Home Tour: Emma’s Kitchen

Emma Chapman's kitchen   Welcome to my kitchen. This is where the magic happens. 

Emma's kitchen makeoverOriginally my kitchen had dark wood cabinets, laminate counter tops, popcorn ceilings and complimentary curtains + shades. My house came with a black refrigerator and stove/oven. This was the first room I started to update, as I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. I wanted to brighten up the space and add light. So I painted the cabinets a soft yellow (butter cream). I left them that way for months but they just never felt right. It felt a little too country (which is cool, but didn't go with the rest of the house) and the yellow just didn't feel quite right against the black appliances.Emma's kitchen abeautifulmess.com         Emma's kitchen abeautifulmess.com     Emma Chapman's kitchen  Emma Chapman's kitchen Emma's kitchen abeautifulmess.com   Once I saw how the all black living room didn't actually look too small or too dark I decided to explore the idea of adding more black to the kitchen. I decided to do the upper cabinets half black and half white, for fun and to add light. My favorite feature in my kitchen is the all stainless steel counter tops. I love them! They remind me of working in a commercial kitchen. You can cut right on them if you like and they are super easy to clean, great for kitchens that get used a lot. Even though I went with a mostly black and white color pallette I added a few pops of orange (knives, my mixer and dish towels) and lime green (inside my cabinets). These little POCs keep the kitchen feeling playful. Emma's kitchen abeautifulmess.com        Emma's kitchen abeautifulmess.comEmma's kitchen wall abeautifulmess.com Emma's kitchen abeautifulmess.com    Emma's kitchen abeautifulmess.com       Emma's kitchen abeautifulmess.com  Thanks for stopping by! xo. Emma

Sources: espresso machine, Kitchen Aid mixer, dutch oven, coffee grinder, french press/Amazon, knives, dish towels, salt + pepper shakers/Target. If you're curious about anything else just leave a comment. 

Credits: Author/Emma Chapman, Photos by/Janae Hardy.

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