a new dream is born!


Hiiiii! Today I turn 26. I am so excited to share with you my newest and most beloved project…
On February 1, I will be opening a boutique called Red Velvet Art! My new shop will be a large & lovely online shop full of independent art, music, fashion, decor & crafty stuff.
In addition to the online shop, I am opening a real life shop here in my hometown full of the cutest indie goods around made by some of my favorite artists in the whole world!
It's a dream come true! I am so excited to share all of the little details with you as the magical day approaches…






I can't wait to share more! Thank you so much for sharing this exciting season with me!! I am so so thankful.

I am off to Kansas City for the day to hang out with Rachel & Silje. I am pretty sure it's going to be the best birthday ever!!!!! XO.e

  • wow… that is awesome! now i’ll have to swing by to check out the shop. been loving your work and blog.

  • Elsie!!! i so love how u advert ur shop! how i wish im somewhere near ur town….:o( always love u Elsie!!!

  • omg elsie! i am so excited for you!!! I wish I lived closer so i could camp out at the doors of your new shop b4 it opens! So jealous and so so happy for you. Congrats on your dream 🙂 You deserve it, and I cant wait to see and hear more about it!

  • Happy Birthday Hun & many congratulations on the birth of your new venture!!!! I know exactly how you are feeling as I was very lucky enough to open my own piece of heaven in July in the form of a craft/gift shop, hope you have fun & enjoy every min of it, love Ger from Bonnie Scotland 🙂

  • Congrats on the store, birthday and tattoo!!! Boy, you’ve been busy 😉 Can’t wait to see the new Red Velvet!!!

  • Oh, wow! This sounds way cool! I’ll be checking out your online store for sure. I wish I could come to the brick & mortar store, too. Congrats and best of luck to you. I hope this new venture is wildly successful! And happy birthday to you, too. Love and hugs!

  • Happy Birthday, Elsie! To be young and to be already living out a dream of yours – what birthday gift is better than that?? Congrats on your soon-to-be-open store!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Elsie!!!!

    Your new store sounds AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to see it when its up and running!!! :]

  • WOOT!!


    YAY! Red velvet is so awsumm!! WTG!! 🙂

    <33 your window art!

  • Nov 19 is my birthday too!

    Best wishes for your dreams coming true! Sounds very exciting.

  • happy birthday and congratulations! i can’t tell you how inspirational you to me. i’m just a year younger than you and also have aspirations of having my own shop. i can’t wait to hear and see all about it! congrats again!

  • I´m a bit late – but here´s my congratulations

    you are only 10 years younger than me;-) I´m not sure if that make me feel old ore not;-)

    You use your time and your youth to make things Elsie – and to make your dreams come true – I love to bee abel to have a look on everything you do!!!!

  • elsie i found this recipe the other day and upon further gawking at it, i decided you need to know about it. you could serve them on your opening day!!!! here’s the link: http://bakerella.blogspot.com/2007/12/red-velvet-cake-balls.html

  • that’s a long trip for me but some day I’ll have to make the trip for some happy shopping. congratulations! i know it will be a fabulous store.

  • oh, congrats elsie and happy birthday! you are an inspiration to so many of us! i hope you have a super fabulous day, and that this is the year in which many more of your dreams come true!

  • AHH!!! I’m originally from St. Louis, and after February when i go back home to visit, I”M SO COMING to visit your store!!! That must be so exciting! Congrats on the new business adventure and Happy Birthday!


  • AHH!!! I’m originally from St. Louis, and after February when i go back home to visit, I”M SO COMING to visit your store!!! That must be so exciting! Congrats on the new business adventure and Happy Birthday!


  • this is so great!

    between your cute little coffee shop and red velvet art i want to move to where you live!

  • happy b-day and CONGRATULATIONS!

    i was racking my brain, trying to guess the big secret, but ALL i could come up with was that you were going to start designing a line of greeting cards for Hallmark!!!! this is WAY better! have SO much fun!

  • happy birthday and congratulations on your new shop! I cant wait to see it when it goes up!

    oh, i also wanted to tell you, if you havent already, go watch the new paramore “decode” music video. the girl from paramore so reminds me of you!! 🙂

  • Elsie:

    Congrats on your new venture and best wishes!

    You are making Missouri famous. Yay!

    I will have to stop in sometime when I take a road trip from here in St. Louis.

    All the best,


  • I hope you have a magical Birthday…You bring so much much needed color to this world. Have a great day…A fan

  • Ohmigoodness….yay! Happy birthday, and happy new endeavour! 🙂 That sounds super-fun and exciting and amazing all rolled into one! Have a fab weekend!

  • If only I lived closer……

    So excited for this new adventure Elsie. How fun!

    Happy Birthday precious soul.

  • congratulations and happy birthday!!!

    cannot wait to see the shop…i just know it will be wondrous.

  • happy birthday love!

    hope you have an awesome day….congrats on your new adventure!

  • AHHHH!!! That’s SO exciting I can’t even believe it! Congrats and i’m so happy for you elsie!


  • I truly is amazing when you’re able to pursue what you love. I can’t wait to check out the shop when it opens.

    I hope you had an amazing Birthday 🙂

  • Happy Birthday!!!

    I have to make a trip to the store once it opens!!!

    – Loving you in St. Louis

  • Happy Birthday, Elsie! And what a wonderful way to start out your 26th year! How exciting!

  • elsie, that is so great! i am so happy for you and so jealous! that is such an awesome dream to have fulfilled. congratulations and happy birthday! may your day be full of all your favorite things!






  • How exciting!!! Congrats! Darnit, now how come I can’t live closer to you so I could actually check out your physical shop! Happy belated bday! Ah, to be 26 again! LOL

  • Happy Birthday, birthday girl! Such exciting news! I’m so happy for you. You and your art make this world a better place.

  • I knew it, I knew it… Congratulations on your new venture. I wish you all the success in the world. Have a wonderful birthday too…

  • Happy Birthday !

    I wish you all the best with this new endeavor. I believe you will be very successful and I can’t wait to share with you in that joy.


    Congrats on the shop news. I have to say….Your store window display has got to be the best advertisement piece of a store opening that I have ever seen. Someday Elsie I will come to Springfield and check it out. I am very excited about your news.


  • Happy Birthday Miss Elsie!

    Congrats on the new adventure and I wish you all the very best with that and your day!

  • OH Elsie!!! I’m so happy that you can express all the excitement of unknown adventure that awaits for you! You are so determined and deserving of such a great place and I’m proud of you!!

  • Happy birthday!!!

    I like the look of your new shop. Can’t wait to see the website.

  • Happy birthday and congratulations with your shop!!! I wish I lived in the states so I could come see it, it’s gonna be the best shop ever!!

  • congratulations! that is so exciting:)…have a great birthday…what a wonderful year it will be for you:)

  • OMG!! CONGRATULATIONS!! That’s fantastic..I’m so excited for you!! And Happy Birthday!!! Today is my birthday too…although I’ve got you beat by about 5 years..sigh…lol..

    Hope you have a wonderful night and I wish you so many good things with life and the new store!!! 🙂

  • wowwowow!! Congrats! I am sure everything will be amazing! I can’t wait to see the decor of the store, I am sure it will rock as well!!! Best of luck!! XOXO

  • happy birthday again…..so wished we lived near you….nz a bit far away to do some shopping!!! so excited for you ….your shop will be amazing….YAY to you!!!!

    rach xx

  • Happy Birthday!! Hope you have the best day! Your new venture sounds very exciting, i know it will work out fabulously for you!

  • Happy birthday to you!

    and congrats on the shop!! looks like i will be having to take a trip to springfield next year!

    yay 🙂

  • And in my excitement I of course forgot to wish you happy birthday! To be that young and fresh and artsy…. 😀 Happy Birthday!

  • Ok, it’s official. I’m totally living all my art dreams through you. What else would explain how excited I feel about your new adventure? Very exciting. Too cool! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday! And good luck on the shop, especially in this economy. You will indeed need it.

  • Aww, I’m so proud of you 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Happy Birthday sweet girl!



  • happy birthday!! love the store front windows! Wish i lived closer to come check it out once you open! best of luck!!

  • Oh wow. I can’t express to you how excited i am for you. Your going to be living my future. I will be opening a indie artist gallery and cafe in the next couple years.

    Congratulations!! I wish you best of luck. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you post truly about how it’s going and the ups and downs of opening a shop. I would really appreciate it!!

    Good luck and Happy birthday!!!!!!



  • WOW, You already have achievements for your hole life! LOL you have a paper line, you scrapbook a hole lot more than us regular girls, got a great boyfriend… And now a dream store! You deserve it girl! Keep dreaming that you keep achieving… As we used to say when I was a cast member in disney world, Have a magical day!!! Best wishes! kisses Livia from Brasil

  • Congrats on the store!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It’s a good date…my daughter Zoe turns 10 today too!

  • I had a feeling you were going to open a store! It was the next logical step since your Etsy shop is so successful. Best of luck to you! It will be hard but I know you can do it! Happy birthday too!

  • Birthdays are a great time to launch exciting new things – how wonderful!!! Congratulations on both events! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Elsie and congratulations on the shops – you continue to amaze and inspire me with your artsitic adventures! Have a fun birthday trip!!!

  • happy, happy birthday and many congrats on this exciting new adventure!

    loads of hugs headed your way today!



    And Congrats on the store ,, that is totally awesome!!!! You rock!!

  • WOW. Happy Birthday and Congratulations on the new store. I can’t wait to see the fabulous goodies. I’m so happy for you!

  • YEAH! this is the raddest thing ever. Who knew this dream would come true so soon! I am really proud of you! You are a little stud! Happy birthday, I wish I could see you all today!


    and OMG is right! that is amazing!!! many well wishes and lots of good luck! can’t wait to hear more about it!! you are amazing.

  • Happy Birthday Elsie!

    Congratulations on the upcoming opening of your store! I live in Springfield too so I’ll definitely be checking it out! 🙂

  • Happy birthday and cangrats on the shop!! Looking forward to checking it out 😀

  • Happy birthday Elsie – that is such great news! Can’t wait to see what your store has in store for us!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY girly :))))

    such great, exciting news on your new shop! i live in rockford, il and would love to come see your new shop when it opens!!!!


  • congratulations! Very excited to see your new shop. Best of luck in this new adventure!

  • I. AM. So. Excited. For yoU! WOWOWOWOW!!!! this is SO exciting! What an awesome chapter in your life!!!!! Elsie, you continue to inspire me! :]

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :] i hope its the best one ever!

  • Happy Birthday to you Elsie! So excited for your new store and can’t wait for the new online store so I can shop there. 😀

    I hope you have a great day with your friends.

  • Happy Birthday & Congratulations on your new venture! I wish you lots of success!

  • OMG! happy birthday and congratulations on the shop!!!! I hope everything turns out well for you! Can’t wait to see more!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing your exciting news! I look forward to the opening of your online store and maybe some day I’ll get to your real life store as well!

  • I didn’t know we shared a birthday. I just love your work and hope you have a great day as well. Mine has started out great!


    God bless you and your creativity!! Congratulations in your new project. Its gonna be a total success!! 😉

    Have a wonderful day!



    soooooooo excited for u and soooo happy i can shop online too hahahhaha



  • Yay! That sounda fabulous. Happy birthday! My 9 year old tried to duplicate one of you drawings on a school project. You inspire her/us!

  • Wowee- it looks like your birthday wish is coming true! How fabulous for you. Best of luck..can’t wait to see and hear more about it. Happy Birthday…hope it is full of sweetness..I’m a Scorpio too!

  • First things first:


    Oh man, Elsie, I am so excited about your online & real life store! I was hoping that might be your big news!

    Upcoming Road Girl’s Road Trip:

    Visit Red Velvet Art Shop!!!!!

  • What exciting news!! I’m sure it will be a huge success! Much luck to you Elsie! 🙂

  • Eeeee! How exciting!!!! I can’t wait to visit and check it out!!!! A couple girlfriends and I are planning a road trip over that way next year to visit a friend so we’ll have to make a pitstop in Springfield!!!! Congratulations!!!!

    Happy 26th Birthday!!!!! I hope it’s the best EVER and you have a wonderful day with Rachel & Silje! Can’t wait to see the tattoos!!! Have a wonderfully happy, inspiring and blessed birthday!!! xoxo -j

  • Woweee! It looks like you got your birthday wish! How exciting for you. Best of luck..I can’t wait to hear and see more and have a super sweet birthdays I’m a Scorpio too! Hugs to you.

  • I’m totally jealous, what an awesome experince and idea! Can’t wait to see all the fun stuff!

  • happy happy birthday elsie!!! your new shop sounds sooooo exciting!!! i wish i lived closer so i could come check it out!!!

  • happy birthday elsie!!!

    i’m sooo proud of you!!! and i’m def going to make a trip down to see you! soon!!! what an amazing fun adventure you are going on! congrats!


  • happy birthday! i had a feeling that is what your big surprise would be. . . good luck with your shop! I’m sure it will be fabulous.

  • Happy Birthday, Elsie. I continue to be amazed by all the things that you can do in a day. Hope you have a birthday to remember forever.

  • Congrats and Happy Cake and Candles Day! I have to say- I am so jealous!! I am sure the store will be amazing and I can’t wait to hear more about it. Good luck!

  • OMG!

    I don’t know if “Happy Birthday” comes first, or “Congratulations”!

    So… “Happy-Congratulations-Birthday”!


    I am so excited for your new shop! My sister and I may just have to take a little road trip!

  • Happy Birthday Elsieee!!!

    I am so excited for you! =D

    I’m looking forward to the opening of your store!

    Gooooooooood luck! =D

  • Happy Birthday ….wishing you great things to come with your new adventures! You totally rock Elsie

  • Good luck with the new store! When I was younger I wanted to have my own boutique … maybe one day.

  • Wow. Every day I check out your blog and every day I say to myself, “I want to do that!” You are living your dreams and that is so inspirational to me. I hope when I’m 26 I can say that I’ve done half the things you have! Good luck with the store preparations!

  • Wow I am sooo excited for you! That’s so awesome and I really look forward to seeing your new online store and hopefully someday the real store! Very happy for you. Happy Birthday girlie!

  • happy birthday elsie!

    and holy crap!

    so very excited for this new adventure for you.

    especially since i live in springfield!! looking forward to getting to see all the lovliness in person!

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! I hope you have a great one! So happy to hear that you are opening a Red Velvet shop. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  • SO FUN!! Happy birthday, Elsie!

    I am so thankful I only live a few hours away so that when I’m in the area, I can stop by and check out your new store!

    We’re all excited along with you to see whats up your sleeve next


  • Hi Elsie!!

    Happy B Day! Hope the day brings you everything you want of it!

    I wish i lived in the states so i could visite your store!!


  • Wow, that is FABULOUS news! All your goodness in one place… everything is so much better in person, isn’t it?! So very happy for you.. good luck in your endeavor and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • birthday wishes and congrats! how fun and amazing to see your dream come to life! i pumped to see how it all comes together!

  • Yay for the good news!

    Happy birthday Elsie, and congratulations!!

    Have an awesome b-day!!

    Greeting xoxo

  • Happy Bday. Congrats. How exciting to be able to give yourself such a wonderful present.

    Maybe you can give us a virtual tour of the store when it opens.

    Are any of your friends coming to work the store with you? Are you going to have a coffee bar or anything like that inside? Well can’t wait to see more. Hope your day is wonderful, which I’m sure it will be.

  • Happy birthday Elsie, and congratulations! Sounds like a fun and exciting adventure! Wish I was closer to go and see your new shop :]

  • Hi Elsie,

    Happy birthday to you !! And congratulations on youre shop !! great new on youre birthday 🙂

    have a great day today !!



  • Congratulations Elsie! With your birthday and with you new shops!

    I can understand how excited you must be. Can’t wait to take a look in your online shop.

    Have a very fun birthday with your friends,girl!

  • Both sites look amazing! I can’t wait to have a peruse through all those lovely goodies. I can sense my Christmas list expanding as I look at those photos 🙂

  • Happy birthday Elsie!!

    OMG how lucky the people of Springfield are. Just look at those windows… Good luck with your new shop, it already looks gorgeous!

  • Wow congratulations on the new store, and on your birthday =) Hope you have a lovely time with the girls in KC!

    Hugs, Kristin from Sweden

  • Happy Happy Birthday Elsie! and WOW, congrats on your new store, it looks awesome!

    I can’t wait for February 🙂

    Good Luck!

  • Happy Birthday Elsie and congrats on the new endeavour!! I wish you all the best and can’t wait to see it when it opens 🙂


  • Happy Birthday to you Elsie, have a wonderful day and many many great ideas which you can share with us one day. I think you take a great step and I wish you the best for everything.


  • Joyeux Anniversaire !!!!

    This is an exciting new project, looking forwards to february.

    Have a lovely day xxx

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! I remember that you had this idea already when you were in Holland a few years ago so I am so glad you finally are able to realize this!


  • WoW! You are AMAZING!!!! Have a great birthday! I can’t wait for more details on your shop!

  • Enjoy your day!!! I hope you get lots of fun presents and someone bakes you a big yummy cake:)

    Good luck with the new Red Velvet store. That’s just awesome.

  • Happy Birthday to you!!!! I just fell off my chair to hear your opening your own store. Wow, good luck to you and all that is and all that is to come. I wish I just lived closer so I could visit fl is kinda far. love all you do keep up the good work..

  • YAY!

    Happy Birthday Elsie!

    I hope your day is amazing.

    Can’t wait to hear more about this new season in your life!


  • YAY!

    Happy Birthday Elsie!

    I hope your day is amazing.

    Can’t wait to hear more about this new season in your life!



    Congrats on a dream coming true, can’t WAIT to have a look at the online store (would LOVE to visit the real life store but there’s the thing of being on the other side of the world :oD

  • Wishing you a truly wonderful, exciting, magical, amazing and loving birthday eva!!!

    Congrats on the store too, it looks simply fabulous!

    Pity I’m not close enough to pop on over for a looksie.


    Jodi (melbourne, australia)

  • AWESOME news!!

    I’m SO happy for you 😉

    (I love those windows, now I’m really sure I have to visit Springfield someday!!)

    Happy Birthday 😉

  • CONGRATS on the new venture Elsie, hope it goes gangbusters for you and you have a totally ace time with it all!!!!

    And hip hop happy BIRTHDAY!


  • AHHHHH Elsie!! That is so EXCITINGGG!!!!!! I will have to make a road trip just to go to your shop!! 🙂 You will do such an amazing job with it. Congratulations to you!! How funnn. I hope there is some sort of scrapbooking section in your shop. 😉

  • OMG Elsie !! i cant believe this, SOOO cool 😀 i will be there “online” when the shop opens 🙂

    Happy Birthday, hope your day will be wonderful 🙂

  • OMG What a great news! Such a wonderful idea and I love the comingsoon paintings on that window! Great work!

    Happy 26th Birthday! Concrats to you!


    wow it looks like its gonna be a really really cool store!!! 😀

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