Home Tour: Emma’s Living Room

Emma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com      Welcome to my living room! This is easily one of my favorite rooms in our house. This is where we chill out at the end of the day (usually over beers and The Daily Show). One of the first things you are bound to notice is all my living rooms walls are black. Whoa, right? It took some time before I was able to pull the trigger on that decision, believe me. I remember telling Trey my plans (he didn't live with me yet), and he wondered (as did I) if it would make everything too dark and small. Like a cave. Most people think black will make a room look smaller. And I'm sure this is true sometimes, but because of some other features I added, the room ended up feeling taller/a little bigger. And the black is a bold statement, which I love. But first let me show you how things looked when I bought the house.Emma's living room before and after(Click to enlarge the image.)

As you can see, the living room featured a kind of yellow/tan color throughout. I had dark wood trim, popcorn ceilings and… well… not a lot of furniture. The one feature I loved and didn't change was the wood floors (they are actually wood laminate). But everything else I slowly began to change, as my budget would allow. I had the ceiling scraped and painted white. I was surprised by how much bigger this made the room feel. Emma Chapman's living room abeautifulmess.com    Emma Chapman's living room abeautifulmess.com Emma Chapman's living room abeautifulmess.comEmma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com             Emma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com        Painting all the walls black also makes everything else in the space really pop! I painted my front door and the door that leads to my backyard orange. Orange and black. Get into it. I also LOVE how the black wall proudly showcases my gallery wallEmma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com           Emma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com          Emma's living roomDue to my bookshelf (more on that in a second), my fireplace no longer felt like much of a focal point. So I added stripesEmma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com       Emma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com    Emma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com     My favorite part: the bookshelf! And it has a library ladder! This fulfills all my childhood Beauty and the Beast fantasies (even if my bookshelf is about 1/100th as big as Belle's). I had this shelf and ladder custom built to fit my wall. It's perfect to house all our books, a few knick knacks, and our TV. I love having a TV in my living room, but it's always a challenge to find a stylish way to display it/not really display it. If that makes sense. Liquor cartEmma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com A few other details I love include the antler collection above my liquor cart (including my wedding guest book), my painted coffee table and side tables, fun throw pillows (I regularly change these from room to room, just to spice things up), and my vintage cowhide rug. I feel like my style is pretty eclectic and still changing quite a bit. This is my first home, and I always want to give myself the freedom to try new things and be adventurous in my choices. I believe your house should feel like you, no matter what's in style that year. 🙂Emma's living room tour abeautifulmess.comThanks for stopping by! xo. Emma

Photos by: Janae Hardy

Source list: couch/Macy's, chair/Thrive Furniture, side tables, coffee table, wood basket, rug, bar cart, record player table, lamps/vintage, throw pillows/West Elm, curtains/Target, record player/UO, pendant light/Young House Love for Shades of Light, antlers/vintage + Etsy. Wall color: Dark Kettle Black (4011-2). Leave a comment if you're curious about something else. 🙂

  • Your decoration is really nice. Everyone has a dream to decorate their home in beautiful ways.

  • I still can’t get enough of your bookshelf.Having a Belle’s dream too.

  • I’m wondering where you got the photo of the different phases of the moon? Love it!

  • Where is the moon phases print from and the mountains print? They entire room is lovely. I have been thinking about dark blue, practically navy, but haven’t made the commitment yet… one day! 🙂

  • You did a wonderful job and it all comes together so well. I also love the light fixture.

  • Emma, I am in LOVE with your Thrive chair. Which fabric did you choose ? The color looks more like Lucky Turquoise but the texture looks more like Key Margo Agua. Would love to know !

    Xo Kaleen

  • I love your living room. Like Mackenzie, I’m considering getting the very same couch from Macy’s. I read the reviews on it and a few people complained about the fabric lasting over time. Have you noticed pilling of the fabric? They don’t have it in stores near me so i would have to buy it sight unseen. Nervous to pull the trigger. Any thoughts?

  • Holy Smokes. As soon as i saw your first photo of your shelves and ladder- i immediately thought.. my beauty and the beast fantasies have come true in modern and real life 3D! HA! i just love it! amazing. i too love black walls and what an amazing way to make all your books and art POP! inspired!

  • Beautiful home! I was thinking about getting the same couch you have. The Clare. I read some bad reviews about it piling. Have you had that experience?

  • In a month I’ll be moving into a rental home and the living room is currently a strong glossy black color. The landlord said I can paint over it, and I want to keep it a black shade, just not the one that’s currently there. Yours looks more like a ‘soft black’, if that makes sense, and I think it would work better with my vintage furniture.

    Can you tell us what brand/shade you chose?

  • I’m seriously jealous of your amazing living area!! The book case is a dream!!

    Lulu xx


  • I’m in love with your phases of the moon print (and the rest of your living room, of course). Where did you find it?

  • Awesome! I love it, the black walls make the colors of everything pop, and ohmygods can I steal that book case?

  • Definitely love your living room! 🙂
    Like your eclectic taste and the furniture you have chosen.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Wow that is absolutely amazing and stunning. I showed this to my husband who loves all things Black and he was more impressed with the bookcases. He’s all like we should do this for our movie collection.

    Thanks for showing us yours and Treys living room. You and your sister and the whole ABM team are so inspirational.

  • I love the black walls! It makes every other color in the room pop. Great job!

  • SO inspirational! i love books and i don’t know why i never thought of this! probably b/c we’re renting & have a puppy that eats EVERYTHING! the before looks like something from the college years and then after looks like a lovely step into adulthood =) thank you for sharing!

  • Thanks so much for sharing! I love the colour of your sofa/chair – they look so great together!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • Hi Sarah- I honestly don’t remember. It’s a honey color. I don’t think it would be a disaster if you picked a different color though! It’s good in any color. I’m actually thinking of sanding and staining it a slightly darker color this year.
    It’s a great table and SO inexpensive compared to retail.
    Here’s a link to the table our friend Laura made with our tutorial- https://abeautifulmess.com/2012/12/lauras-modern-diy-table.html

    Send us a link if you make it!!! elsie

  • Oh. My. Word. Emma, your living room is PERFECT. That’s exactly what I would want my place to look like one I’m on my own. I was debating on painting my bedroom grey, and your house basically made that decision for me. I was worried that a lighter wood floor, with a dark grey wall color would look off, but it works well for you!

  • Whoa, I’m having Déjà vu. About a year ago, we took a pale yellow living room and painted the walls dark charcoal gray. Folks thought it would be too dark, but we added white curtains and a custom floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, and now folks dig it. My sofa is also almost the exact same color as yours and in a similar style! It’s really freaky, I tell you! Well, our rooms differ beyond that and def have their own unique styles, but I thought I’d share!

  • In between flat & semi-gloss paint is something called Eggshell. It’s the best of both worlds, easier to clean than flat yet basically looks flat. Our painter friend recommended it. I plan on using it in my home one day.

  • Dude…. I am so in love with all of this. I love it so much, and am super jealous of your bookshelf wall/ladder. Really really awesome job 🙂

  • I’m sure every book loving girl is fantasizing about building giant bookshelves now. I know I am!

  • sorry to post this comment for the ELSIE’S DIY DINING ROOM TABLE – I’m so inspired to make this table, and know if I don’t have the exact products…..could be disastrous 🙂 Would you be so kind to tell me what stain you used for your diy table? Thanks soo much!!

  • How exquisite is it all! The before and after pictures? I can hardly believe they are the same space! You did great! Thanks for sharing.

  • I love your living room!
    Your bookcase is basically my dream, I swear! It’s so perfect 🙂

  • I love how you brought it all together and it doesn’t look cluttered. It looks fabulous!!! What a difference with the before and after picture. I LOVE it.

  • i dont comment very often but i have to say…IN LOVE with your living room! this is totally my style!

  • Oh wow! I LOVEEEE the library ladder and i totally get the Beauty and the Beast thing.I started collecting books years ago that i wanted to start my own library with,but unfortunately i had to move to a small apartment with no library space!so they are now residing in my poor Mam and dads house,but when i eventually move to my dream home your’s will be my inspiration xxx

  • I think your living room is the coolest living room I have ever seen! And I have ALWAYS wanted to build a bookshelf like that, that requires a ladder! (Total Beauty and the Beast fantasy, hehe). I absolutely love how bold the black walls are, and it definitely does make the room look bigger and brighter. So cool!

  • this might be my favorite house tour i’ve seen in a long time! such a beautiful home, emma!

  • LOVE this post! Great styling ideas and tips!

    I’d love for you to visit mine!


  • oh my gosh, i love all of it! especially the bookshelves, theyre beautiful AND practical.

  • I noticed you painting the tile on your fireplace. I just moved and have hideous (yikes!) tile that I can’t afford to redo right now. I’m thinking of painting it in the meantime… How long has yours been painted for, is it holding up well, and did you use the same paint as your walls or put on an extra seal? Thanks! This room is gorgeous. I’m going for lots of gray in my house, but am not nearly gutsy enough for black (and think my man would be pretty skeptical too!).

  • the black walls were a bold move. i don’t think i’d ever have the courage to do that but it sure does look good 🙂

  • This is such an amazing space! I absolutely love the bookshelf wall. If I ever have a place with enough room, I’m so all over that idea. I’m totally surprised at how much I love the black walls! I think the high, white ceilings really help it open the space.


  • because of the layout of your dining/living/kitchen rooms, do you live in a mobile home? I love that you painted the walls black. I love it! And totally in love with those custom shelves! beautiful home, Emma.

  • I love what you have done!

    We also recently added a library ladder to our house. It is my favorite thing thus far. I love yours.

    You did a great job! : ). You are much braver than me.


    P.S. here is my library ladder. http://gnomelover.com/2013/08/26/our-new-bookcases-and-library-ladder/

  • This looks so goooooooooooooooooood. The book shell is a genius idea!!!


  • Love the room.
    Where is that plate/ramekin from? I’m looking for some nice white dishes!


  • Very nice! It seems you’ve put a lot of effort and thought into the design. The post is definitely inspiring, added to my bookmarks 🙂


  • Yes, you can see more of it in my dining room tour (it’s really more of breakfast nook though, as you can see). 🙂

    Here’s the link: https://abeautifulmess.com/2013/05/emmas-dining-room-before-after.html


  • Oh wow totally my dream too, to have a library like Bells’…great idea with the library ladder! It looks fab!

    Cheers for more wonderful ideas!


  • Such a bold choice! It totally works for the space though. I’ve always wanted a book shelf ladder as well!

  • This is absolutely beautiful. I am completely in love with this bookcase – I want one for myself!

  • I LOVE the book case wall. I really hope to do this one day in our spare bedroom (it is currently occupied by my SIL for a while). Right now we have 2 big black shelving units against one wall but it looks so much better the way you did it. And the colored couches, so perfect with the black walls.

  • As soon as I saw that ladder, I thought ‘Beauty and the Beast!’ Glad I’m not the only one to have that obsession 😉

  • Your home is so beautiful!! I loved what you said about making it fit your personality, and the bookshelf is awesome!

  • It is very comfortable. It’s actually quite big too. Trey and I often sit in it together (but we also don’t mind being close). 🙂

  • Yes on the terrariums. 🙂
    And yes, I mounted the two small ones near the bottom. Bought the antlers on etsy and mounted them to wood backs I bought at Hobby Lobby and stained myself. If your antlers are flat enough try glueing them on. But if they aren’t flat enough, drill a hole using a drill bit and then mount them. You can paint the screw head so it’s not as recognizable after. Good luck!

  • They are a wood laminate (so not “real” hardwood). Very affordable as getting all real hard word floors would have completely broke my budget. 🙂

  • I love when you see another person’s house/a room and think “oooh, I want to live THERE!” SO beautiful, and great styling. And “Steal Like an Artist”? Amazing book, it always gives me inspiration!!

  • I bought all of mine at Hobby Lobby during a 50% off sale week (on frames). Don’t be afraid to paint frames too. I have lots of painted frames in my bedroom (I’ll show those soon).

  • It’s a black, but not true black. It actually has a slight purple tint to it.

  • Yes, I like it a lot. It was pretty affordable too, compared to many others. And our dogs are already showing some wear on it-even though we’ve only had it a year. So it won’t last forever but it wasn’t a special vintage find or overly expensive so I feel really good about it. 🙂

  • There are so many wonderful elements in this room. The bookshelf offers a great place to display so much and keep all you books tucked away neatly. I love that you did a dark color on the walls, it adds depth to the space.
    PS. The skulls are great too!


  • okay I actually love everything about this room!!!!! At first I was like woah, striped fireplace?! But after seeing the whole room as one it looks like its in a design book! Way to go, girl!

    xx, Maddie

  • Your gallery wall is great, and the dark wall really makes it. I have the same sofa from Macy’s, but I bought it about 6 years ago when it was called “Corona.” I have to say, I am a little jealous that it comes in such an amazing color now! I am not a fan of the fully thrifted-looking houses I see on a lot of other blogs, and I think both of you have done an awesome job at mixing vintage and modern styles. It looks more curated when you mix and match!

  • ahhh!!! love your room!! Love the book shelf! I want one so bad!
    Ps. new post on my blog: www.androbelinsider.blogspot.com

  • The details are so lovely!


  • What a beautiful home! I love the black but can absolutely understand that this would be a big risk to take. It really does make everything else in the room pop!


  • I love your style! Your living room is awesome!



  • I really love the contrast that everything in the room has against the black walls. The yellow couch is perfect and the tall black bookcases almost blend completely. A Very creative and unique home.
    Jen & Kelly

  • Emma! This is amazing. I adore the bookshelf and ladder. When we own a home, I will HAVE to do this. I love how eclectic the room is, while still being cohesive.
    I can’t wait to see the rest!

  • What a gorgeous room!! I’m crazy about bookshelves and super jealous of anyone with a library ladder! Someday, I hope to have a set-up very much like this. And I’ll have to consider black paint, since it really makes the tv blend right into the wall. Very unobtrusive.

  • Love your house EMMA!!! I have a black wall in my studio and I really love it, it made the space so eclectic and cool. thanks for sharing, caro.

  • This is a really wonderful transformation. I really hope that when myself and my boyfriend come to buy our own home we can envision how we want it like you can! If I had seen the living room to begin with I would have struggled to get to where you did with it, it looks so amazing. I can’t wait to see more!

    Carey x

  • I am in love with the chartreuse sofa! After going back and forth about buying one for the longest time, I just chickened out and bought a gray one. Sincerely regretting it after this. What a lovely space!

  • wow!!! i love it!! it looks great bc of all the windows! bringing in the natural light!

  • Love the rug, antler collection, coffee table…eh ALL of it actually! Very different to Elsie’s style. Thanks for sharing!

    Turquoise Flamingo

  • Normally, I would think black would make a space smaller too….but the light doesn’t make it feel like black. I love that aspect of this room. Looks like you get pretty gorgeous light!

  • Wow, that is a abiiiiiig change. I like it and peerfect is the place for books. I love books too. xa


  • great room! Have you consider to enter the “room for colour 2013” contest at apartmenttherapy.com? I think this will be an easy winner -or at least you’ll have my vote 🙂 Keep being this amazing girls!

  • I love this living room Emma! I think that you have used colour really well in order to ensure that your room stays bright and cosy despite the fact that you have black walls. It looks really stylish – I’m off to pin it right now!

  • I absolutely love your space!I have to admit that it’s not my style, but I find it beautiful anyway. And that white roof certanly adds the wow factor, right? Every piece is perfect, everything fits like it was meant to be there… Amazing!
    I see a black fridge, am I right? Oh, with your love for cooking and baking and your amazing sense of style I’m dying to see your kitchen!

  • Love IT! Are those terrariums you have scattered around (one on top of the bookshelf, and more to the bottom and on the coffee table?) I also wanted to ask if you mounted to two smaller deer antlers yourself? I noticed there was no hole drilled, I just bought 3 deer antlers and don’t want/ can’t drill them for the plaque.

  • The black shelves are totally my favourite too. Love the long shot photo of the lounge too, gives such a story.


  • We love the armchair and sofa, but we prefer total white. Very beautiful deco!


  • Love how the black works for the space and of course the bookshelf is a true gem! Very inspirational!

  • well done! great job! this dark color looks amazing with all the details althought I don’t like the stripes, but that’s just me 😀


  • Wow, your room looks awesome! I had so many people tell me that painting most of my flat grey would be depressing; I did it anyway and it looks gorgeous. Very inspired to try even darker next time seeing how ace your black walls look. Love how much the colours in the room stand out against such a dramatic backdrop. Good for you for being brave!

  • I adore dark colours on walls, I think too many people are scared it will make the room look small

    Slightly Skint Blog

  • Love this post! Thank you for sharing your home with all of us;) Absolutely adore the living room design!

  • Love all these tours of your homes, they are such great inspiration for my new place! Hey I’m totally sold on the idea of black walls after seeing your living room Emma!

    Fang Ting

  • I love so many things… the bookshelf wall, the gallery wall, the black wall….. lots of wall happenings! I’m also obsessed with the ladder. Nicely done.

  • We are thinking about making some changes in our living room
    thanks for sharing, very inspiring!
    Love how yoy show your art colection

  • I just found an apartment yesterday, and I’ve seriously been dreaming about decorating it all night. This is great inspiration, thank you!

  • i love the couch and chair… the color are contrast with the black walls.., btw i have the same book like yours “steal like an artist”.. i love that book


  • Steal Like an Artist is one of my favorite nonfiction books (if not my all time favorite). My heart jolted with glee when I saw it. 🙂

  • I love the black walls :3 the pumpkin details are great
    is a cozy lovingroom

    xo Ruzu

  • A dream of mine is to have a wall of books, with a library ladder! JUST LIKE Beauty and the Beast! You are fulfilling my own childhood dream! The black looks AMAZING.. who would have thought!

  • I would never, ever have thought I, lover of everything white, would like a black walled living room but it totally works! I think all the colour and the light floors and the adjoining very bright kitchen help keep it balanced enough. It really looks great!

  • Wonderful and inspiring! Please report back with the color name and brand of the black paint you used. Thanks!

  • Pretty much exactly my style…in fact I’m noticing some of the same pieces I have in my house haha.

  • love this room! that bookshelf is awesome. the orange door is my favorite part!



  • This may have been the push I needed to paint my master bedroom espresso brown. I’ve always worried it would make it feel small (though it’s a large room – it could probably use a little shrinkage).

  • When I saw your bookshelf, I started telling my husband about my Beauty and the Beast fantasy, and then I scrolled down and say that you said the same thing. I need that someday.

  • Beautiful Emma!!! Love the bookshelf and ladder!! The yellow couch is awesome with the black walls!!! Love the pops of color here and there!!!


  • I love the wall of books! Do you happen to know what your floors are made of? I love the grain. Thanks!

  • Love it!! I’m really loving the color and I’m glad to know we had the same Belle-esque dreams!! 🙂 really beautiful.

  • Absolutely gorgeous… I have always wanted floor to ceiling bookshelves, black walls, and a library ladder! It’s nice to see all these things together. The black doesn’t make it look small at all, which is surprising! It’s so pretty!


  • I am seriously amazed at your living room. It’s fantastic and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  • Those bookshelves are amazing! Between the bookshelves and the walls, the room really does look and feel a lot bigger, at least in the pictures. I think you’ve really pulled off this eclectic space, which could be a little too crazy town haunted house whatever, but totally isn’t. It does feel a little wintery, but you get enough light to balance it out.


  • I can’t get over how incredible the room looks. Its such a drastic change! I love the mini pumpkins so cute


  • Everything looks really beautiful! I love The color of the couch very mid-century modern.

  • I favorited the stripe side, but most of space are stunning and looks comfortable.. Thank you for share with us…

  • i love this! i didn’t think i could ever love all black walls but i do! your bookshelf is amazing!! love love LOVE your style oh so much.

  • I can’t believe the before picture!!! You made this space 1,000% better!! The black is so great.

  • LOVE THIS SO MUCH. That bookshelf is my dream, ladder and all. The black makes it look sophisticated.

  • Gorgeous! You’re so right about the black making everything pop! SO cute! And when my husband and I can afford a house, I definitely want a bookcase ladder! SO perfect! 🙂


  • I love it! I don’t think I would be brave enough to go all black, especially since like things bright, but I think your home is amazing. And I definitely love that it has the Night Circus vibe 🙂

  • I love the bold, dramatic paint choices, and the stripes over the fireplace! The new look is GORGEOUS. Do you have any tips on where to find super cheap frames? I’ve always wanted to do a picture wall but just buying the frames alone gets expensive!

  • Wow, what an amazing living room!
    My favourite part is the book shelf (I read a lot 😉 ) xx

  • What an amazing room! I love the bar, color of the couch, and wall of books. All your hard work paid off. Stunning!!!

  • I’m absolutely in love with your “pot luck” wall. Would you be able to share more about it? It’s so clever.

  • I love how you have so much going on, but it doesn’t feel too busy! I am dying to create a gallery wall. Just need to collect enough art to populate it 🙂

  • Do you have a DVD player or cable box or DVDs, and if so, where do you store those? Everything looks so neat. I aspire to be like you and Belle! 😉

  • Not my style, but I still LOVE it and think you have great taste. Love the orange door and the blue chair a lot. I can’t wait to see more of your house!!

  • Love your living room Emma! It’s just gorgeous. love all the little details!

  • I love love love your bookshelf, it has always been my dream to have a ladder and bookshelves full of books (working on the latter), I love the scene when the Beast show Belle the library and one day I would love a room dedicated to books and reading, have a window one can sit and read in… oh!

  • The bookshelf wall is amazing! I love the dark color scheme going on, and the wall frame collage is so nicely balanced.

  • my God Emma, why have you been hiding this from us? I am obsessed with this room! I always wondered if a library ladder was too impractical but you make it absolutely necessary. love every detail.

  • I love the black frames on the black wall. Very chic! I don’t think I would ever be able to amass that many books! I’m a library kind of girl.

  • Oh Wow it looks amazing. I have never seen a black living room before but it looks really good. I would have thought that choosing such a dark colour would lose all of the light but it just looks really sleek and modern. Love it!


  • I was wondering which Macy’s sofa that was? I’ve been looking at this one (http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/clare-fabric-sofa-82w-x-37d-x-37h?ID=672571&CategoryID=35419#fn=sp%3D1%26spc%3D247) which looks similar to yours, but the legs are slightly different. I was wondering how it has held up, especially with your dogs? Some of the reviews have mentioned pilling and such.

  • everything about this room is fabulous! and the books, ohhhh the books! xo


  • I LOVE the rusty color of your door with the black walls…..swoooon! I am totally inspired! Thank you!

  • Fellow Disney Lover 4Ever. Getting married next year. Walking down the aisle to “So This Is Love” from Cinderella. ::sigh:: Can’t wait. 🙂 I, too, loved that library… And your version of it! 🙂 I love how the blue and yellow chair/couch keep the black and orange from being too ‘halloween-y’. I also love that light fixture! Thanks for sharing!

  • Your bookshelves are so inspiring! I also love Beauty and the Beast! Have you read Robin McKinley’s retellings? Oh, the library in ‘Beauty’ makes my imagination pop, as does your library ladder. One day… haha 🙂


  • I loved everything about your house emma its decorated exactly to my tastes haha, especially love your library ladder and the fact you have pumpkins and squash everywhere looks at bit like my house at this time of year as my dad grows so many except not as pretty of course! xx Emmi


  • Emma, it’s perfect!! I’m in LOVE with that bookcase. What a beautiful feature, and it disguises your TV wonderfully 🙂 can’t wait to see more room tours!!



  • I didn’t know how I would feel about the all black, but I love this so much! Is it actually true black or more of a gray? The light makes it hard to tell!


  • Your living room looks AMAZING!!! You did a beautiful job with it!! Give yourself a high five! 🙂


  • I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about the couch you have. I love it so much though! Would you buy it again?

  • I just bought a house and I worry so much about being trendy or not age appropriate- age of the house. But you and Elsie inspire me to do what I want and change it when I am ready for change.

  • I am in love with the bookshelf! Such a lovely living room, the black walls look amazing!


  • i love your home Emma! It looks very cozy and beautiful. I have always wanted a library ladder for my dream home. I think they are so cool especially since i’m so short lol! I love that gold glittery candle from target, I have it too and it really catches my eye when its lit up. the light fixture in your living room is so pretty too and the pumpkins are a sweet touch with the stripes on your mantle. xoxo

  • Wow! Your living room is beautiful! I love the floor to ceiling shelving! x


  • Thanks for sharing your home, it looks like a funhouse – and don’t take it the wrong way. I adore the bookshelf and feel like there is so much to look at all around 🙂

  • What a beautiful home, you belong in a scandinavian style mag! Original style and fabulous touches show what you can do if you have a bit of imagination. xx

  • i love the black paint as you use it
    do you know if your paint is available here in France ?
    the look is greaaat !



  • That is an incredible room. I adore the black walls. I will always have a weakness for black.

  • I love it. The book case is amazing and I love th skulls above the bar cart!


  • It’s actually flat. But if I was doing it again I think I would go with semi-gloss because the flat is difficult to clean.

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