Home Tour: Our Bathroom

Bathroom 1Hi friends! I'm here to share the final room of our home tour… our bathroom. My dad helped me build this shelving system from a wood pallet and wooden crates. It's the perfect spot for our towels, toiletries and my daily makeup. I started collecting towels in any pattern of grey, black or white and I love how they mix and match together. 

Bathroom 2Bathroom 3Our bathroom is mostly neutral colors with a lot of black and white patterns and a splash of color from the shower curtain. We painted the walls a couple times in this room and it always felt too small for a bold paint. Finally we tried white paint and I think it helps the room feel more fresh and clean. The painting is a project from Rachel's Style Your Space E-Course. I took her course before we started decorating our home and it was incredibly inspiring. She's my interior design hero, for sure! 

Bathroom 4I love storing my jewelry in the spaces where I get ready each morning. This is where I keep all my shorter necklaces and the long ones are in the bedroom.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little room tour! I had so much fun putting these together. If you missed any of the other rooms, here are a few links: BEDROOM / LIVING ROOM / KITCHEN / CLOSET / SUNROOM. Have a lovely day! elsie 

Notes: Photos by Janae Hardy Photography, Shower Curtain/Urban Outfitters.

  • Loving these storage ideas! Need them for my own bathroom makeover!

  • Where did you get your wooden crates? Have been looking for cheap crates!

  • Beautiful! I was curious as to where your pretty floral shower curtain is from. Thanks!

  • Accessorizing a room will make it livelier. This reminds me of what we did to my friend’s apartment. Her bathroom is not so spacious, so what we did is we painted the area with lighter shades to make it look wider and more refreshing to the eyes. Your own bathroom is impressive. I’m confident that you’ll come up with bright ideas soon. Congratulations! =)

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  • This is my first time visiting your blog and I love it already! Your style is very similar to mine. Where did you get your shower curtain?

  • I have a duvet cover from UO exactly like that shower curtain! Did they make a curtain as well or did you just get creative with it? So fun!

  • I just posted this on Pinterest as “pretty much the best bathroom I’ve ever seen” 🙂

  • i have a love for crates also. But your shower curtain.. i LOVE!

  • Do you remember where you found the shower curtain? I MUST find this..I am in love 🙂

  • The shower curtain is amazing!! It makes the room, please tell us where you found such a lovely item!

  • Love your shower curtain, I am on the fence about buying it because of the comments on the website about it bleeding when it gets wet, how is yours holding up? LOVE all your ideas! Congrats on your award from HGTV!

  • I have to say I absolutely love the towel rack with the storage units on top. I defiantly want to use this idea in my own home. Just have to figure out what colors to use. Was thinking maybe a baby yellow and deep purple, something I haven’t seen in everyday bathrooms.

  • Such a gorgeous bathroom! I had to save some of your pics for inspiration. Indie by Heart

  • So why did you choose black and white for your bathroom? Also, wouldn’t it be better if the shower curtains are of the same color? =) Well, it looks nice and well-organized, anyway. Great job, Els! =D

  • so jealous of your bathroom. when i own a home, i hope i can make things that awesome.

  • Love!! I’m obsessed with everything black and white and I just love those towels. If you don’t mind me asking where are they from?

  • I’m seriously speechless! I thought you just kicked your own ass when you showed us the kitchen but now I’m just feeling like I need to move to your house. I truly love your bathroom, so perfect! Have no words to describe how much I love it 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, I very much like your bathroom. I totally want to borrow the towel idea – they look great!

  • I love the towel collection! Great idea to choose one common theme and build from there. The different patterns act like artwork for your bathroom… Thanks for sharing!

  • thanks so much for sharing this – the crate system is just out of this world wonderful. any time you feel like sharing more details about how you guys made it, feel free 😉
    also, i have the same bath mat. isn’t it great?


  • This is such a cool way to store everything. I hate having all of my cosmetics stored under the sink so thanks for the inspiration!

  • I love it! It’s just as beautiful as the rest of your house.


  • Your home is so gorgeous! Maybe Red Velvet should have a huge home decor line based on your home.

  • The thing with the crates is very inspiring! I’m going to start collecting crates for my future home now…

    xoxo, Femke http://labutton.blogspot.com/

  • did you make the towel and cosmetic shelf? that is BRILLIANT! i’m moving into a studio and this could be the PERFECT fit this for my bathroom! im so in love with that idea!!

  • Super cute kitsch mod towels!
    Love the bathroom!!!



  • your house is like a museum! you have so much style in your life! love everything you have made!

  • Where, oh where is your lovely bath curtain from? I never seem to be able to find one I like. Thanks.

  • It is nice that you have all the towels in black and white (or grey) and then you put a lot of colours in the shower curtain… It’s interesting!!


  • Love this ! Gave me a great idea to maximise my small bathroom 🙂

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  • I love the different drawings on the towels in the first picture!
    Beautiful (as always)


  • Pero que linda casa teneis.. como vosotros, es alegre, sencilla, acogedora.. Me encanta!!!
    Lo que me sorprende es que tengas las joyas en el el baño.. no se te humedecen todas?? porque yo tenia unas diademas metalicas y se me oxidaron todas de tenerlas en el baño expuestas a los vapores..
    Nos encanta tu casa..

  • Beautiful. I love the rustic wood. Emits a sense of tranquility and earthiness.

    – s

  • You never cease to amaze. Please please make your home tour one of your labels.

  • Love it! I just did a project using a pallet and want to find more ways to utilize them.

    Looks great!

  • What a lovely bathroom curtain.. its so relaxing..
    I’m your follower before.But I stopped because I thought your blog is just about wedding,. but now it is proven that there are more fun in A BEAUTIFUL MESS..

    xoxo ela,
    Color Me Ela
    Color Me Ela

  • I love anything black and white so I love how you’ve incorporate that along with color. It’s been so fun touring your home.

  • Are you serious?! Everything is so beautiful. I hope you don’t mind that I am packing up my bags and coming to live at your house. I’m thinking that decorating a hotel or bed and breakfast would be a wonderful endeavor for you. I would certainly stay there.


  • I really LOVE all your towels! My bathroom at my old house was black and white checkered and was so cute, but it was a rental… I really miss the sweet classic decor in that place!

  • I really love what you have done here! I might have to steal a couple of these ideas. I think my favorite part might be the mixmatched towels.

  • Love the towels! Where can I find some like that?


  • Love your towels…so fun.
    A jewelry blog.

  • That shower curtain is cooler than a bee in a parka! Nice.

    George Gable

  • Your creativity is infectious. Wondering where you’ve been my whole life.

  • Wow! Your shower curtain kind of looks like a Joan Mitchell painting. I’d love to know where you got it.

  • Towel mix and match coordination is quite cool… I think I’m inspired 🙂 thanks for sharing.


  • Lovely bathroom. The towels are so cool. Is that a Topshop necklace I see?
    Laura @ Mother Mannequin

  • Great space, and I love the idea of collecting towels in similar colors, but of different patterns. Makes the room so much more interesting than those with solid color towels (like mine!) 🙂

  • I reread my comment and it seemed like I meant your bathroom is weird– not the case! I meant it was weird the bathroom was my favorite room, hah!

  • I love your home tours !! Your home is just as classy/stylish as you are 🙂

  • This is such a cute bathroom! I love the black and white and the crates! Why I never thought of storing cotton balls in mason jars I’ll never know, but now I’m doing it!



  • I love the shower!

    The Bootlace


  • I have LOVED getting to check out the rooms in your house! It has inspired me to finally get on decorating our little home that we bought almost 6 years ago…thank you for the inspiration & the motivation! Your home is just lovely!

  • What a cozy beautiful bathroom! I love it!



  • Love your shower curtain!! It’s so pretty! And I love how you stored your cotton balls and q-tips! Such a great way to keep it organized, yet still great looking!

  • Oh my! Love your shower curtin! So pretty …

    Kelly xo @
    Elegantly Academic

  • I love your storage! Everything is organized but also ends up working so well as decor.

  • i love the towels!! bathrooms are always my favorite rooms; i think you can tell a lot about a person by their bathroom.

  • this is so cute!! I’ve been trying to figure out a shelving idea for our empty wall and this would be so perfect – thanks for sharing!!

    xx Ashleigh


  • LOVE it! I have a tiny bathroom, so this is very inspiring to me to see how you made your space work for you.

  • Such a different looking bathroom, so cute and so you!



  • just a tip I thought you might care to know, they say the steam from the bathroom Shortens the life of your Jewelry so you might want to move it all in your bedroom. I used to do the Same thing!

    Love the Bathroom

  • Love the jars for make up, really original!


  • loving that shower curtain – it’s like a piece of art in it’s own right 🙂 le xox

  • That e-course is on my list! I love what you did with the crate shelving and that shower curtain is divine!

  • I’ve been eyeing a similar (or identical) shower curtain on the Urban Outfitters web site. Now I really, really want to order it. Your bathroom is so cute!

  • I love how you put your nail-laques in jars!

    XX from Spain!


  • epic towel collection & storage concept! i’m curious to know what colors you tried painting in there – i could see a bright yellow or light blue being really pretty.

  • What a fun space. It makes me want to put a little more effort into my postage stamp sized bathroom.


  • Love the storage!!!! Crates are awesome. Moving to a new place soon and I can’t wait to decorate!

  • Congratulations on the HGTV Award! Also, I love that I’m not the only one who likes mixing my towels! Where did you get the shower curtain! I think it’s a great balance of floral and color in your space.


  • Wow – I love your towels! They are so cute and funky! I also love the nail-polish stored in the little jars. That is such a great idea!

  • I’ve really loved this home tour series. Quirky, colorful (and my favorite part) budget friendly. Two thumbs up!

  • Love the palette and crates! For a long time crates like this were my clothing storage. Sadly for me, my “big” bathroom is a good bit smaller than yours, and there is really no room to hang bath towels, just hand towels.

  • you have the coolest sense of style ever! i love your blog…thanks for sharing and congrats on the hgtv feature. awesome!

  • Love it – I think the monchrome and the shower curtain work so well together!

  • Thanks for showing your home Mrs. and Mr. Larson. I found it very inspiring though my style is entirely different. It is just like with your blog. Your style is so different from mine but yet so appealing that I keep return here every day!

    Keep doing your wonderful job!

  • It’s a bit weird, but I think your bathroom is my favorite. It’s super lovely!!

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