Holiday Gift Guide For Dudes!

Ho-ho-holiday shopping is in full swing! Whether you do a present for every person in your family, a secret Santa exchange, or a white elephant gift exchange, chances are you’ll need a cool present for a cool dude in your life this shopping season and we’ve got a bunch of awesome ideas to keep the holiday spirit flowing!

1. This may look like just a hammer but it’s actually a 6-in-1 tool that all fits inside the handle of the hammer—woah!!

2. This Men of Style read may be the perfect coffee table book for the stylish guy (or maybe some good inspo for any dude that wants to step up his clothing game).

3. Speaking of style, this burgundy suede jacket is getting all the style points!

4. These slim chelsea boots will keep you guy’s feet warm all winter long.

5. For the adventure lover! This Bucket List book will give you ideas of amazing things to do all over the world! His bucket list just got a whole lot longer …

6. Whether he’s playing Christmas music or the Tame Impala vinyl, this eye-catching record player will bring joy all year long.

7. For the social guy, try this “What Do You Meme” game where you create memes and the funniest one wins!

8. Let him relive his youth with this Sega Genesis console. Go Sonic, go!!

9. This Marshall amp-like wifi speaker is great for the musician and the rock-star wannabe (I mean, who isn’t though, right?).

10. For the shutterbug, the Instax Mini 90 is the perfect travel camera to capture some memorable moments on the go.

11. The jean sherpa jacket—it’s literally never gone out of style.

12. Give a waffle beanie (or two) to keep that noggin’ looking cool but feeling warm.

13. Simple but stylish brass keychain.

14. For an understated yet modern fashion statement, this black-on-black wristwatch is a classic look.

15. Rick and Morty pins!! I know sooo many dudes that are obsessed!

16. For working on the go, this laptop backpack is a top pick (and it comes in lots of colors too!).

And don’t forget, just because it shows up on a “dude” gift guide doesn’t mean that your gal pal BFF wouldn’t also die for most of the items as well so don’t limit it to just the guys. That Men of Style book and 6-in-1 tool are calling my name for sure! Happy shopping!

  • Thank you for sahring this wishlist

  • I think, and it feels through all the articles, that you have mastered your subject from end to end.

  • Pretty sure my husband needs what do you Meme in his life!


  • I got the black version of that keychain from Schoolhouse Electric as a stocking stuffer for my partner but I want that denim jacket for myself! I’ve been searching for the perfect one for a while.

  • Yes, great ideas. My husband is the hardest to shop for, plus he never wants anything.

  • I absolutely adore my Audio-Technica record player. The quality is amazing. I’d love to get a few records for the holidays.

  • Guys are so hard to buy for, so thank you for this! I love the wristwatch you featured. It looks so sleek, perfect for my boyfriend!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Great ideas, and not just for guys. I myself own a 6-in 1 hammer and it is awesome. It has been so useful that I keep it in a kitchen drawer for convenience.

  • If I were a dude, I would definitely love those gifts, especially the record player!

  • I have that laptop backpack (different color) and LOVE it! I’m in grad school and it’s just perfect. Fun gift guide!

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