Holiday House Living Room Before & After

We are SO excited to give you a tour of the holiday house living room today! As I mentioned in this post, the holiday house has two living rooms—one in the front as you walk in the front door and one in the back that leads to the backyard. We envision this living room will probably get the most use, as it’s so big (and also contains the TV). It’s a great space to hang out and watch a movie or just enjoy time chatting or playing as a family.

We worked with Hunter Fan Company on this space. With the high ceilings, the two fans in this room are truly the focal point and we knew we wanted something special and design-forward. We got the satin copper Hepburn 52″ fans with (2-foot) extender rods and they look just PERFECT in this room! We had a hard time deciding as Hunter has so many cute fans. We also love the Cranbrook and Norden styles. I am just so happy to have so many beautiful ceiling fans to choose from and can’t wait to use them in other house projects in the future.

Below, you can see a little before and after of the space.

The big changes that happened in this room included removing the old built-in media center, refinishing the floors, adding a subtle plank ceiling, refreshing the wall paint, and updating the ceiling fans. I love that with these fans they actually become a design piece as well as a functional one!

Before we started furnishing, the room felt like it was basically all white. Ha. But once we started adding the leather sectional, vintage piano, wooden and wicker chairs, and other little details, the space really started to feel warm and cozy. I’ve had many friends come check out the house now and so often I hear how “calm” the house feels. I love that! Feels like such a compliment as that’s exactly how I’d like the Larsons to feel when they come to stay, and other guests we have in the future.

Although this room is really very simple, there just a few other fun details I want to point out. The mini gallery wall behind the sectional is old family photos of our family from when we were growing up. In the media table, there are hidden games as well as a few Springfield, Missouri books I found online. Just hoping that any guests we have in the future feel at home, but also maybe get inspired to explore our city and the Ozarks a little more as it’s such a special place to us. Thanks for letting me share! xo. Emma

Room Details: Ceiling Fans, Sectional, Media Table and Coffee Table c/o Article, Wicker Chair, Piano/Craigslist, Mini Glass Greenhouse, Side Table, Faux Fiddle Plant, Flower Fabric Tapestry, State Flower Tapestry, Wooden Folding Chair/Vintage, Rug, Throw Pillows, and Blankets are a mix from Target and IKEA. And in case you are curious, my pink jacket is

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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