Hi-Hat Cupcakes

How to make hi hat cupcakesI was introduced to hi-hat cupcakes by Joann's on Third while I was living in Los Angeles. I think they call theirs the cloud cupcake. And it is much taller than these and truly a very epic looking cupcake. 🙂 So after seeing those about 3 years ago, I of course wanted to go home and try to make them. I found a recipe via Martha Stewart, who says it's originally from the book Cupcakes!Black and white hi hat cupcakesMy first attempt was a big FAIL. I couldn't get the frosting to stay on the cupcakes while dipping. So frustrating! I would end up with a big pile of upside down frosting in my melted chocolate cup. And I could not figure out what I had done wrong! I felt like I followed every step. If you bake very often you've probably had a moment like this in the kitchen. It's that moment where you feel kind of dumb and realize what you've been doing for the last hour or two will NOT be rewarded with a delicious cupcake. Cruel, cruel world.Marshmallow frosting!Making hi hat cupcakesLately I have been in the mood to try past failed recipe attempts. I think it's something about the new year (even though I realize we are starting to get well into 2013 at this point). I really love cooking, baking and creating recipes. But I'll be the first to admit I'm no expert on a lot of things. I want to be. I want to improve and learn and grow in that area of my life, because it has been such a positive outlet for me over the years. So any dish that I've struggled with before, like say macarons, I am in the mood to try, try again. Take another crack at it. Give it the ol' college try (what does that one even mean anyway?).Tips for melting chocolateAs you can probably tell from these photos, I did it! And these are amazingly delicious! I decided to make two versions: dark chocolate and white chocolate. I think the main difficulty here is having enough patience to make these happen. They are a process for sure. And when the directions say to beat the frosting mixture for 12 minutes, this will feel like an eternity. And I had to buy a hand mixer because I realized I didn't have my immersion blender with me, (I was house sitting) and a Kitchen Aid mixer couldn't accommodate the simmering water. Read the directions if that sounds confusing. Then, I put the cupcakes with the frosting in the freezer for a bit. I think patience beating the mixture and the freezer step were crucial to preventing all the frosting from just falling in the chocolate. Tips for making hi hat cupcakesIt is also advisable to allow your melted chocolate to cool before dipping. It can't cool enough that it is beginning to become solid, but the cooler it is the less likely it will be to melt the tips of your cupcakes off. But if this happens it's not really a big deal. Way better than the entire top coming off. 🙂Hi hat cupcake how toI will for sure be making these again. I am hoping for some kind of wizard party (or maybe Halloween), because I think you could easily add a little black construction paper loop to the middle of the cupcakes after they are done and boom. Witches' hats! xo. Emma

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