Home Tour: Elsie’s Breakfast Nook

Elsie Larson's Breakfast Nook Tour Today I’m very excited to share our first room tour in our new home! We purchased our house ten months ago and moved in five months ago. It’s been a lot of work, and we’ve spent a lot of time living in a “construction zone”, but it’s finally starting to REALLY come together!

We’ve got a full year of room tours lined up, and today we’re kicking it off with our breakfast nook! This room is right off our kitchen (see the floor plan here) and acts as our everyday dining room.

Now, let’s take a little stroll down memory lane. Remember how this room started out? To be fair, this room was already cute. It started out as one of the cutest rooms in the whole house, making it much easier and quicker to renovate and decorate than some others.

Here’s what we did—

Before-after via A Beautiful Mess One of the biggest updates we did was replacing the linoleum floor throughout the kitchen and breakfast nook (and also the carpet in the sunroom) with 12×12 marble tile. We double sealed it and have been loving them since they were installed about four months ago. I could probably write a novel about the marble floors, so I’ll spare you for now, but if you have any questions, I might write a follow-up post.

In summary, we love them and would choose them all over again!

Before-after via A Beautiful Mess The biggest update from this view is the paint! We said goodbye to that yellow trim after maaaybe 48 hours of owning this home. Love the fresh white, and it was SUCH an easy update that I had to do it immediately. We also removed the vintage wood hardware and replaced it with simple brass hardware.

As soon as I saw this built in shelf, I knew I wanted to do a glassware collection. Originally I was envisioning all clear glass, but once I got it into my head to do rainbow glassware, it was ALL over. It’s been really fun to collect! You can probably notice here that it’s not totally full yet. That’s because I decided to collect slowly over time. I’m not ready for the hunt to be over because it’s just so fun!

Next to that is another closed storage cabinet. I use that for all my random styling props for the blog.

The light fixture (see more below) from Lucent Lightshop is the show stopper in this room. The previous fixture was cute in a  quirky vintage way, but this new one INSPIRES ME and sets the tone of the style I want this entire space to embody.

Before-after via A Beautiful MessOne of the first DIY projects I did here was this gallery wall with DIY gold hardware frames. I decided to keep the photos black and white due to the rainbow colors on the opposite wall.

You can see a glimpse of our dining room through there (that tour is coming soon as well). I really like how these two rooms flow together.

Elsie Larson's Breakfast Nook Tour Elsie Larson's Breakfast Nook Tour Elsie Larson's Breakfast Nook Tour Elsie Larson's Breakfast Nook Tour Elsie Larson's Breakfast Nook Tour Elsie Larson's Breakfast Nook Tour Elsie Larson's Breakfast Nook Tour Elsie Larson's Breakfast Nook Tour Elsie Larson's Breakfast Nook Tour Elsie Larson's Breakfast Nook Tour Elsie Larson's Breakfast Nook Tour Elsie Larson's Breakfast Nook Tour Choosing the furniture was pretty easy for this room. I called dibs on this table from our former office (it’s a replica from Amazon). It came with some tulip chairs, but I wanted to pair it with something more natural. So I sold the tulip chairs on Craigslist and picked out these chairs from Lulu & Georgia. I love them. They are both modern and natural and mix great with our colorful decor.

We tried a couple different rugs in this space and settled on this one from Anthropologie. In photos I feel it’s a little small, but in person I love it so much, and I just couldn’t send it back. If I ever photograph this room for a magazine or something, I’ll probably swap it out, but in real life it feels just perfect… and ultimately, that’s what’s important.

Elsie Larson's Breakfast Nook Tour Room Sources: Light Fixture/Lucent Lightshop, Chairs/Lulu & Georgia, Rug/Anthropologie, Tile/Floors Direct in Nashville, Frame Set/DIY, and Glassware/mostly vintage from flea markets.

Thanks so much for following our progress! It’s honestly 10x more fun having YOU GUYS to share it all with, so thanks for being a part of this with us. xx- Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Laura Gummerman and Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions

  • Those chairs are gorgeous. But what I love the most is that built-in, with your beautiful rainbow glass collection! What a cool, fun idea! I think the best part would just be hunting & finding new pieces to add in there! Great little nook!

  • I think what makes the rainbow glassware so intriguing is how you arranged them…touche and happy nesting.

  • Ive come over from Pinterest checking out your laundry pin and now doing the whole house tour…. love your cost saving tips too……This room is such a lovely space….i just adore that rug and i wonder if you double layered it with another rug it would sit better under the table 🙂

  • Hi Elsie, Again it’s nice & amazing experience to visit on your blog that you shared a outstanding post with title “home tour elsies breakfast nook”
    Great job by you Elsie !!!


  • I’m not sure I can live in such a white home (current redecoration projects imply not!) but I love how good it looks here!

    Also bit of a random question but where is your teapot/coffee pot from?

  • I agree! I love marble floors but I don’t know much about them in a home setting.

  • Hi, beautiful room! Where is the tiny plant next to the light switch from? Thanks!

  • Omg!!! I am in love! Can you please come to my house in Wellington, New Zealand and style me up some fabulous?! You’re so talented and gorgeous! The round table is just adorable and I love how open it leaves the room. It’s chic and uncluttered. Love it! Well done you!!! X

  • I want to go home and start redecorating our kitchen now! What a wonderful space you’ve created! I picture lazy Sunday mornings, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper with all that natural light (!) I love the plants on the wall too—it feels so fresh and natural.

  • I think that bold dining room wall paper is anything but mainstream! And the colored glass collection is so fun along with the chandelier. Love seeing the progress you guys are making one of the fun aspects of style is its flexible, experimental, and evolving nature.

  • I love the room, so bright!, but I adore that rug!!! So beautiful!!!

  • That is an amazing room! Those chairs….wow. And the colourful glassware is such a nice contrast against the white cupboards. And the rug. I would be dead excited to get up every morning to have breakfast in such a happy room. Oh, and the hairdo! Love the hairdo!

  • I just love this! What a perfect little area. That glass collection is to die for too! So beautiful.

  • Lovely. It’s so much brighter now!.

    I’ve been wondering, do the people who owned the place before know about this blog? I’d be curious to know how they feel about the new look of their old house……I bet they’d be shocked 🙂 I mean it’s like a million times better!

  • Amazing amazing transformation!
    Love the color of the glass collection

  • Stunning room! And I love that the pug and the doxie are in the photos too. They are so cute!

  • I love that rug so much! And the glassware collection. Beautiful transformation all over!

  • Trust me, Elsie, it is super fun for us to see the progress! I smiled SO BIG when I scrolled down to see that it was finally time for the first room tour! 🙂 I am so excited about this decor!

  • Understandable and hilarious. Hey – we all have our things. I can’t stand anything ombre! Walls, curtains, hair… it doesn’t matter.
    I think that I’m in the minority there.

  • I love this room it came out so gorgeous you guys did a great job! Can’t wait for the rest of the house! ???

  • Wow!beautifull mess, beautifull ladies;-) So collorfull page. Greatings from Poland 🙂

  • Hi Natalie,

    No we didn’t and no, I PERSONALLY wouldn’t install tile myself unless you have experience or someone to walk you through it who is experienced. The raw material is so expensive that it’s worth the $ for professional installation unless you feel confident you can pull it off. This tile would be easier to lay than small tiles, though!

    The door beside the glass shelf goes to the basement, so it is important and needed. The door to the dining room could be removed, but we decided we liked the fomal element it added, and option to separate rooms (especially since we have dogs). The glass doors to the sunroom are needed because it’s not heated and needs to stay closed throughout the winter months. They can stay open in the Spring or Fall though!

    xx- Elsie

  • Hi Sydney,
    We gave the old chandelier away to a friend we met on Craigslist (he bought some chairs from us and he saw the chandelier and said he liked it so we just let him have it). :))

    If you like it I see similar ones on eBay and at flea markets often!

    xx- Elsie

  • Hey Cassie,

    I get what you are saying. If we wanted to add back a colored trim it would be a 1-2 day project, so I’m not really worried about regrets at this point. The main updates we are doing (like the new floors) are quality and definitely not something I would regret. My style has changed A LOT since 2006 and I’m sure it will change a lot in the next ten years as well. I guess that’s just part of life.

    To be honest it kind of bums me out that you would refer to my current style as “mainstream” or “whitewashed”, because I don’t see it that way at all. However, I COMPLETELY understand if you prefer a more quirky vintage style. 🙂

    At the end of the day, I guess that I FULLY expect to want to change a few things up in 3-5 years and I can live with that. To me, part of evolving is taking risks and trying new things and I guess I’m happy to do that even if it means I will eventually change my mind. Each house we decorate is a part of my learning process!

    xx- Elsie

  • Wow I knew you would do something amazing out of this room! I LOVE IT!
    You guys have done such an amazing job!
    xx Caroline


  • It’s a weird brand from Texas that I wouldn’t recommend. We picked it because the size is perfect and it is good looking, but it hasn’t been my favorite range from a functional standpoint and in hindsight I wish I would have purchased something that had a lot of reviews so I could have at least known what quirks to expect!
    xx- Elsie

  • I’m not sure which one it was anymore, but I got it from Amazon!
    xx- Elsie

  • The rainbow shelves of glassware are awesome. Definitely something I’d like to do when we buy our first home!

  • Your room is breathtaking! By any chance do you have a link to the table? I’ve been looking for one and tulip chairs! Thanks!

  • This is beautiful and inspiring…. and drooling over the glass collection every time I see it on here! YES PLEASE would love to know more about the marble floors; I’m wanting some myself but am unsure of the sealing process and how to maintain it after.

  • I like this colorful post a lot, thanks 🙂

  • Good job, team! I really love the white paired with the natural elements of the wood and the marble. And of course, your styling is adorable. I can’t wait to see more!! As always, thanks for the inspiration.

  • What a beautiful, open, and inspiring space! I love that it’s so clean, but so full of character. I personally, really like the rug and think it pulls everything together perfectly. LOVE the chairs and the brass/gold decanter type containers in the cabinet, next to the rainbow wall- that cabinet would look gorgeous filled with brass or brass and white knick knacks to grab the light fixture… anyway, SO pretty!!! Would love to have coffee there every morning!

  • You are transforming your house beautifully. I loved your kitchen. What is your range?

  • So pretty! I love the pictures on the wall!
    Abbie E.//abulouslife.blogspot.com

  • Oh the room is just perfect!!! I love the built ins so much.

    Nicky | Zeeb Likes It

  • Your home is beautiful, but I feel like it had so much more fun character before. Sad to see everything kind of whitewashed, but I do enjoy the pops of color throughout. I wonder if, in a few years, you’ll look back and wish you hadn’t removed so much of the fun quirkiness from this home? One of the things that drew me to your style back in 2006 (WHOAH!) was your unique, fun style, and I know we all evolve, but a lot of what you’ve shown us of your reno so far is so “mainstream.” I just keep wondering if you will still love it down the road!

  • I thought those were toddlers at your feet because I was so enthralled with the decor…then I thought, “Wait! Were those babies?!” Totally cracked up when I scrolled back up.

  • I love the change, the white color and the plants to give a natural touch.

    Regards from the Spanish blog http://inatrendytown.com

  • A few questions:
    – Did you install the tile yourself? Would you recommend this?
    – Did you consider removing any of the doors between rooms? It seems like your home has a lot!

  • I think I’m gonna swap it back to a cowhide at some point. That fits this space really well. But I love these colors. I think one is 5 feet, so we probably really need a 7 foot circle…. 🙂
    Personally, I wouldn’t do a square or rectangle in here, but I think a cowhide or irregular shape like that could work!
    xx- Elsie

  • Hi Jillian,

    I actually gave that fixture away to a few friends. I do love that cute granny style and thought about painting it or something, but ultimately I am glad we committed so hard to the look we’re going for because I like how all our rooms are sorta matching now! 😀

    Would love to see your space if you have photos!! xx- Elsie

  • I think all these came from Amazon!
    I also have a lot of luck at cb2.
    xx- Elsie

  • The walls are Marshmallow by Sherwin Williams. The trim is the color the house came with (we just had it matched to cover over the yellow).
    xx- Elsie

  • This random, but Jeremy’s ONE really big request is to never layer rugs. I’m not sure why, but he really REALLY hates that trend. haha! -Elsie

  • I literally cannot even tell you how much I love your pictures.. and I also applaud you on making your home look so perfect! You have done an amazing job!! Definitely looks like the perfect instagrammable home hehe!! Fab post lovely!


  • Beautiful, I love all of the coloured glasses

  • Yes please, a post on the marble floors! Can’t wait to see the kitchen!

  • This space turned out so gorgeous! I love it!


  • Elsie, it looks stunning. The white with a pop of color. It’s so dreamlike. I can’t wait to see the rest of the house. YOU GO GIRL <3

  • Those chairs are perfect! I love the simplicity and pops of color within the room.

  • I love all of it! Can you please tell me the brand and name of white paint you used? It is so bright and clean looking. I look at a ton of white paints and can never decide on the right one.

  • Elsie, we chopped our hair at the same time! How is yours already so long??

  • This space is seriously so pretty! I absolutely love that rainbow wall of glasses!

    By the way, I’m hosting a weekly favorites blogger linkup on my blog today. I’d love for you to come share your favorite post of the week!

    Lifestyle by Joules

  • Amazing what you did with it, I love every detail. Especially the glass collection in the colour gradient in contrast to the white walls looks stunning!

  • I love all the updates! I can’t believe it’s the same room. Great job guys. I now have some serious room envy.


  • maybe it’s because I’m a country girl with kids and animals running around my house, but I’ve never been a fan of the white room look. But this one is very cute.

  • I love that rug and those chairs are such a great find! Thanks for sharing!

  • Such beautiful interior you did such a good job! 🙂

    – Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

  • I LOVE this space overall, but I’m glad you addressed the size of the rug, because I’m actually facing the same issue at my house right now. I have a squarish small dining area with a round pedestal table, and I’m having trouble finding a round rug that’s big enough for both the table and the chairs. I’ve even considered going with a square or rectangular rug (one that would fit the room, rather than the table). Did you consider a square/rectangular rug? Is that a total decorating faux pas?

  • Absolutely love the collected color glass wall! I hope that someday I have a home with enough space that I can show items i’ve collected instead of just the necessary books and things. Also- love lucent lightshop! I bought my sputnik fixture from them and it looks amazing!


  • Love every single detail

  • The light fixture that you replaces is almost identical to the one in my dining room. It looks perfect in our vintage inspired (not a single new piece in the room) aqua dining room that is filled with our pyrex collection. You’re totally right though- the replacement fixture is right in your nook, BUT if your selling the other fixture it would be perfect in my craft room!

  • Where do you find all of your plant pots? They are so cute and neutral! I have a really hard time finding simple modern ones!

  • This room is amazing! It’s gorgeous! I absolutely love your style. I’m in the process of buying a house now and I’m feeling so inspired by this post. Thanks for sharing!


  • Elsie it is SO cute! I absolutely love the marble floors – such a great choice.

  • This house looks like an architectural gem and I love how you’re using all its finest features to their best advantage. I look forward to seeing all that you do to make it your own.

  • Wow this house is turning into a masterpiece!! Love the gallery wall & the multi-color glasses!!! So beautiful!

  • This is such a sweet and refreshing breakfast nook! I love how you’ve been able to make the room very adult- yet fun and colorful! I would definitely like to read a follow up post on your flooring.

  • I ADORE your newly renovated breakfast nook! It looks like such a happy space! And those chairs!!

    I went thrifting recently and I immediately thought of you Elsie when I saw colored glassware! The collection is looking beautiful so far!

  • Love this space! So fresh and bright! Beautiful, thank you for sharing it! Quick question – how do you keep the rug from bunching up every time you move a chair? Do you have any good tips on how to keep rugs in place? Thanks!!

  • Your breakfast nook is absolutely beautiful! You’re doing an amazing job redecorating your home. Thanks so much for sharing!

    What are your paint colors on the walls, doors and trim? I’m getting ready to paint my entire main level white and am having a hard time choosing the right shade of white. Would love to know what you’ve used in your new home.

  • Absolutely love the rug! An alternative solution would be to layer it over a larger, more neutral or solid coloured rug. That way you can still have your showstopper but feel that it is more balanced.
    Your entire house inspires me – I can’t wait to start updating more of my own place.

  • Everything is just so lovely! It has been so fun following along and seeing how it has all turned out! Can’t wait to see more!

  • I’m oohing and aahing over the marble floors and the light fixture! So, so pretty 🙂 The rug is just lovely, but it is a little small……….when you pull out your chairs, they should still be sitting on the rug. I can understand though, why you kept it!

  • I would LOVE a follow up post about your marble journeys in this house. I could look at and talk about carrara marble all day.

  • Beautiful, absolute love the colours of the glass in the white room! Very inspiring

  • I literally do not have words to express how amazing you have made this space! Cheers to your guys, hard word paid off! Beautiful space!


  • It’s a gorgeous room Elsie. I collect glassware too! Usually just clear, but I’m loving your colorful collection! Can’t wait to see the rest of your home.

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