How I Made My Own Garter: Wedding D.I.Y.


For my wedding I became a bit of a shopaholic. I ordered tons of pretty things from Etsy shops and boutiques. There was just one detail that stopped me in my tracks, the garter! I spent some time shopping for a cute and non-1980s-looking garter. After not having much luck finding something I wanted to wear I decided to make one. I made two variations (one to toss and one to keep). Both were super easy and cute! The one pictured above is simple decorative elastic with silk daisies stitched all the way around. 



Here's how I made my garter… 


Step 1: Find some pretty lace and trim that you fancy! measure around your leg (about halfway between your knee and hip) and cut a piece of lace that is 2 inches smaller than your leg.


Step 2: Use fabric glue to adhere a cute trim to the middle of your lace piece. I found a tiny daisy trim that I loved!


Step 3: Stitch the garter together with one inch of elastic in the middle. Fold the lace (see photo) to hide the elastic and edge from the back of  your garter. Last, stitch on a pretty bow if you please!


Have fun Creating! Special thank yous to Rock n Roll Bride for sharing my D.I.Y.! XO, elsie

  • So true, absolutely gorgeous – I also want yards and yards!

  • I thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insigth at the end there. Not leave it with we leave it to you to decide

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  • Hello Elsie!
    I’ve been watching your blog for days now and I am completely addicted! Anyway,I would like to say that I loved your wedding.. Everything about it…. The desserts,the decoration and your home??? MY Dream House! 🙂 I LOVE IT! 🙂 Wonderful job on your blog! You’re talented!
    I also loved your sister’s blog.. (Emma’s)…
    With love from Irsa.
    (A 13 year old girl who lives in Albania AND already loves you and your style)

  • In hebrow we say MAZAL TOV, love your photos and very happy for you, Adva (a fun from Israel)

  • I was JUST talking about how I didn’t want a garter last night because I thought they were cheesy…and then I see this! I’m gonna take a crack at it! 🙂

  • Love your wedding pics! I love a bride who loves colour! I went for colorful accessories and bolero to avoid the white/ivory monotone look 🙂

    Sal x

  • Beautiful! Thanks for this awesome DIY post. I’m thinking about making a pair to wear with some tights and a dress.

  • That’s a gorgeous garter! The daisies rock and the lace is adorable!

  • you’re amazing, doll! so inspired by your endless creativity. would love to hear more about your brainstorming sessions & notebooks. xoxo

  • This is the cutest ever! I normally hate garters because they look kind of cheesy, but yours looks super pretty.

  • I love all of your wedding DIYs! Your garter is oh-so pretty!

    Lost in the Haze

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