Homemade Photo Filter DIY

Homemade Filter DIYWe’ve fallen in love with dreamy photo filters! It’s common to find colorful filters you can add to your photos in iPhone apps. They can also be added using Photoshop. We thought it would be fun to do it the old-fashioned way, though! Here’s how we made our own filters for our DSLR cameras…

Homemade Filter DIY First, cut pieces of transparency about 1 inch (all the way around) larger than your camera lens. Then draw on them with sharpie (or any permanent marker). We experimented a lot and found that large, bold shapes work best. Small doodles and drawings do not show up. Above are a few of our favorite homemade filters.

How to use homemade filtersTo use your filter, simply hold it over your lens when shooting. (with auto focus enabled) Move the filter around over your lens as you frame your shot. You’ll be able to choose which part of your photo is in focus and which part is blurry and colorful!

Here are a few examples of photos we snapped using our homemade filters…

Homemade Filter DIY ExampleHomemade Filter DIY ExampleHomemade Filter DIY ExampleThe results are a little unpredictable, but that’s what we love about it! What do you think? Do you plan to create your own dreamy filters? It’s a fun and easy way to spice up your next photo shoot. xo. elsie

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