Home Tour: Our Kitchen

Kitchen 1Kitchen 2Kitchen 3Welcome to our kitchen! We've spent a lot of time in this room during our first year of marriage! We painted our cabinets with chalkboard paint for easy message writing and menu updates. I finally found a good place to store my gigantic vintage thermos collection, above the kitchen cabinets. Jeremy uses them all the time to take coffee to work. The menus above are from a recent dinner party! 

Kitchen 4Kitchen 5Kitchen 5Kitchen 5Kitchen 5I love details. Our kitchen is full of personal wedding gifts, vintage collections and as many fresh flowers as possible. I've enjoyed floral design this year, so I try to make a new bouquet or two as often as possible. The fawn cookie jar is a bit of a tease because that's where we store puppy treats! 

Kitchen 9Kitchen 10Kitchen 11We have enjoyed cooking together all year. We've been trying new recipes and learning a lot. I'm lucky because Jeremy loves to cook even more than I do! My specialty is fancy grilled cheese, his specialty is spagetti squash with meatballs… yum! 

Kitchen 12Above our dining room table I created a display to document our first year of marriage. On this display we save little bits like movie tickets, memories from trips, love notes, photos and maps of all the places we've visited. I love the visual reminder of the happy memories we're building. When the year is over I'll probably take it down and turn it into a scrapbook. 

Kitchen 13Kitchen 14Kitchen 15I love playing records in the kitchen while we're cooking and cleaning! We collect records (vintage and new) so it's fun to make this one of the focal points of our kitchen. I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into our kitchen. We have a lot of fun in here! xo. elsie 

Notes: Photos by Janae Hardy, Kitchen Table/Vintage, Record Player/Crosley from UO, Bearded Men Print + Couple Portrait/Ashley G, Black + White Print/Sherri Dupree Bemis.♥ 

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  • Thanks for posting this! Your kitchen is set up very similar to mine and gives me some ideas!

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  • hello, just came upon your blog LOVE LOVE the kitchen, just bought a yellow vintage table set myself to redo my kitchen, wondered where did you get the crosley turntable, is it a new or used one?

  • This one’s my favorite too! And it’s quite a unique idea to paint your cabinets with chalkboard paint. I’ll definitely use that idea for our newly-renovated kitchen! That way, I can chalk up some possible recipes for when I’m preparing food for special holidays! =)

  • This is by far my favorite room of your house. I can’t get over how wonderful the cabinets look, and I love the collage over the table. Very inspiring.

  • so fun! i love your comments…thanks for including them, it’s neat to hear where your ideas came from & which details are your favorites 🙂

  • We have the same kitchen table – mine was acquired from my old apartment when the previous renter left it. I don’t have the chairs though. It’s a great table!

  • i love your attention to detail, you’re so creative! my favourite is the perrier bottles in the shopping basket, so cute!

    Katie x

  • i love your chalkboard cabinets! chalkboard paint is the best…i painted my bedroom door with it this summer

  • wow. ur kitchen is amazing.. from the chalkboard paint on the cupboards to the awesome photo collage from your first year of marriage! you guys are so dang creative! i love it all! 🙂


  • Your home is so vintage inspired.I wish I could visit and feel like I am back in time!amazing!


  • Love it! I’ve used chalboard paint on some furniture too and it’s the best. It’s so matt that it covers really well and hides issues with the paint. I haven’t had the huevos to even use chalk on my TV cabinet cause I love how it came out so much! Love your kitchen cause it’s so full of great and affordable ideas.

  • That display is so perfect! I LOVE the idea of documenting it in this way (to remind you about the beautiful things) during the year, and then turning it into a scrapbook. Perfect for keeping memories and keeping your space fresh!!!
    So nice to see your kitchen.
    Inspirational as always. [:

  • Que gusto, que detalles, que ideas, que encantadora!!! Os seguimos sin dudarlo…kisses! Clara http://blowinginthecierzo.blogspot.com/

  • I am really enjoying these home tour posts! When I meet new people, I am always excited when the friendship develops thus that they invite me into their house. I love seeing how people live, it says so much about them. Your space is darling, all the lovely details and the care you have taken creating a home just radiates so much love and passion! *sorryaboutgushfest*

  • This is so GREAT and what an original Kitchen you have!! LOVE your blog,…kisses from Greece!♥

  • What the frack! This is amazing! So jelly right now!


  • Hey! My name is Talia, I’m 13, and I am obsessed with your blog!!!! Everything you do is so inspiring and gives me great ideas. I really enjoy reading and looking at all of your amazing posts. I LOVE your style, clothing and in decorating!!! You are awesome. Thanks for all the inspiriraion, keep it coming…:)

    ps: my blog is http://thepinkbutton5.blogspot.com

  • Woah. That kitchen.
    It is a fantastic mix of vintage without looking dated.
    As well, it is ALWAYS the most used and loved of all rooms in the house, so it’s great that yours is so personal to you.

    And I am glad to hear that chalkdust is not a problem, as that would be my number one hesitation.

  • How lovely!

    I’m way beyond jealous!

    Happy Holidays, hope to see more home tour posts next year!


  • Q: Does Jeremy have a space all his own, or that he personally chose the decor for? Would you ever show it on your blog?
    A: Jeremy isn’t as interested in decorating as I am, so he didn’t decorate any of our rooms at home by himself (he didn’t want to). He did decorate his own studio, though, which we’ve already photographed to share soon! 😀

  • Does Jeremy have a space all his own, or that he personally chose the decor for? Would you ever show it on your blog?

  • I love the pictures above the table! So cute! I gotta surround myself of good memories like this more often 🙂

    xoxo from Brazil,
    Gabi Barbará

  • I’ve considered doing chalkboard paint in my kitchen when I get tired of purple – but I’m afraid it won’t clean up well. Things do spatter now and then… Thoughts?

  • I have that little owl guy in my kitchen too!! It’s one of my favorite things! Beautiful space!


  • Your kitchen is lovely! :). I love the collage of your first year of marriage. So sweet!

  • I love your memory board. So perfect. I can’t wait to have something like that in our kitchen!

  • I like it, but it is too much old fashion for me!!


  • Your home is amazing
    all the details are so inspiring!


  • I adore the deer cookie jar…


    How wonderful to see a kitchen that reflects the love & life within the home.




  • LOVE those chalk cabinets. your home is so full of color. its nice. i’m getting really sick of neutrals, and your home looks so happy 🙂


  • Oh my…so adorable! I am quite jealous of your kitchen!!! It is quite unique ;D


  • wow. i’m amazed that you painted ALL of your cabinets with chalkboard paint. I was only willing to paint the pantry doors…but i have a toddler. 🙂

  • Looks like we have similar taste in kitchenaid! 🙂 I just got that blender for Christmas, in pear, to match my mixer. They make a kitchen a prettier place, I think. xo
    Love your chalkboard cupboards, too.

  • who knew a kitchen could be so cute? i love the chalkboard cupboards – what a perfect place to leave notes for each other!

  • Cutest kitchen!!
    Have you tried wiping blackboard painted areas with coke? It gets rid of the white streak marks!!

  • Love this, because it looks like a REAL kitchen, rather than a magazine kitchen – which is BETTER. Looks so warm and home-y and comfortable and sweet 🙂


  • super adorable kitchen! I love all the prints and the record player is such a great idea!


  • I LOVE the collage..and the chalkboard paint on your cabinets! Such a cute idea!!


  • omg those cabinets are fab..will definitely keep that in mind for when I have my own kitchen (ha! :s) … lovely room.


  • Beautiful kitchen! I am really enjoying your Home Tour and it makes me look forward to styling and shaping my own space after our travels…



  • In love with this space! Especially the chalkboard cabinets and the photo collage above the table! Perfection! <3

  • So lovely! I love how you are always utilizing chalkboard paint. So cool!

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • I love your kitchen! Especially the chalk board cabinets, too cute.


    xo Emma

  • Wow, what an adorable kitchen! Totally inspires me. PS I love that you have some of Sherri Dupree’s art up. Too cool.


  • This kitchen of yours is pretty darn adorable. All is beautifully and beamingly lovely. Great timing for me, too… my husband and I are just about to sit down and design a mini-renovation of our own tiny kitchen (thinking plum and copper and some neat vintage cabinet knobs). But I love your chalk board cabinets! Wish we could get away with this (here are two reasons why we can’t: 1. our big ol’ puppy dog would get his slobber on all the lower cabinets and wipe off the chalk and 2. I’m too short to reach the higher cabinets easily enough… ah well.) Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with your admiring peoples!

  • beautiful kitchen <3


  • Your kitchen is awesome! I like your little “Dalahästar” too, they make a cute couple!

  • What an inviting kitchen, oh my, the chalkboard paint… super idea!!!
    Enjoy your times there and keep sharing the cooking experience 🙂


  • Fantastic kitchen! I love the collage you made. The style of your kitchen is totally achievable, which is very admirable!

  • I LOVE the chalkboard cabinets! And the picture/painting collage over the table is adorable. What a very creative kitchen! Love it!

  • SO BEAUTIFUL! I am crazy about this kitchen. It might be my favorite of the beautiful places you’ve shown us.

  • I LOVE IT! you’ve decorated so well, to no surprise! I cannot wait to decorate my home!


  • Very pretty!
    I have to say that I used chalk paint for my kitchen too :3 and my walls are painted with a warm yellow similar to the one on your blender and mixer.

    Your house is lovely! thanks for sharing XD

  • We have been talking about re-vamping our kitchen for sometime… this post just made me all the more eager! Love the cabinets!

    Love & Lollies… Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  • i love your cabinets! that’s a great idea, now just wondering how i can convince my bf to allow me to do this to ours… i recently went to a bar & grill and their table tops were of chalk paint. love it!

    i love how couples cook together, it’s so meaningful <3

    your posts inspires me to decorate my home… it’s so boring & plain! The home is a hundred yrs old w/ so much character…

  • wow! your kitchen is so great! black cabinets are awesome and the photo display is so sweet!

    Kisses from Spain,


  • Thank you Elsie for answering my questions so promptly, now I can convince my hubby to use chalk board paint in our home, I had never heard of chalk markers 🙂

    I am impressed that you made your collage with painters tape… you truly know how to keep it simple and stylish 🙂

  • Well kitchen is my favourite type of room and your kitchen has such a positive vibe! I could sit in there for hours, cooking and eating and cooking and so on! Love, love love it!!!

    (Pls check my new blog guys, it would mean a lot if you like it: http://inwhirlofinspiration.blogspot.com )

  • This is quite the loveliest kitchen I have ever seen 🙂 & I see you got that record player from UO! I’ve been craving it for my birthday for months now!


  • Every room gets cuter and cuter! You’re killing me! Excuse me while I pin almost every picture here!

  • I am pretty sure your house is the most amazing place I have ever seen! You have the most exquisite details!

  • I am in love with your kitchen! The chalkboard cabinets are a great idea!


  • Your house reeks of LOVE:) I have really enjoyed the little peeks into your personal space. For those of us that have followed you since your start in scrapbooking, it’s fun to see you grow and blossom:) Thanks

  • Wow, Elsie, you have NO idea how inspirational this post is!!! Both interior design-wise AND living life-wise. 🙂 I just love the way you make everything so YOU and uses everything – even a kitchen, cooking, floral design and memorabilia – to make you HAPPY! It’s wonderful how you find so much joy in every little thing. Totally inspiring.

  • I love this post! Your kitchen is so cute, I love all the little details. Those blackboard cupboards are genius! I love the wall display, you guys are such a cute couple!

  • Your kitchen is so incredibly beautiful! I love the write-on cupboard doors; gorgeous!


  • The collage is beautiful! And I love all the little figurines and vintage items! It looks like such a wonderful place to hang out with your new hubs.

  • I love your little home tours! your home is so cute!

    Have a happy new year!



  • Sighh theres nothing that inspires me to create delicious food more than an absolutely beautiful kitchen! Photos are great as always Elsie!


  • Your kitchen is so different from what I’d pictured! We were planning to paint our cabinet with chalkboard paint, too, but weren’t sure; it does look great!

  • Blackboards as kitchen cabinets?! GENIUS. I think this is my favourite room so far!

    Maria xx

  • Such a cute kitchen! I love that you used the chalkboard paint on all of your cabinets! Once my fiance and I finish building our house we are planning on painting our fridge with chalkboard paint!


  • I love that your cabinets serve as chalkboards. What a cute idea! Love, love, love your house.


  • I love the chalkboard paint! and the collage! Thanks for sharing.


  • Behold! The world’s most whimsical kitchen! Major kitchen envy. So cool!

    Kate 🙂


  • Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your home, I love that you’re sentimental like me!

  • All those vintage thermoses are amazing! I love the yellow and the dark cabinets. You’re little wall of photos is so sweet.


  • i absolutely love your kitchen, i think it’s my favorite part of your home tour so far (maybe the kitchen is always my favourite part 😉 ). I like the colours, the pics and the possibility to write with chalk on the drawers is a great idea!

  • Q: first about the chalk dust in the kitchen, does it bother you?
    A: Nope, we use chalk markers. The only time we used real chalk was to trea them when they were first painted! 🙂

    Q: And also how did you stick the collage on the wall?
    A: I used painters tape!

  • OH MY I love your kitchen!! I think I just got a little bit crazy when I saw the pictures, it’s so perfect and actually some of the details resemble my dream-kitchen! I specially love the cabinets, it’s amazing how you painted them with chalkboard paint, best idea ever! Also, your thermos collection is gorgeous, I love how you displayed it! 🙂

  • I have been enjoying your home tour so far and the kitchen really tops it all.

    I do have a few questions, first about the chalk dust in the kitchen, does it bother you? And also how did you stick the collage on the wall?

    Thank you so much for sharing your abode with us 🙂

  • I love that idea! I might do that to the cabinets in my scrapbooking room maybe. Love it!

  • I love the chalkboard paint! And your collage is super cute…that’s one of my projects this year, too! xo

    • Black and white- how do u adhere photos to wall so that it wont damage sheetrock paper?

  • Gosh! This is so cute! I love the painted cabinets and the colors. Everything matches your personality! 😀

  • I’ve never been more outright jealous of a kitchen than I am of yours. It’s stunning; so much personality and love. Thank you for the tour!!

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