HOLY CUTE! *rva craft weekend* recap!

*sigh*… i've spent the last few hours uploading & going through photos from the Craft Weekend… there is so much i want to share. let me just say.. it was beautiful


as soon as everyone started arriving i felt overwhelmed in the best way. over the past few years i've met so many amazing women through this blog, RVA and my online classes. it was seriously a thrill to meet you in real life, give hugs, share photos and, of course, make pretty things together… at last! 

here are some of the faces i love so much… i wish i had personally taken more photos, but i am glad that will was able to come shoot at our craft party and that so many other lovelies shared their photos with me… thank you!!
the girls were taking tons of cool photos around Commercial Street. I've really enjoyed checking out the photos they took while exploring! adorable… 
MJ is so cute!! She & Cecely took a trip to KC right after the weekend to get tattoos from Silje (we missed her sooo much during the weekend!)…. adorable!! 
Big Momma's made us the best Red Velvet cupcakes i've ever had in my whole life! 
they were amazing. 
(OMG.. i love this… my boyfriend, Jeremy, and Janel's amazing husband, Adam!) 
Adam was super romantic and cancelled his weekend plans to bring Janel to the event. He was a joy to be around and (rumor has it) he 'almost' shed a tear during the concert… ;). 
Rachel is the most warm & loving person. She's probably the best conversationalist I've ever met. 
And Emma is the funniest girl I know. Her sense of humor is insane. Maybe she gets it from our dad? (He's the funniest person on the planet for sure!) 
we did a little bit of face painting at the craft party…ha! we listened to good music, ate cosmic brownies and pizza and crafted all night long… it was lovely. 
Everyone was so loving & cool. We had an amazing time making tons of cute projects together, sharing inspiration, eating cupcakes, shopping Commercial Street (even though it did not stop raining!) and taking cute photos. 
here are some peeks of our creations: 
the collages that Grace was making were so so pretty! 
and the screen printed stitches were so much fun and so relaxing to work on.
rachel made these adorable name tags for everyone… 
here are a few photos that janel took of the RVA shop & the firehouse where the event was held…. 
Jeremy played a private show Friday night in his studio for the weekend students (plus their wonderful husbands, boyfriends and my family!!). 
Ok, preface to my story… Jeremy is a pretty shy kid. I've been going to his shows for years and he usually doesn't talk very much during his sets. In fact, the first time I saw him play, at the Gillioz , he literally did not say one word. 
This little show was wonderful because he spent time between each song explaining the meaning of each song or answering questions. It was intimate and so special. Everyone had a tear or two and a mind full of imagination and inspiration. magical. 
Picture 1
Rachel & I miss you all. It was wonderful filling our little town up with creative souls, if only for a few days. Thank you so much for being a part of our little adventure. We love you very much!
Ps. here's a link  to all of mine & Will's photos, you can click on them and get the full size images if you'd like. 
  • I really love these photos Elsie! Great angles on them as well.

    I have to say I LOVE Jeremy’s new cut… Brings out his facial features…very handsome!

  • Looks like fun was had by all. Thanks for sharing. And I really like Jeremy’s new haircut!!

  • sooo excited to see more pictures…i really could kick myself for not taking that many while i was there. miss all of you girls and hope to return for next year! :]


  • so sad i couldn’t be there because that looks like one AMAZING weekend!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  • I can not.. I repeat CAN NOT! wait until you have another craft weekend like this and I can escape to Missouri for a weekend to hang out with you all! It would be an absolute dream to meet and craft with my creative inspirational ladies!! I just graduated from college and my goal is to emerse myself in creative free time.



  • Please, oh please, tell us there will be another craft weekend to look forward to!!!!!

  • omg that wrist tattoo is so adorable! I’ve been strongly against tattoos for the past 20 years until now. Look what you’ve done, Elsie 😀

  • It looks like you all had so much fun!!
    You have to have another one so I can go!!

  • Wow that looks like such fun! I’m so jealous, I would love to go if I didn’t live across the Atlantic!!

  • ELSIE! I had the best time ever and I can’t wait until you have another one! I’m going to call Emma and ask her out to coffee sometime next week! Please come to LA and visit soon! You’re so great!!

  • i love my wrist tattoo too! thank you so much, elsie, for drawing it out for me. as it’s healing, i’m super enjoying it…more and more every day :] can’t wait to get another one!


  • What an amazing weekend!!! love the pic of Adam and Jeremy!! Amazing times, amazing friends!
    thank you sooo much

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