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Super excited to share Trey’s home music studio with you today! This is simply a bedroom in our home (we have a 3-bedroom home—this is one of them) that Trey mostly uses to play music and record his band Ski Lift. His full-time job is running our app companies, but in his free time he’s a super talented musician and has been making and recording music since college. I think pursuing your creative passions in life, as a career or as a hobby, is really important. So I love that we have the space in our home for him to do this.

Over the past few months as we launched the A Beautiful Mess Podcast, he let me use his room and equipment to record since it has (more than) everything I would need. So next time you listen to an episode, you can picture me sitting in that pink velvet chair talking to Elsie over Skype.

This room in our house has always been Trey’s music room, and when we first moved in we painted a few of the walls black and added a rug we already owned to help with sound quality. Since I’ve been recording in the room, I can’t help but look around the space and feel like it needed a little makeover. There were a few functional upgrades I wanted to make in addition to making the space feel a little more put together. Moral of the story is don’t let me in your space unless you want me to try and redecorate it. Ha.

Here’s what I did:

-Clean and pare down stuff. The room had partially become a catch-all space (like a junk drawer) and had stuff we really didn’t need or use.

-Rearrange the furniture/instruments to create more space/flow. This mainly included moving the drums to the opposite corner and moving some amps and other items around.

-Added a small loveseat that is also a pullout twin bed. We often blow up an air mattress in this room for when nieces stay the night or as we need more beds (not often, but a few times a year).

-Decorate. I went with a green and blush pink palette. It’s the same green paint color (Behr Chard) we used in our living room and the blush pink is a color Trey wears a lot, and it felt nice with the green.

The room feels cozy and super functional and I’m happy to report that both Trey and I love being in the room. Success! I am thinking I am still going to add more of these foam squares to help the sound quality a little more, but other than that I am so, so happy with how this room turned out!

Thanks for letting me share my podcast studio—oh, I mean Trey’s music room with you. 😉 xo. Emma

Room Details: Green paint is Behr Chard, rug, loveseat, foam soundproofing squares, pink velvet curtains, pink velvet chair, plug in pendant light, guitar mounts, corner desk is a DIY. My outfit: sweater, jeans, boots.

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy and Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop. Project Assistance: Ethan Randolph.
  • Wow how beautiful, I love the colours!!

    Love from Anita / https://dinewinelove.com/

  • This room turned out so beautifully! I love the pink curtains!


  • Is the loveseat actually comfortable to sit or sleep on? I’ve found that sometimes you get one or the other, or both aren’t great.

  • This room is amazing! I would LOVE to hang out in here!


  • I LOVE this room transformation, and the photos are so beautiful, too!! ????

  • Such a beautiful space! I love the colour of the walls – that green really speaks to me! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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