Why Your Kids Will Love A Holiday-Themed Book Nook!

For me, one of my favorite parts of being a parent is reading books to my 4-year-old Lola. I remember how much joy it brought me to add my favorite kid’s books to her baby registry when I was pregnant, and it still brings me joy to read old favorites and new books to her throughout the year.

Last Christmas, I did a bookcase of holiday-themed books in her room, and it was such a fun thing to set up and read through, I thought I would do a Halloween-themed one this fall (and add a few fun extras to make it an extra special book nook.)

To create my book nook this year, we partnered with Silver Dolphin Books to curate a collection of some of the cutest Halloween kid’s books I’ve seen (and they have lots of selections for other holidays as well!).

They publish award-winning titles that foster an interest in reading and creative expression for the younger generation (including books from cherished children’s book author Margaret Wise Brown and educational kits focused on STEM skills). Lola is so excited about her book nook, and here’s why your kids will love it too:

Kids love it when you make an activity seem special/different from how you do it every day:

  • Even if you read books every day with your kids, there’s still something that feels special when you do it a little differently. We have books on her little bookcase all year round, but because it was a “special” bookcase, she brought every person that came into the house back into her room to see her Halloween bookcase and show it off.
close up of haunted house halloween book

Add a themed activity book to your holiday book nook to keep them entertained:

  • Part of the fun of having a holiday book nook is that it’s something that kiddos can sit and look through by themselves whenever they want. Adding in an activity book like this haunted house one is a great way to extend that reading time and also gives kids who aren’t reading by themselves yet an activity to do after they’ve looked at all the pictures (and that book even comes with colored pencils which is so fun!).

  • And let me say that as a parent, while I love reading to my daughter, I’m also so happy to see her learn to love to read by herself (and mommy gets a little break too, which is always a good thing!).
close up of ghost cookie and candy corn snacks

Set out seasonal snacks for special book reading afternoons:

  • Is there anything that kids love more than snacks?? Setting out a fun spread of seasonal favorites at your book nook is fun way to make the nook extra special and fun for the whole family.

  • You can go with the usual favorites of your particular kid, or do a seasonal spread (candy corn, pumpkin items, Christmas cookies, etc.). You can talk about how the pumpkin cookie looks just like the one on the You’re My Little Pumpkin Pie book (which is SO cute by the way!) or have a food item that you know appears in one of the books so it can be like a treasure hunt to find it.
bookcase with halloween books on it and halloween decorations around it

Rotating books (and adding new ones) each year is a great way to keep them interested in reading:

  • While it is true that kids have their favorite books they could read over and over, it’s also fun to put away the special holiday books and make a big deal about getting them out again for that time of year.

  • Bringing back some favorites they haven’t seen in a while and adding in some new treasures will help keep them excited for your new holiday book nook tradition!
book with a pumpkin on it sitting by snacks on a blanket

How cute is that little setup?! I added in a throw blanket, a pillow, and some decorations around her bookcase to give it a cozy book nook feel. You can also have them help you decorate if you want to, but I thought it would be fun to have it all ready to surprise her.

As I thought she would be, Lola was so excited to look through and read all the books. She also loved that this Five Little Pumpkins book has a glow-in-the-dark feature which she thinks makes everything a little extra “spooty” (AKA spooky).

This Who Said Boo book is more cute than spooky for smaller tots, and I was thrilled to find that this 5 Hungry Monsters book is a pop-up book, which is always a hit with Lola.

Hope this holiday book nook has given you some ideas to foster your kiddo’s love of reading! I know I can’t wait to get in there and read all the books with my little bookworm. Happy reading! xo. Laura

P.S. If you love reading, check out Our Neighborhood Little Free Library DIY!

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman.

  • Cute! I keep the holiday books with that holiday’s decorations in the attic, otherwise they end up staying out all year! (Which is fine too!) ?

  • Hey Laura – Love the bookshelves! Were these a diy? If not, can I ask where you got them from? Thanks!

  • I love this idea! Our kids’ favorite Halloween books are “Which Witch is Which” (super fun for 4-7 year-olds) and Curious George: A Halloween Boo-Fest (for babies and younger toddlers).

  • We always did this with my son, who, alas, is almost 17 now. One of our favorite Halloween books was The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams. It’s spooky and fun with lots of great sound effects and a cute ending.

    If you’re looking to add a new Christmas classic to your shelves, I love Toggs: The Christmas Elf with a Fitting Gift https://toggstheelf.shop/ . It’s about believing in yourself and having confidence, and it’s also the perfect book to gift to a child along with the dreaded clothing … or even worse — socks! 😉

    • Aw, so glad that you guys enjoyed a holiday bookshelf too! Thanks for the recommendations!


  • So cute! For babies and toddlers, ‘seeking a witch’ is my favorite book. I bought it a few years ago on a whim and it has become my favorite Halloween book! Of course Vampirina Ballerina is a classic, too (the original with illustrations by LeUyen Pham)

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