Home Tour: Our Sunroom

Sunroom 1Sunroom 2Hidden in the back corner of our home is this bright little sunroom. We store our bicycles and records in this room. It was Jermey's idea to display records above the windows. I love it! 

Sunroom 3Sunroom5I recently created a small sewing nook in our sunroom. I keep most of my studio equipment at the Red Velvet studio, but there's something really nice about having a creative space at home. I filled this new space with vintage patterns, sketches and colorful fabrics. It's the perfect spot to whip up a just-for-fun project on a Sunday afternoon! Thanks for taking a peek. xo. elsie

Notes: Photos by Janae Hardy, Bicycles c/o Public Bikes, Sewing Machine/Vintage, Fabric Pictured/Melody Miller. 

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  • can i trade places with you? just for a week or so? 🙂
    I’ve just spent the last hour roaming through your blog completely mesmerized. I saw a post of your leather bracelets project on pintrist and ended up wanting to look at everything. it’s always nice to get to see what other crafters and diy nerds are up to to get motivated. i’m just sad that’s it’s one a.m. now and i should go to bed. hopefully i still have the art bug in the morning.

  • Gosh I am awkwardly and madly in love with every square inch of page that is this blog.

  • I am so absolutely jealous of your Queen record. Especially that one! It’s one of my favorite albums of theirs. I’m a Queen obsessed teenager with posters all over my walls and books scattered around my room. Kudos for your awesome taste in music!

  • Oh Elsie, your sunroom’s exceptionally eye-catching! And its simplicity makes it all the more lovable! I wish I can pay your love nest a visit! Hope to see more of your home tours soon! =D

  • Oh my, you have such a beautiful and interesting home. My boyfriend unfortunately doesn’t share my love of thrifting and would like me to keep all my “bits” in one room, ha!

  • I wish I had listened to my grandmother when I was younger and had accepted her offer to give me sewing lessons! I’d love to have this little creative nook in my home where I could work on new items for my wardrobe. But it’s never to late to learn… Anyway – absolutely loving this room too, so light and inspiring!

    Black On Blue

  • Elsie, please tell me more about your beautiful new (puppy) addition.
    Has he/she got a name yet?
    My husband and I have two german shorthaired pointers. I would love another addition to our puppy family. Two big dogs are a lot of work, lots of running and walking required.
    Cath Pepper x

  • I love the patterns on the wall. My sewing room walls are covered with various sheets of scrap booking paper so it seems like I couldn’t decide on wall paper!


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  • I love the pictures filters on many of the pics on this blog. I am in love with A Beautiful Mess now!

  • I keep looking at your home tour photos for inspiration as I viciously purge my own home. My vintage thermos collection is displayed high upon cabinets in my kitchen as well. Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to share photos of my nest…after it’s cleaned and purged 😉

  • Dear Elsie,
    I love love loooooove your little Home Tour series, it’s fun to watch – and I really like your style!
    Hope this never ends (:

  • Your sunroom is so gorgeous and aptly named so!
    Just looking at your sewing space fills me with inspiration. You’re amazing as usual elsie!



  • You always seem so bloody organized… please tell me that a little of it is because you picked up for the home shoot!? 😉 Love the sunroom with all your sewing stuff! What a great little sanctuary.


  • sunrooms are always my favorite room in a house. especially when they’re filled with creativity like yours!


  • Love it!

    (Pls check my new blog guys, it would mean a lot if you like it: http://inwhirlofinspiration.blogspot.com )

  • i’m loving the tour of your lovely and eclectic home, thanks so much for sharing, you’re very creative indeed!!
    xx, kristina

  • You’re so cool you make me wish I was a hipster. I love your DIYs, and your house is so cute!

  • I must admit I haven’t been so jealous of a house (or part of a house) before! I love it!!!

  • That looks like a great place for developing your ideas!! Love it!


  • ahhh! Do I spy David Bowie?!?!

    please say yes bc I love him!

    Anyone else a Labyrinth fan??

    p.s. I’m hosting my first giveaway!! funnn


  • i just love your sewing machine. i have a vintage green one. your house is too cute!

  • I love David Bowie!!! Such an amazing idea to display the records above the windows!

    xoxo from Brazil,
    Gabi Barbará

  • This would be my favorite place to drink my coffee in the morning… I love sun rooms! xo

  • I love your little sewing nook! How adorable!!


  • This looks like such a fun room I love it! Thanks for sharing!


  • lovely, rooms like that are my favourites, there is always enough light and brightness to work on art projects

  • This is so nice.

    I love thewalldecoration!


    The Bootlace

  • these photos are so inspirational!

    with love,
    your opinion is VERY important for me!http://chocarome.blogspot.com/

  • You wrote in your previous post that your house is tiny – it’s not 🙂
    I love your sunroom!


  • Ohh, such a beautiful room! And such a perfect place for sewing!


  • will the heat affect the records … or are they just the covers … lovely to see mr bowie work his magic across the generations 🙂 le xox

  • Your sewing nook is adorable!! I would love to have a permeant space for my machine! It would save having to lug it out! And I like the record display, really cool! 🙂

    Ngaio May xx

  • Wowwowowoowow. Youre house just keeps getting better and better. I am hooked.
    I really want to live in your house!! .. in a non-creepy way!!
    XO Sammie

  • So so cute… I’d love to have a sunroom and use it like this. How I enjoy taking peeks at people’s homes, especially very inspiring people’s homes!Thanks for sharing (I like your bicycle, I’m all into the “Dutch” shape of a womens’ bike myself).

  • Love this space! Thanks for showing us another little part of your wonderful home 🙂

  • One day I’ll have a house with a room like that, it’s cozy and perfect 🙂

  • We had a sunroom at our old house; I miss it even more now seeing what you have going on in yours! Displaying the records like that is just ace.

  • I love sunrooms!
    and i really love your little sewing nook! The inspiration board is just lovely <3
    Cheray x

  • This looks gorgeous! A perfect, bright little room to create some magic in.

    Maria xx

  • This is small space is so inviting. My room is practically a sun room with all the light coming through the windows but I put heavy drapes over them. I am such a hermit.

    Xoxo, Mary from ♥ meowwzie.blogspot.com ♥

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