Homemade Oatmeal 9 Ways



Oatmeal is one of our absolute favorite autumn and winter treats! We thought it would be fun to experiment with different flavors and share our favorites with you. My favorite is the peanut butter + jelly flavor. It was incredible. Emma's favorite is pumpkin spice. We hope you find a new favorite too! 








For the classic oatmeal simply make your oatmeal according to the package directions. Once the oatmeal is done, mix in your favorite flavors!




For baked oatmeal here is a basic recipe that you can customize by adding your favorite mix-ins and toppings. In a bowl mix together 2 cups (uncooked) oatmeal, 1/3 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon baking powder and 1/4 teaspoon salt. In another bowl combine 3 tablespoons melted (and slightly cooled) butter, 1 egg, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract and 1 cup milk. In a well greased baking dish place a thin layer of sliced bananas, then the oatmeal mix, then pour on the milk mixture. Try to distribute the milk mixture evenly over the oatmeal. Bake at 350 F for 20-25 minutes. 


For the pumpkin spice baked oatmeal simply add 1/4 cup pumpkin puree, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg to the milk mixture before you pour it over the top of the oats.

For the coffee cake baked oatmeal add 1/4 teaspoon instant coffee or ground espresso to the milk mixture before pouring it over the oats. Garnish the top of the oatmeal with a crumb topping made of 2 tablespoons cold butter, 1/4 cup flour and 3-4 tablespoons brown sugar. Mix that together with your (clean) hands so that it's crumbly, sprinkle over the top of the oatmeal for the last 10 minutes of baking.

Enjoy! Emma + Elsie 

  • HELP! What if I want to use STEEL CUT OATS instead? What’s the quantity vs uncooked oats?

  • Looks AMAZING. Maybe I can finally get my husband to eat oatmeal now!

  • Why can I only see 2 of the recipes? They look so good, but I only see directions for pumpkin and coffee cake. 🙁

  • I just made the mixed berry oatmeal and it was amazingly delicious! I will most def be trying the other versions in the near future 🙂

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  • I was just wondering how many servings this recipe makes? It sounds really good!!! <3

  • You could even make this vegan but using mashed banana and almond milk- with vegan butter, and crushed almonds mixed in! Or even apple sauce as a binder instead of banana, then add cinnamon, with rice milk. Yum, 🙂

  • I made the pumpkin oatmeal for my boyfriend and me this morning. We loved it! Thanks for the recipe. I’ll definitely be trying it again soon.

  • Oatmeal is my favorite breakfast (and sometimes dinner!) My favorite add-ins are glazed walnuts and dried cranberries. I really want to try the pumpkin spice. Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Yum! Definitely going to have to try each of these out. Oatmeal is definitely the perfect cold weather breakfast!

  • I’ve made baked oatmeal three times this week because of this post! Sometimes in winter I get stuck in an oatmeal rut and eat it almost every morning (yikes, I know), but the baked oatmeal should give me a lot of delicious options. This morning I did a full loaf pan of it, with yogurt instead of egg (I was out) and plenty of walnuts and brown sugar on top, and the other day I covered the top with pears. I’m excited to experiment more.

  • Pumpkin oatmeal?! That sounds so scrumptious. I want to try the coffee cake & caramel apple! Yum!

  • Oatmeal is definitely one of my favorite breakfast options!


  • I’m gonna definitely try the mixed berry oatmeal: looks sooo good!

    Nene (A Princess in the making)

  • Just made the pumpkin spice, and I substituted 1/4 cup of brown sugar for the 1/3 cup of white sugar, added a pinch of ground clove, and sprinkled the top with walnuts. HEAVEN.

  • Mmm… baked oatmeal.. something I’ve never tried. Yumm. The coffee cake one is something I’ll have to try for sure. Oatmeal is one of my fave things and is finally getting the attention in deserves. Haha…check out my 9 oatmeal post from a couple weeks ago. 🙂


  • Oatmeal is one of our absolute favorite autumn and winter treats! We thought it would be fun to experiment with different flavors and share our favorites with you. My favorite is the peanut butter + jelly flavor. It was incredible. Emma’s favorite is pumpkin spice. We hope you find a new favorite too!

    finally, something that actually makes me want to get out of bed in winter!

  • I make the Jessica Seinfeld Pumpkin Puree Peanut butter oatmeal, it’s FAB! I like your ideas !

  • I love overnight oats!

    –Jaclyn T
    TrickArt: Nature Inspired Jewellery

  • I love the coffee idea. It’s like saving time in the morning by putting my caffeine right in my breakfast 🙂 Making tomorrow! I love to make my oatmeal with peanut butter, honey and raisins. I have also been looking for some good savory oatmeal recipes. Any ideas?


  • I love oatmeal! I eat it least three times a week during the winter. Do you have to use banana at the base?

  • when fall hits, I love oatmeal, and eat it practically everyday all winter long.
    My go to? almonds that I throw in at the very end so they get a little cooked and chopped up apples or peaches.

  • Thanks for posting this. I love oatmeal and can’t wait to try these recipes out!

  • i don’t know how you guys do it, but you’ve made a cozy bowl of oatmeal look artistic. so yummy!




  • oh I just pureed some pumpkin, I am gonna put that in it tomorrow with some spices!

  • I love that you go to town trying all new types of regular food (I loved the grilled cheese one too!) These look super yummy – carmel apple?! yes please!! 🙂

  • wow, great inspiration – i have to have porridge every day in the winter, i love it so much!

    peanut butter & jelly sounds unusual (but SO right!), but i think i’m going to try the coffee cake flavour first 🙂

    Katie x

  • The coffee cake oatmeal sounds delish! Will definitely have to make it this weekend!

  • I have been eating pumpkin oatmeal every day lately and love it. I don’t want fall to ever go away!

  • wow. yum. thank you so much for sharing this! who knew oatmeal could be so beautiful? you’ve inspired me to try my hand at making some of these. (peanut butter & jelly?! i think my boyfriend may faint from over-excitement if i plop a bowl of that in front of his face)


  • I love oatmeal! i really do. this all looks so yummy. especially the pumpkin spice.
    I’m new to your blog and love it.
    I’ll be back.


  • Steelcut oatmeal is my new favorite…I am officially inspired to play with the flavor!

  • delicious ideas.. im going to have to try a few!!


  • You can have a different one every day of the week! Looks so good.


  • Whoa. Just tried the pb&j oatmeal. I used natural pb and the hubby’s homemade plum jam. I threw a few walnuts in there just for the health of it you see. OK, I sprinkled some raw sugar in it. Just for, you know, the sweetness of it. Love your blog!

  • Whoa. Just tried the pb&j oatmeal. I used natural pb and the hubby’s homemade plum jam. Then I threw a few walnuts on there. Just for the health of it you see. OK. Then I sprinkled a wee bit of raw sugar on it. Just for, you know, the sweetness of it. Thanks for a great idea! Love your blog! I would love to post a pic of my oatmeal on my blog and credit you guys for the idea. Would that be ok? (I’m a new blogger) 🙂

  • I love these ideas! Usually I get a little bored with oatmeal, so it’s a perfect reminder to mix it up a little. Will be adding to Pinterest for sure! 🙂

  • These all look so yummy! I’m fond of apple chunks, walnuts and maple syrup mixed into my cooked “5 minute” oats.

  • I just had oatmeal for breakfast not an hour ago!

    It’s definitely one of my favorite breakfasts, especially in colder months. I will have to try that pumpkin spice idea. Emma is so creative and brilliant!

  • I can’t even thank you enough for this.
    My roommates and I take turns cooking meals (we try to have a sit-down meal once a week), and it’s hard to find things we all like/can afford. We all love oatmeal, and not only do these recipes look *amazing*, but they’re not pricey like a lot of other recipes seem to be.

    I’m very excited, especially about the coffee one! xo

  • oooo I love oatmeal when it starts to get cold out! I’ve always been a cinnamon and brown sugar girl, but I think I’m gunna have to try the Pumpkin Spice!

  • wish I saw this post before I ate my oatmeal this morning… I would have tried PB&J!

  • Oh, oatmeal, how do I love thee?? I love this post! New and inspiring ways to try my favorite breakfast…coffee cake and double chocolate are number one and two on my list to try.

  • I’m obsessed with pumpkin spice right now…and oatmeal. I have steel cut oats every day {no joke…daily!}. I’m going to try some of these new recipes out asap!

  • I actually never tasted oatmeal before this summer when I was in the US. There I made it with some maple syrup to sweeten it and some brown sugar on top for the crunch. Now I’m totally addicted to oatmeal and I am definitly going to try out the pumpkin spice (I think that will be my new addiction)

  • I love oatmeal!!! It is my favorite fall hot cereal. Love the ideas…thanks.

  • Oatmeal is one of my favorites, I cant wait to try some of these combo! Pumpkin Spice and Coffee Crumb look especially delicious

  • I love these oatmeal ideas!

    Now that it’s Fall, oatmeal is the perfect breakfast!




  • I am loving these food posts & pictures! My two kids L-O-V-E oatmeal, so this is really helpful!

    Sarah M

  • I’ve been wanting to try my hand at baked oatmeal for ages, but was never sure if my family would eat it with me. Some of these recipes, though, they would go nuts for!

  • Ooh what great variations! I’m actually posting one of my own oatmeal recipes this morning! Great minds think alike? 😉

  • Oh geez, this looks delicious! Especially the pumpkin spice! I wish it were a little later so I could go eat breakfast and try this out …


  • Why is it that I wasn’t hungry a moment ago and now I am?! Yum those all sound good. I’m particularly interested in the baked oatmeal versions. Have never tried that but am looking forward to.

    Loulou Downtown

  • Am an oatmeal fiend, particularly loving the sound of coffee cake flavour – like pudding for breakfast, which I’m also fairly partial to…

  • Thanks for sharing! This is so useful for spicing up a boring workday breakfast!


  • I must confess to disliking porridge (as I call it), though i do love oatie biscuits and all of these flavour combinations would work wonderfully with those!

  • I love oatmeal quite plain- with just loads of brown sugar. Sometimes I love to put yogurt on the top as well!

    Great ideas!

  • <33333333333333333333 this is really all I can think to say. I really love oatmeal.

  • I will definitely be making me some Oatmeal before class tomorrow!



  • divine.
    ps: if i had to choose one food for the rest of my life, it might as well be oats 🙂

  • i’m not normally an oatmeal fan but this is making me hungry. i really want to try your recipe. i’ve only had the instant stuff… maybe that’s where i went wrong. haha



  • The pumpkin spice baked oatmeal sounds yummy. I will have to give that one a try. Thanks for the recipe. 🙂

  • Youre amazing! For the double chocolate do your just add the chocolate chips and let it melt? I confess i have a chocolate problem….

  • Love this! I eat so much oatmeal during this time of year…it’s the perfect breakfast [or snack, hehe]. Thanks for sharing these recipe ideas!

  • I’ve never been the biggest fan of oatmeal, but these delicious flavors make me want to try it and I have a feeling I’ll love it this time!

  • Such a great post! I was just thinking the other day it’s becoming oatmeal season, love this!!

  • oh wow!!! these all sound delicious!! I cannot wait to make some! 🙂

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