose, they will only need to paint over one wall (instead of all four), which is an easy and inexpensive update they can choose to make if they like. Won't hurt our feelings one bit. 🙂

Bedroom 2 before and afterCoral bedroom  Coral bedroom   Coral bedroom Coral bedroomThe second bedroom already had exposed wood floors, so we simply had to restore them, repair and paint the walls, and add a few fun touches like these DIY cement side tables. I love how cheery both bedrooms ended up feeling. We hope they make the family smile when they walk into their new home someday! xo. Emma, Elsie, and the ABM team.

PS – You can find the paint sources here. 🙂

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Janae Hardy and Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions. First bedroom: Lamps/Shades of Light, Night stand/Wayfair, Rug/Serena and Lily, Bed + linens/Pine Cone Hill and curtains/Target. Second bedroom: Acrylic shelf/West Elm, Rug/Lulu and Georgia, Pouf/Serena and Lily, Daybed + Floor lamp/IKEA, Throw pillows/Anek Designs, Clever Spaces, and River Oak Studio, and abstract artwork/Elizabeth Chapman.

  • It looks amazing. Gorgeous work! I love the green walls. The green color is so fresh. I am going to paint my kitchen in the same tone. Love your ideas. Love the idea to donate one bed, too. We should donate furniture that we don’t need. Best regards!

  • The walls could use a bit more prep work such as smoothing and sanding, But besides that I think it look great. And it’s going to a good cause. Great Job

  • The transformation made in the bedroom is incredible. The colours and choice of furniture work really well together!

    Maff | http://www.whatmaffsaid.co.uk/

  • Love the small mirror on the shelf next to the coral wall… Where is that from?

  • Love what you’ve done with the rooms, they are light and airy, just the way I like it. However, I can’t see anyone wanting to have those type lamps on their night stand. Aren’t they going to cause too much glare, especially if you want to read in bed. Gotta say no to them, but lovely otherwise.

  • Wow, you’ve done an amazing job at creating such bright and interesting rooms. I love the light bulb lamp in the master bedroom, so unique.

  • Hi! That’s my black and white print (I assume you got it from Minted?) above the nightstand – can I get a shoutout? Thanks for using it 🙂

  • Hi ladies! These rooms are AMAZing.

    I know like everyone in the whole world asks for this, but please check out my art work. It would look so cool in one of your fun, bright spaces. I’m on Instagram as @artbymegan.

    I’d totally freak out if you even looked at the art 🙂

    Thank you x a million!

  • Is that a real Eames chair or a replica? I’m searching for a good replica, can’t quite afford the real thing at the moment. 🙂

  • I absolutely LOVE that painting by your mom! Wow!

    Also, I’m wondering–did you paint the wood trim around the windows? I can’t tell through the curtains. We just moved into an old house with a bunch of wood trim just like that, and gross blinds on every window. I want to do some simple window treatments like you have here, but wondering if it would look bad keeping the dark wood trim (it’s a rental and they specifically asked us not to paint the wood…)


  • these are the exact same accent colors I’m thinking for my home! Love it!

  • In love with the mint and coral colours, got my mind whirring for when I move out soon! I just posted about making a bedroom YOUR bedroom with little additions… If anyone’s interested have a peek!


  • I really thought I loved that mint accent wall…until I saw what you did in the second room! Really well done with personality, but not so much that it’s not flexible for whoever moves in. Great job!

  • You did an awesome job on these rooms! I’m swooning over those hardwood floors!


  • I love this so much! so bright and beautiful. It’s always been a dream of mine to buy an old dingy house and fix it up! This looks so great!

  • Hey ABM girls! I would love it if you guys posted source links for everything in the room, and links that went directly to the web page where I can see/purchase the item. The links you’ve posted so far just go to the homepage. Thanks!

  • Hi Autumn! We just included a link at the bottom of the page. 🙂 -Jacki

  • Hi Jenna! We just put a link in at the bottom of the page. 🙂 -Jacki

  • Any chance you could post what paint colours you used? I just love them!!

  • I’m curious to how much of the rooms contain furniture/accessories that will actually stay with the house and how much of it is just styling.

  • swooning over the final touches of this sweet, sweet project.

    what is the name of the mint paint color used in the first bedroom? i’ve been trying to decide on a paint color for my room for months, and i think this has to be it!


  • Looks good! Especially love the paint colors. http://www.hannamarielei.com

  • I love the mint green and how everything looks so light and airy. Great job!

  • I am seriously digging all the mint hues and the light-bulb fixtures and decorations! I love how minimal and yet equally interesting the room is. Good job guys!


  • I have the same piece of artwork. It is from IKEA and I never get tired of it!

  • I love all the colours you have used in this house. Such a happy palette.


  • I just love how thoughtfully you decorated/furnished these rooms for unknown recipients. In addition to fresh paint and beds, these rooms contain a lot of love already!

  • WOW, these rooms are beautiful. I am sure whoever moves in will love it!


  • I love what you have done and what you are doing it for too! …and would love to know where the poster with the breaststroke swimmer came from ??

  • This colors are AMAZING!!!!!
    I loved the mint wall and the peach wall. It’s beautiful girls! Congratulations for all ABM team.


  • Both bedrooms definitely give off more of a cheery vibe. I love the colors you picked out!

    Monica / Mocha and Moccasins

  • I love the wood flooring and the mint bedroom walls.

    Happy Wednesday

  • Love the colors that you choose for the walls. Somehow they just seem like a great instant mood enhancer. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  • The rooms are so beautiful! I think the family will be really happy when they see it (: A real great job well done!

    xx Jia, honeyandgazelle.wordpress.com

  • The rooms are so beautiful! I think the family will be really happy when they see it (: A real great job well done!

    xx Jia, honeyandgazelle.wordpress.com

  • I love how airy and bright every room in the house feels, and these rooms are no exception. You’ve left things so simple because of the unknowns, but added really fun small things that give it so much character; love that! And the drama of the black accents on that mint wall have got me swooning.



  • Perfect choices!

    If you remember…Where is the small square side table in the second bedroom (next to white chair) from? Thanks!

  • I was thinking the exact same thing. Curious why they removed them. They are so great to have.

  • That is an amazing transformation. I love the colors.

  • Such a beautiful project! Both of these are so well done. You have given me so many ideas for my own two-bedroom which we will be moving into in a month! 🙂 Thanks ABM! xx


  • Great bedrooms. I’d have to put back the ceiling fans though. Can’t sleep without a ceiling fan. Maybe it’s a southern girl thing. Love the colors and the artwork.

  • Gorgeous! Where is the piece of artwork with the swimmer from?

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