How I Found My Dream Dining Chairs!

Now that we have been in our home for over three years, I’ve started the process of refreshing a few of the rooms that we did early on in the renovation process. The dining room was maybe the second or third room I finished and I painted it a blush pink to help it stand out from the front room sitting area that’s connected to it. While I still love that color of blush, I wanted a different look for the space. So I decided to paint the room white (with plans to do some sort of painted wallpaper soon) and add in blush chairs instead of our white ones to add a pop of pink back into the space. The only problem was actually finding the perfect chairs to satisfy my extremely picky taste in being the exact right shade of blush and I wanted them to have a mid-century feel and a touch of gold was preferable—quite a list!

We partnered with Amazon Home on this project. I do a lot of shopping on Amazon for a huge range of purchases, so I decided to see what they had available. Thankfully, they just launched their new Scout tool that helps you quickly narrow down on the perfect product based on what products you “like” and “dislike.” I had done a little searching before using the Scout tool, but hadn’t seen the right fit yet. It literally only took a few clicks of narrowing down my taste with Scout before these blush pink velvet and gold chairs popped up in the feed and I instantly knew they were absolutely perfect! Of course, I still looked a bit more just to make sure, but I couldn’t have asked for a better find, so they became the winner pretty quickly! I could not wait for them to arrive to see them in person …OMG, aren’t they SO pretty??!! I love that they are velvet as they look so soft and the pile gives them a bit of a textured/flocked look as well.
To help update the space, I also got a few other items while I was shopping for the chairs, like this pretty geometric vase. I love tone on tone things, so the white geometric vase on the white table is right up my alley.

I also added these two wall planters on either side of one of my favorite photos of Lola and me. I like to make sure there’s a balanced amount of greenery in every space, so using the walls can really help get some of that plant life up high.  I like to balance what goes beside the long buffet table at the back of the room, so I picked out two of these gold and white side tables to flank our buffet. I love that the gold cage matches the chair legs so it brings another pop of gold to the back wall as well. Even the kitties love the chairs! Mac almost never napped on the old ones, but he’s being doing at least one snooze a day on them since they arrived. Surprisingly, the velvet doesn’t seem to attract their fur any more than a normal fabric would, but we also have a small handheld vacuum that we use on chairs and our fabric bed frame every so often to clean them as needed.  Overall, I couldn’t be happier with how my chair search went and the resulting items that arrived—they make me smile every time I look in the dining room and they add the perfect touch of vintage glam that still feels modern and fresh as well. Now maybe I should host a dinner party to show them off? Hope the Scout tool can help you with whatever home decor items you are searching for too! xo. Laura

Credits//Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • In LOVE with the all white buffet table! I’ve been looking all over the place for one EXACTLY like that! Where is it from?

  • Just wondering, who is that blonde lady in the the black & white photo? Looks like a young Brigitte Bardot!

    Thank you,


  • Love it! Could you tell me the name of the plant that is on the gold & white side table?

  • Those chairs are soo pretty, and just perfect for that room!

  • Your updated room looks beautiful! Sorry to be yet another person asking where you got something (I SWEAR I tried to find it on my own first) but do you mind sharing where you got this sweater?? So cute and I’m on the hunt for a couple new ones 🙂

  • Oh my lord, they are stunning, like utterly divine! However I could never have something so pretty, kids would soon be leaving mucky marks all over them

  • Can you talk a bit about how you keep your cats from scratching up your furniture…most notably your couch?? Struggling with this big time, and I hate to have to get rid of couches after two years because they’re so ratty…words of wisdom pls!

    • Hmm, well one of them is declawed and the other one prefers to sharpen his claws on rugs and not furniture so that’s more of our struggle! He has scratching pads but he doesn’t always want to use them so we squirt with water as needed but it’s not a perfect system…


  • Those chairs are stunning. Although I would worry about someone accidentally tipping a glass of red wine on to them. I LOVE the overall look.

  • Love how you’ve decorated! The chairs suit it really well.

    Laura |

  • Hi Laura. What a beautiful dining room! Could you tell me where did you find your rug?

  • Your pink velvet chairs are so beautiful, Laura! I love the gold legs as well. Any girl’s dream decor! 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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