Home Tour: Emma’s Living Room

Emma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com      Welcome to my living room! This is easily one of my favorite rooms in our house. This is where we chill out at the end of the day (usually over beers and The Daily Show). One of the first things you are bound to notice is all my living rooms walls are black. Whoa, right? It took some time before I was able to pull the trigger on that decision, believe me. I remember telling Trey my plans (he didn't live with me yet), and he wondered (as did I) if it would make everything too dark and small. Like a cave. Most people think black will make a room look smaller. And I'm sure this is true sometimes, but because of some other features I added, the room ended up feeling taller/a little bigger. And the black is a bold statement, which I love. But first let me show you how things looked when I bought the house.Emma's living room before and after(Click to enlarge the image.)

As you can see, the living room featured a kind of yellow/tan color throughout. I had dark wood trim, popcorn ceilings and… well… not a lot of furniture. The one feature I loved and didn't change was the wood floors (they are actually wood laminate). But everything else I slowly began to change, as my budget would allow. I had the ceiling scraped and painted white. I was surprised by how much bigger this made the room feel. Emma Chapman's living room abeautifulmess.com    Emma Chapman's living room abeautifulmess.com Emma Chapman's living room abeautifulmess.comEmma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com             Emma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com        Painting all the walls black also makes everything else in the space really pop! I painted my front door and the door that leads to my backyard orange. Orange and black. Get into it. I also LOVE how the black wall proudly showcases my gallery wallEmma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com           Emma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com          Emma's living roomDue to my bookshelf (more on that in a second), my fireplace no longer felt like much of a focal point. So I added stripesEmma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com       Emma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com    Emma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com     My favorite part: the bookshelf! And it has a library ladder! This fulfills all my childhood Beauty and the Beast fantasies (even if my bookshelf is about 1/100th as big as Belle's). I had this shelf and ladder custom built to fit my wall. It's perfect to house all our books, a few knick knacks, and our TV. I love having a TV in my living room, but it's always a challenge to find a stylish way to display it/not really display it. If that makes sense. Liquor cartEmma's living room tour abeautifulmess.com A few other details I love include the antler collection above my liquor cart (including my wedding guest book), my painted coffee table and side tables, fun throw pillows (I regularly change these from room to room, just to spice things up), and my vintage cowhide rug. I feel like my style is pretty eclectic and still changing quite a bit. This is my first home, and I always want to give myself the freedom to try new things and be adventurous in my choices. I believe your house should feel like you, no matter what's in style that year. 🙂Emma's living room tour abeautifulmess.comThanks for stopping by! xo. Emma

Photos by: Janae Hardy

Source list: couch/Macy's, chair/Thrive Furniture, side tables, coffee table, wood basket, rug, bar cart, record player table, lamps/vintage, throw pillows/West Elm, curtains/Target, record player/UO, pendant light/Young House Love for Shades of Light, antlers/vintage + Etsy. Wall color: Dark Kettle Black (4011-2). Leave a comment if you're curious about something else. 🙂

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