His and Her Pillow Cases DIY

Heart pillow case DIY 1Our sweet friend Kinsey has been having fun decoring her and husband's new loft apartment. Today she shares a simple tutorial for creating matching His and Her pillow cases!Heart pillow DIY steps1. Supplies: Pillow cases, red and white cotton fabric, adhesive letters. You will also need to have scissors, sewing pins and a sewing machine! 2. First, cut a large heart out of the white fabric. Make sure it's not bigger than your pillow case! We made our heart wider than normal because when the pillow is in the case it tends to make it bulge, making it look less wide. 3. Next, apply the adhesive letters. You can buy a pack of letters at your local craft store, or make your own out of contact paper! 4. Once you've applied the lettering, flip the heart over, facing down. Begin pinning large squares of the red fabric on the back. This will be the background of the lettering so be sure that all of the adhesive letters have fabric behind it. 5. Next, slowly stitch around all of the adhesive lettering, sewing together the red and white fabric. 6. Once you've sewn around all the lettering, remove the contact paper! 7. Next, you'll slowly cut out each letter. Make sure you only cut through the top layer of fabric! 8. Lastly, cut the heart down the middle and sew it to the pillow case! We used a simple top stitch close to the edge of the fabric to prevent as much fray as possible.Pillow case DIYThese so adorable! Thanks so much Kinsey for giving us a peek into your too cute bedroom.

  • Great. I am making this and was wondering which end of the pillowcase it was best to see the heart to. It looks like the closed end but I can’t be sure. Thanks

  • This is awesome! Would you conisder printing out the stencil and selling me one? I don’t have a Silhouette. Also, have you conisdered giving your material a ‘tea’ bath to make them look more vintage?Thanks for the inspiration!

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  • thanks so much for the idea! i made a set already and all my friends love them! (they all want some too!) i also made the pillow cases and that was super easy to make which coordinated my other pillows! heading to joann’s some for more fabric!

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  • Great, our anniversary coming up, and this is a great idea for a present – like the Mr and Mrs suggestion as well posted by logan

  • Love this idea!!
    Love your blog!!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    Anette Willemine

  • Hi.
    i loved your idea. in the valentine’s day i created a similar present for my boyfriend.
    Look here http://fratchina.blogspot.pt/2012/02/para-ti.html

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  • I adore this! totally going to make some throw cushions like this!


  • THIS IS ADORABLE! I love it…to bad I’m only A HER? ANy suggestions for a single ladies version?? LOL

  • Now those are FUN ! What a great quick idea ! The red color really POPS too. The pillows have a touch of whimsy and make me SMILE.
    Have an awesome day!

  • These are too great. I love pillows. Especially because they’re so easy to make! Thank you for the inspiration!

    I hope it’s okay that I shared this over here today:


  • I love these but i would never ever in a million years get my mr to sleep in a bed with his and hers pillow cases lol. I have just got him accustomed to my lovely jigsaw and liberty bedding……

  • This is such a cute and creative diy! Very curious though, I saw something on the web about instagram pillows, I thought maybe you all can maybe do a project like that?? I just don’t know how exactly someone transfers a digital picture onto cloth..

  • Here is another design idea for your everyday use item http://bit.ly/HFaLlF

  • A great idea to mark your side of the bed, ha ha


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  • waaowwww….greattt…Its really awesome…I love it I also want these types pf pillows…they are looking incredibly fantastic,…

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  • That’s amazing! And I have that exact same duvet cover! I hope you’ll take a peek at my blog, I just did an all denim post!


  • Naww so cute… I think my fiance may roll his eyes at me if I suggest this though hahaha

    xo Emilie


  • Killing me with cuteness! However, those would never last a night — the almost-hubby and I tend to swap pillows or somehow manage to kick them to the foot of the bed or all the way off at night!

    Very cute DIY, though! Kinsey did a fantastic job.

    Kayla, SomedayDetective.blogspot.com

  • super cute! love this idea.. and elsie, the blog has been looking so good (as always!) xo, tiffany

  • This is such a neat applique technique, what a good idea!

    Amy Xxx


  • That’s so sweet! Its something i will make for our room!


  • Suh-weet! Everything about this is adorable and I love how customizable it all can be! Keep the gorgeous DIY’s a’coming!


  • Great ideas, it would look fab with names too.Rx


  • pretty sweet
    I might make something like this really soon! 🙂


  • This is so precious! One day I’ll be making those 🙂


  • I’m a fan of your tutorials because they are clear and simple and always beautiful!

  • Oh my lord, when my bf and I finally move in together I am going to make these.

    🙂 Ewa


  • too stinkin’ cute. how are you an endless waterfall of all things lovely?

  • way too cute! Great idea!!!



  • SUCH a fun idea! I need these so that Tristan will stop stealing my pillows;)

    Stephanie May*


  • I’m not ususally into really cute decorations for the house, I like to keep things simplem but this is such a fun simple idea!
    Material Fixations

  • So cute! I would definitely make these!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • This is really cute! Too bad I’m not married… Would it be weird if I made “Mine and Mine” pillowcases?


  • That is so sweet! What a fun idea 🙂

    I’m doing this for me and my hubby!
    So sweet!


  • aww this is so cute!

  • I’m going to make it saying “Mr” & “Mrs” 🙂 thanks for this I have been wondering the most efficient way to make cute pillow cases lately.
    Embroidery would take forever :/


    you are a CRACK elsie….AMAZING DIY

    XOXO from MUNICH

    LA Vie Quotidienne


  • So cute! Ahhhh now I want to make one!


  • Love that when they’re side by side the heart is whole. That sounds like a sappy quote. I like sappy quotes.
    Catherine Denton

  • I’m so in love with this. Especially since I’m totally in the market for new bedding =) I’m adding this to my link list that goes out tomorrow hehe.

    – Sarah

  • Lovely! I would love to see the rest of her place! Maybe a little tour!?

  • These are adorable! I do have a soft spot for red, white and blue (or is that black?).

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