Home Tour: Our Bedroom

Bedroom 1Hello there. Today we want to welcome you in for a little tour of our bedroom! We painted two walls white and two walls pea green and have been adding personal details all year. I love spaces that can change a little bit each season, so that's what we tried to create. 

Bedroom 3This quote wall is made with plastic vintage letters. The quote is a memory we like to keep close. ♥

Bedroom 4Bedroom 5Our bed has strips of fabric hanging from the frame. I recycled some decor from our wedding, you can see it behind our cake table. I hung some favorite photos up on a little clothesline with plastic clothespins. I like to keep photos and details changing as often as possible.

Bedroom 6Jeremy and I thrifted this dresser set. The curtains are Orla Kiely for Target tablecloths that we hung with clips. 

Bedroom 7I like keeping my perfumes on a cake stand with pretty things. Details make me happy! 

Bedroom 8Open storage is always a must for me when it comes to things I use on a regular basis. If I put things in boxes and containers I always forget about them. I like keeping makeup, nail polish and lip gloss on trays where I can see them while I'm getting ready. 

Bedroom 9Bedroom 10My mom gifted us this incredible abstract painting. It's called Indian Summer and it's one of our favorites. The bearded man canvas is by Ashley G. She's my favorite Etsy artist. The vintage coffee container is where we keep spare change. You can see Jeremy's feather boutonniere there too.

Bedroom 11Bedroom 12Here's another Ashley G. print. We got these headphones for Christmas a couple years ago. I like to keep them hanging because they tend to get lost otherwise… plus I like things in pairs! 

Bedroom 14Bedroom 13

Bedroom 15Bedroom 16Bedroom 17Thank you for taking a peek at our newlywed nest! xo. elsie

Notes: Photos by Janae Hardy, Comforter/Target, Floral Sheets + Bird Pillow/Anthropologie, Daisy Quilt + Chalkboard Thought Bubble/handmade by Rachel Denbow, Dresser Set/Vintage, Lamps/Vintage.♥ 

  • I love your bed with the ribbons hanging down, what a great idea. I also keep my makeup on a cake stand, it’s old, blue and glass and makes me smile each morning… plus it they just look amazing where ever you have them. Thanks

  • Your house is so cute and bright! And you too)

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  • Love your bedroom and love that your husband is wearing a St. Louis Cardinal’s shirt!

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  • what did you use for the Fort Larson letters?
    I love your blog!

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  • What a great tour! You’ve inspired a piece in my house, so thank you!


  • Your room looks cozy and well-decorated. My wife and I have been married for two years now, and our anniversary is coming up. So I wanna surprise her by renovating our love nest. I’m sure she’ll love it! =)

  • I love this post! I’ve been living with my partner for almost a year now and decorating has been a struggle (I’m artsy and he’s an engineer). Looking at your photos gave me a warm feeling inside and remember how much I love being at home with him and trying to dress up our place.

  • Just adorable. Love the lamps. Had some in the 70’s. Your little nest is an inspiration to me. Love your rag curtains!!

  • It’s pretty shameless, not to mention inappropriate, to use such private details of your relationship to sell some crafts and used clothing. Maybe this is where you went wrong with your first marriage? These photos look staged. They make (you and) your life look superficial and fake. Do you spend everyday posing and taking photos?

  • How sweet is your space?! So whimsical and perfectly put together. Thank you for sharing!

  • You have mastered the art of using vintage without making it look like it’s an old person home 😉

    haha, seriously I love your style.

  • love the ribbons hanging from the bed 🙂
    and i totally think you need these little birds in your room, they are called ‘flock together birds’


  • so cute! i’m happy that you use rosebud. it’s the absolute BEST! the strawberry is my favorite!

  • I really like this post, you have the cutest house ever!!! I like the dresser and all the things you have on it, that coffee container is so cute!


  • It’s lovely.
    I love the tablecloth as a curtain idea!


  • Lovely bedroom! I really like how you used that cake stand! I’m always finding pretty ones at the thrifts but never buy them because I don’t have a use for them…now I’ll be on the lookout for the perfect stand! An the hanging up of headphones- simple and smart! Will have to try that.

  • You two make such a good tandem, and you have a warm and cozy bedroom! Your bedroom is beautiful, and it shows your love for all seasons! Well done, Elsie!

  • Beautiful bedroom, your home is very warm and beautiful and your dog is very cute : ) . Have a lovely day!.

  • I got a Marc Jacobs “Eau so Fresh” gift set for my Birthday – it smells so light and lovely! xx

    PS I recently changed my blog. You used to know me as http://cupcake-crazy86.livejournal.com/ but now you can find me at cupcakecrazykatie.blogspot.com



  • great quote,love the use of typography on the wall, the chosen art and use of pictures

  • Love that little canvas by Ashley G! Thanks for showing a peek of your room. It’s adorable.

  • So cute!!! Love your bedroom, I feel like visiting :-). I’m planning to get an organizer for my makeup like yours, I also tend to forget about stuff when they lie in boxes 🙂


  • I love your use of the luvvly jubbly letters from FUNTIQUE my bestie flea shop. I use mine occasionally for outdoor house numbers. I change house numbers almost weekly.

  • Can I just say how much I am loving these room tours!! I love all of your ideas. Filing them away from when someday I have a place of my own to decorate. Totally off topic, but can you please tell me where you got our thermal pjs? My sister and I have been looking everywhere and can’t find any! It’s becoming a problem. If you could let me know, you would be the best ever! Thanks!

  • It’s so colorful and festive! Love it!

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • You guys are so adorable!

    I love how you kept your wedding decor and used them in your room. So special and romantic


  • Your blog is the most beautiful thing ever <3 Even though I’m kind of a rocker girl and my own home is mostly black and white, all your posts make me so happy with all the colours and things in the posts. You and your husband are so cute! Thank you for this blog. <3

  • Wow, am just loving these posts. Thanks for the inspiration. Elsie, what colour paint did you use on your walls and where do you get all your cute lttle trays from?



  • if you ever have any free time and want to take a trip out east, could you come and decorate my home…thanks 🙂

  • OMG you guys kill me with your cuteness. I absolutely love your home and how it is full of so much love. It is great that your personaltiy comes through in your home–and that your fashion style is seen throughout your lovely home!



  • I REALLY like your idea to use the fabric scraps on the bed frame. such a great idea!!!

  • amazing! fantastic photos I love your bedroom!

  • I absolutely LOVE that parrot cushion! It’s great. I must have one!

    I Know.x


  • Oh Elsie how likely of you to use the Benefit blushes…They are my absolut favorite pair: Benetint and High bean for almost 5 years now and im[pssible to change..Your bedroom is amazing!

    xx from Tel Aviv

  • Thanks for the great idea in your last post–I cut up some pink construction paper into squares last night and used washi tape to hang them (and some artwork) around my desk for recording goals! Maybe in the future I’ll send some pics of all the little diys you’ve prompted me to try this year. Thanks!

  • So so sweet!
    You guys are the cutest couple ever!
    Inspiring in so many ways! Love + Design


  • Ay Elsie.. yo quisiera tenerte de vecina!!! Quiero tener unos vecinos como vosotros.. lo necesito!! me encanta vuestra casa.. me encantais vosotros!!
    Saludos desde Galicia


  • What a great vibe your room has – and that lamp is so AMAZING!


  • Love your bedroom
    cute but confortable, vintage and colourful


  • So cute.. I love the Polaroids hanging from above the bed. And the pieces of art are so perfect.

  • Your room is lovely, and so are both of you!
    I was wondering, where did you found your bed? It is fantastic

  • Thank you so much for sharing your home and ideas with us! It is a special space. I love the cake plate idea so much!

  • Love the Love Nest…now how about some little baby birds (little J’s and E’s)…I see the perfect spot for a baby crib:) Thanks for showing us where the magic happens!

  • I love to see house decor posts! I have been living with my boyfriend for only 5 months and we’re still in the process of nesting!

  • Oh Elsie, you’re such an inspiration! I can’t express with words how much I admire your style, your creativity and your sense of AWESOMENESS. You make me wanna be a better person, more creative, something that is much needed for conquering my future. You make me wanna fill the whole place with colors and stars and lights. Thank you for sharing your life with us! Thank you for sharing your lovely, romantic moments and your beautiful home. I dream of having such a dreamy “fort” of happiness with my future husband, whoever that might be. Thank you for helping me get out of a dark period of my life. You were one of the elements that drove me out of it 🙂

    Have a LOVELY day <3

  • I love how your home is so colorful without looking cluttered. I generally stick to neutrals and metallics because I’m always a tad bit scared of going overboard with color, but this inspires me!

  • Amazing find on that dresser set! Your bedroom is so homey and I find your aesthetic very inspiring!

  • thats really great. i love the wall color. and ive always wanted a canopy style bed so i love what you did with the headboard! and i must say that shot captured your pug at the most perfect moment it made me chuckle!


  • Great tour. Your bedroom is really lovely <3


  • so original as always! and i love the ide to keep the perfumes on the cake stand, so creative!

  • Lovely!!! Agreed about Ashley G. We have her “Incognito” print in our bathroom….it makes me smile every day!

  • It’s wonderful! Wonder why you’d ever leave that cosy room 😉
    And I love your polkadot legging!

  • I was so excited to see another room tour today! I love the fabric and photos on the bed- very romantic and something I would never think to do. I also envious of all of your mid-century furniture in both rooms… Here in Boston there’s nothing with that style for less than a fortune. I’m excited for the kitchen!


  • Your house is so gorgeous, I love all the finishing touches.. especially the cake stand and headphones. the photos hanging on the bed are also cute. You’re so inspiring xx

  • Elsie, this room is so beautiful! You have such a natural talent for styling, be it styling clothes or decor. I love the “Fort Larson” and “Birds of a Feather” quotes. I also love how you keep your daily makeup essentials open and close at hand…I do the same! But, honestly, I love everything about this room. 🙂

    – Samantha

  • Awww, you look so cute in your home!

    I LOVE the genius idea of using table cloths as curtains! Amazing..

    Maria xx

  • Oh, forgot to mention… we have the same parfume – Daisy. I love the scent and I love love the bottle, it’s a decor statement on its own and gives my dresser a splash of vintage nostalgia.

  • This is so lovely, oh so lovely!!! I share your ideas on open storage, whatever is kept in boxes… not there, I end up buying stuff I already have just because I never open these boxes!!! That’s my main source of disagreement with my mother (who loves to come over and “arrange” stuff for me every once in a while… haha). I believe the bedroom should be a welcoming, relaxing spot and yours is just dreamy. Congrats!

  • I love this post – you guys are just so adorable.

    Especially love the headphones – Gonna do this for me and my OH, we’re always misplacing ours!

  • i love that you embrace little changes in your living space. i’m always changing photos and displaying mini collections, they’re memories at your fingertips every day!

    kate 🙂


  • Love the quote on the wall! I too need more open storage. Great tour!

  • Very sweet post. And I agree with what you said about open storage.


  • Aww, I love your posts’ like these! Gives me some interior design inspiration. Also, love your dog!

  • Your home, thus far, is perfection. I envy the bold color risks and all the magnificent random ideas that pull everything well together.

    Mary from http://meowwzie.blogspot.com/

  • Oh that painting! *covet* I love that you used tablecloths for curtains. And the he/she pairs of headphones WAY beats out he/she towels.

  • Your bedroom is so warm and inviting. I love how you have the polaroid pictures hanging over your bed. Very charming.


  • I love the hanging fabric from your bed, and it is even cooler since it’s from your wedding! Such a sweet detail!

    Those cinnamon rolls are callin’ my name!

    x, Cassie

  • Elsie! It’s AWESOME. You put so much thought into it. It’s truly fantastic!


  • Such a beautiful space!! I’m looking for inspiration for our new home too, thank you!
    -Elise Nicole

  • Oh my goodness, you two are just the cutest little love birds! I really enjoyed all the bright happy colors in your room. Thanks for sharing the many sweet details of your nest. 😀

  • Wow, you two couldn’t be cuter! I love your home, it looks so cozy and I really adore all the vintage pieces.


    xo Emma

  • Your bedroom is so magical. I love the strips of fabric idea. I’ve been wanting a four poster bed for so long. Maybe I can convince my husband based on this idea.

  • So stinkin’ cute! I love your room! My husband and I have been in our current place for almost three years and have next to nothing hanging on the walls in our bedroom… I’ve been searching for nifty frames, and I’m just so indecisive! You’ve done such an amazing decorating job in such a short amount of time. The details are utterly charming.

  • Your house is just so beautiful.
    And you and jeremy are so cute together!!!
    You are honestly one of the most inspiring people/couples.

  • Your home is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see more from the home tour! <3

  • Gah!!!! Cutest ever!!!

    Have I told you that I LOVE these posts?!

    Stephanie May*

    P.S. Cute socks Mr. Larson:)


  • Your vintage letters in the second last photo almost look photoshopped on! I love the green colour, its so alive but relaxing all at once!


  • I love how reflective your room is of you two! A room is meant to reflect your style, and too many people don’t even think twice about it!

  • I love your use of colours, it must have been a gift from your mother because her paintings are just amazing as well!! I’m loving your little house tour, it’s starting to look like a creative little home to live in. 🙂

  • You are so cute you guys! Your bedroom is lovely and has a very sweet, vintage character to it… dreams must be pretty awesome in this room 🙂
    Good luck!


  • Ahh! This is so cute. I love all the colors and the photo clothesline. The pudgy sweatered pug is SO adorable. 😉

  • So sweet! Love it. Thank you for sharing. Love all the personal and special details.

  • i love your home!! especially that painting, it’s got such great color!!

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