HFHS House: Bedrooms (Before + After)

Bedroom before and afterMint bedroomMint bedroom   Mint bedroom The house we purchased for our Habitat for Humanity project had two bedrooms, which we're excited to show you today!

One dilemma we faced was how to update the bedrooms without knowing who would be using them. It was a real head scratcher. We didn't know if the family who will eventually own this home would be a single mom with two young daughters, a single dad with a teenage son, a couple with a newborn, a couple with no children, or really anything in between. We just didn't have that information. For a while we thought we might just leave the rooms completely unfinished, but that just didn't feel right when you considered what we were doing throughout the rest of the house. 

Finally, we decided to keep the rooms as simple as possible but have adult-size beds in each. If the family doesn't end up needing one, they can always donate it or store it in the basement until they do. 

In the first bedroom (pictured above), we removed the old carpets and restored the wood floors. We repaired the walls and gave the room a fresh coat of paint. In each room we decided to paint one wall with an accent color to give the space a little personality. This room got mint (same as the door in the kitchen)! Our thought was that even if the family doesn't enjoy the color we chose, they will only need to paint over one wall (instead of all four), which is an easy and inexpensive update they can choose to make if they like. Won't hurt our feelings one bit. 🙂

Bedroom 2 before and afterCoral bedroom  Coral bedroom   Coral bedroom Coral bedroomThe second bedroom already had exposed wood floors, so we simply had to restore them, repair and paint the walls, and add a few fun touches like these DIY cement side tables. I love how cheery both bedrooms ended up feeling. We hope they make the family smile when they walk into their new home someday! xo. Emma, Elsie, and the ABM team.

PS – You can find the paint sources here. 🙂

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Janae Hardy and Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions. First bedroom: Lamps/Shades of Light, Night stand/Wayfair, Rug/Serena and Lily, Bed + linens/Pine Cone Hill and curtains/Target. Second bedroom: Acrylic shelf/West Elm, Rug/Lulu and Georgia, Pouf/Serena and Lily, Daybed + Floor lamp/IKEA, Throw pillows/Anek Designs, Clever Spaces, and River Oak Studio, and abstract artwork/Elizabeth Chapman.

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