Hi Chicago!

Glazed & InfusedGlazed & InfusedGlazed & InfusedJeremy and I took a little trip to Chicago last week to celebrate Valentine's and relax. It was SO good to take a short getaway. These past few months hace been the busiest, and it was amazing to take a few days together to enjoy another city! Here are some snapshots from our trip.Glazed & Infused    We tried Glazed & Infused Doughnuts. Their crème brûlée donut was one of the best that I ever had!Caffe StreetsWe tried a couple coffee shops on this trip, and Caffè Streets was our favorite. One of my instagram friends recommended that I try their Chider (chai + cider) so I did and it tasted just like Autumn. It's not Autumn, but it was really really cold so I was into it.JeremyJeremyWe found Buzz Killer Espresso by mistake. Loved it. 

Molly's CupcakesMolly's is one of our favorite cupcake shops in the whole world (and we really like cupcakes!) We always get the blueberry cheesecake one when we visit Chicago. 🙂 It's kinda a tradition.David's TeaDavid's TeaDavid's TeaDavid's TeaDavid's TeaNot pictured: amazing black spagetti, a cinnamon and lime cocktail, tons of shopping (my guy likes shopping—YES!), sleeping in, long conversations and dinner with friends at Honey (best sweet potato fries of my life). It was a wonderful trip. Best of all, we came home feeling refreshed and inspired. 

ps. Car was parked in that last photo. 😀 

  • If you come back to Chicago anytime soon, you have to stop and Bang! Bang! Pie shop, specifically in the summer near Logan Square. They have the cutest out door eating area and the best pie, biscuits and coffee. Super Cute I recommend the Chess Pie. Sooooo Good.

  • Never been to Chicago, but if I ever do go I just have to try that creme brulee donut! Looks amazing!

  • sounds amazing trip.. can’t wait for your next trip photos..
    thank for sharing with us..


  • next time you are in chicago, check out the wormhole coffee shop, it’s decorated in vintage sci-fi movies/ star wars style decor… complete with a real dolorean and a sweet han solo cardboard cut out! original lunch boxes from all eras too. they make a great chai and its right by reckless records and a pretty cool used book store. can’t remember the name… my boyfriend lives there and whenever i visit he takes me to the places the locals like and not all the touristy spots. also- brunch at longman and eagle. such good food and super cool environment.

  • I’ll have to check some of those out next time I drive there from stl to go to ikea!



  • I have never heard of a blueberry cheese cake cupcake, but I’m now tempted to try.


  • This has me wanting donuts! And I just love the way you two have such complementary styles. You’re too cute!

  • alison Caprile- We could not agree more! That’s why Elsie left that little note at the end of the post (I’m guessing you didn’t get a chance to read it). You should always park before texting.

  • Yum! I love Molly’s! And now I am excited to have a couple other new places to try, especially since I live so close to Honey and have never heard of it!

  • Molly’s Cupcakes is the best! Even though we now have a Magnolia Bakery, Molly’s is still a staple.


  • I love these
    especially the women can do it painting

  • Sometimes I want a store just so I can decorate the windows all fancy and fun. Looks like you had a good time!


  • My boyfriend and I just went to Santa Catalina Island 🙂 aren’t weekend trips with the ones we love the BEST!

  • Looks like you had a great trip, reminds me of my visit to Chicago 2 years ago, it was amazing and we had the BEST pizza ever!!

  • 100% agree that honey has the best sweet potato fries of all time. everything there is amazing! glad you enjoyed your trip to thi chi 🙂

  • Sounds like such a fun trip! Your p.s. comment made me laugh. I just love finding unique places to eat on vacation. It’s so much more fun than eating at a plain old chain restaurant that you can find at home.

  • somehow you made this town look so much more “punchy” than how i see it day-to-day! it’s so fun seeing it from someone else’s POV. love this post. and LOVE Glazed&Infused!

  • i live in wicker park – so happy to see my neighborhood represented on your blog! if you ever decide to come back i can give you some more recommendations! it’s a really fun and bustling little neighborhood – so much happening all the time! i love it.

  • Ah! Gotta love Chicago. So many great places. I live around the corner from Molly’s and it’s super hard to stay away from their red velvet cupcakes.

  • Oh this looks like SUCH a lovely get away! The short ones, jam packed with scrumptious food and too many sweet moments to count… those are my favourite kinds of get aways 🙂

  • I love glazed and infused. If you come back in the summer they have this raspberry doughnut that I could eat all day. If you like sushi you should try Yuki Hana in Lakeview the next time you are in town. They have a great selection and if you go before 7pm all of their happy hour rolls are $3. My husband and i used to go there once a week when we lived in the city.

  • Looks like you had a lot of fun! Pretty photos 🙂


  • Great photos, the blueberry cheesecake looks oh so good! We’ve been thinking of a trip to chicago, thanks for sharing good places to visit!

  • LOVELY! sounds like you had a wonderful time in Chicago!


  • It’s so much fun to see the pictures you took of my city! I’m obsessed with the blueberry cupcakes at Molly’s 🙂

  • Yay Chicago! You hit all my favorite spots, and I live around the corner from Buzz 🙂 Looks like you had an awesome trip, come back soon! Haha 😀


  • I’m loving the photos, especially the ones with all the food! That’s the way my husband and I plan our trips….we pick out some sights, and then see what well rated restaurants are nearby! I almost think we get more excited for the dinner we’re going to have later then the landmark we are to visit beforehand.

    xoxo, Em

  • Haha, the car park thing at the end made me laugh! It hadn’t occurred to me you might be driving, though when you draw attention to it it looks like you could be! Scary stuff. Nice photography. 🙂


  • Sound like a lovely trip! It’s so important to just get away together like that every once in awhile.

  • I honestly can’t think of anything that sounds nicer than a blueberry cheesecake muffin, yum!And I agree with that sign, tea drinkers do do it better 😉

  • those doghnutsssss
    as a pregnant lady i must admit that it is even harder now to resist all those sweets 🙂


  • Oh, I’d love to go to that donut place! One of the things I miss the most about the U.S. is donuts… 😀

  • Looks like you guys had a blast! That doughnut place looks amaaazing. I’m in Taiwan, so I miss really good doughnuts!

  • So good to hear to had a wonderful time – the pictures sure give off that impression, too!

    Have a fantastic day,

  • Since reading this last night I’ve had ‘Dear Chicago’ by Ryan Adams on my brain…I love that song…so thanks!

  • I’m not a mom, but my mama instinct kicked in with that last photo… thank you for disclosing that you were parked 🙂 Such colorful and happy photos of a lovely time. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ahh you went to buzz!! That’s one of my favorite places here I hope you guys hit up Big Star it’s rated Chicagos #1 bar for a reason it’s not obvious to find but re worth it 🙂 hope you guys come back soon…When it’s warmer anyway lol

  • Bwah! I was the one helping you at DAVIDsTEA, and I THOUGHT you looked familiar but I couldn’t place you. Too funny. I met my favorite blogger and didn’t even know it.

  • The next time you come, let us know and we can give you the inside scoop on fun Chicago activities, like:
    Dose Market
    And we’ll take you to visit the studios of artists creating amazing original and affordable art!
    Huge fan!

  • Most of this is in Wicker Park, everybody. It’s pretty much the hippest neighborhood in Chicago (I love working there), although Logan Square just to the north is starting to take othat title lately.

  • love all of your pictures ! wish I could be as good photographer as you are =)

  • That looks amazing! I am so happy for you! Glad you had a chance to recharge.

  • Yes please! The donuts, coffee, and Chicago all look delicious!


  • You need to come to Grand Rapids, MI!! You’d LOVE exploring Eastown. Wealthy St and Lake St are 2 of the best streets for places like these! I promise you would not be disappointed!

  • I drive down Damen a couple times a week to babysit but definitely need to play tourist in my own town more often 🙂

  • Amazing photographs! Food from those pictures is calling me:-) . I would love to try creme brulee donuts too:-)

  • Wow looks like you had a blast there! Awesomeness 🙂 And look at those donuts–total envy!


  • If you ever come back to Chicago you should definitely come to Bridgeport! That’s the neighborhood I live in, it’s just south of downtown, next to Chinatown. Bridgeport has really blossomed in the past year. A whole bunch of boutiques and cafes have been popping up all over the place.

    Examples of awesome places to go:
    Nana: http://nanaorganic.com/
    Jackalope Coffee and Tea: https://www.facebook.com/JackalopeCoffeeTeaHouse
    Bridgeport Coffee House: http://www.bridgeportcoffeecompany.com/
    Pleasant House Bakery: http://pleasanthousebakery.com/
    Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar (My friend says it’s the best in Chicago!): http://community-bar.com/

  • What a great idea for you guys to take a small vacation and have some fun time to yourselves! These photos turned out great! Love that your man has style and likes to shop!

  • Looks like a wonderful trip! My husband travels (a LOT) for work and I try and meet him in different cities so we can extend his trip a couple days and explore. I’ll definitely have to tag along next time he’s in Chicago! (for a Chider and donut if nothing else!)

    See Mo Go.

  • Looks lovely! Glad y’all had a wonderful time! And that food looks deeeelishush!!!



  • Oh the food looks delicious! Especially the doughnuts!
    And I love the photos, they’re so colourful and beautiful!


  • Ah! I was the one that tweeted that I saw you at Molly’s! Still so bummed that we didn’t get to meet, I’m such a fan. I love Molly’s so much! When my fiance and I go, I always get the Red Velvet and he gets the Nutella, although next time I am definitely trying the blueberry cheesecake because it looks fantastic! Also, I have lived right outside of Chicago all my life and I never knew about Glazed and Infused, I can’t wait to try it! I’m really glad that you guys had a nice little inspiring getaway, I love those!


  • WOW!!! I am going to Chicago for the first time over spring break to visit my best friend. Could you possibly make a list of all the best (and secret) places that you love to go! Anything and everything would be awesome! Maybe you could even start a “travel guide” for you to remember and us to potentially get some ideas!!

    This made me excited!!!

  • Black spaghetti?! I have no idea what that is, but it sounds incredible! 🙂 Love these shots from your trip – what a cool place!

  • I cannot wait to explore America more. Thank you for showing me Chicago needs to be one of our ‘one day’ destinations! x

  • Amazing! I’m going to be travelling to Chicago from Australia in September/October this year so I will have to check these places out!

    You should do more posts like this of places to go and what to see!


  • I need a trip to Chicago! I will absolutely go to that donut place! And we have a Molly’s here in Iowa City (amazingly enough) so I get to partake of their delicious red velvet cupcake whenever I want!

    Where do you spend the night (and would you recommend)?

  • Oh my goodness, now I want to try Chider. Looks like you guys had a cute, fun little getaway!! (:

    xo, Clare

  • Oh wow. This makes me want to take a trip to chicago. I am completely obsessed with doughnuts from different places.


  • Heehee I like that you noted that the car was parked in the last photo! =p

  • You guys stop by the best places! I wish you’d come to Florida so I can actually go to all these cute little places you all find.

    Lauren at http://inbetweenidols.blogspot.com/

  • You stumbled upon so many lovely, little places! Chider sounds amazing….and those donuts look incredible! I posted a baked pumpkin donut hole recipe this fall, I want to make them and enjoy them over a hot cup of chider! (is it autumn yet?)

  • Those donuts look just like the ones you can get at the Donut Plant in the LES here in New York – especially the creme brulee! They also have other crazy delicious flavors like rose water, pistachio, and pb & blackberry jam. You should definitely give them a try if you ever come back to the city!

  • how fun! my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to chicago for the night to celebrate valentine’s day as well. love the windy city!

  • you guys are the cutest! and all this great food pictures makes me feel hungry, haha!

  • I am a huge fan of A Beautiful Mess – it’s how I start my day! Forget the news… 😉

    I signed up for the Blog Love ecourse and have deleted the information to access the course! Oh no. If you would please pass that along to me I would very much appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance!!


  • Perfect…..oh the food looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!


  • woo! all these places are right in my turf! it’s fun to see all my neighborhood haunts!
    xoxo maria anne

  • The next time I’m in Chicago, I’m definitely going to check these places out!


  • I will have to try all of these lovely places! (I live in Chicago) Glazed and Infused is one of my favorite donut shops. Seriously. If it wasn’t’ one of the places you tried, The Wormhole is a really great coffee shop (In Wicker Park), and West Town is one of my favorite bakeries ever. Plus they have other food! The place is decorated with all sorts of sci-fi and literary paraphernalia.

  • yum! the donuts and the chider sound great! Thanks for sharing!

    Juliette Laura

  • Such cute places to go! You guys are the sweetest couple!

    Lulu xx


  • what a fun trip! great photos. they are making me really hungry 🙂 thanks for sharing.


  • Looks like such a fantastic trip! Creme Brulee donuts sound way too good to even exist
    xo Heather

  • Looks like the stuff of dreams! Gorgeous photos.
    Katie xx

  • Oh how fun!! I’m so jealous! Chicago is such a fun place to visit. But I had no idea how much other stuff I was missing out on! 😀

    Hahah love that you clarified you were parked.

  • A blueberry cheesecake cupcake sounds so yummy!

    xo Jennifer


  • Chider sounds delicious – definitely going to try that one. Also, love how well dressed Jeremy always is. Glad you had a good trip and got to have a wee break. Always enjoy your travel photos.
    xx Allison

  • would love to go there… looks lovely !


  • Chider sounds amazing…..I might try concocting my own as I doubt it’s made it over to Spain yet!
    Looks like you had a lovely weekend
    x x


  • haha im glad you said something about the last photo. i was thinking “he better be parked! otherwise shame on you guys!” 😉

  • sounds like a perfect trip! So pumped that you visited a DavidsTea, one of my happy places! You don’t know how lucky you are that Jeremy loves coffee, sushi, AND shopping. 😉 love you guys!! xo

  • Righto, bookmarking this for all your foodie tips! My bro lives in Chicago so about once a year I hop on the plane from London. Good to know. Looks like you had such a lovely time. x

  • Looks like a great trip! You guys found so many great things to do, I’ll have to remember them for next time.


  • Ah this is amazing and so lovely! I love the idea of taking a short vacation for valentines especially to Chicago!



  • Haha you were right down the street from me! So many of my favorite spots. If you happened to see a blue haired girl inside the funky colorful barbershop a half block from that zebra mural, that was me. Say hi next time you’re in town and I will totally give Jeremy a killer beard clean up!

  • everything looks delicious!)

  • Wow, looks like you ate some amazing food. I’m not a doughnut fan at all – but really want to taste the ones in your photo!

  • So many amazing Chicago eats, especially those donuts. I would love to try the Red Velvet donut.


  • looks fun! there’s a very big possibility that i’ll be moving to chicago this fall! can’t wait to try out those doughnuts. yum!

  • just wondering where you guys shop in Chicago? i just moved here and am feeling my way around. you’ve probably actually been here more than me! any suggestions? Thanks!!

  • Looks like you had a fun time together! 😀
    The photos are really nice!
    Hope you have a lovely day!

  • Everything looks so delicious! You have such a talent for finding the best places!

  • It looks like you had an amazing time…my weekends away are always remembered by the cute little cafes and restaurants we find tucked away!

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