How to Add Studs to Denim

How to add studsStuds2Confession: I pretty much want to add studs to everything. I love the look of them! This probably goes all the way back to my middle school days; when I thought I was really punk rock. Studs are pretty simple to add to thin fabrics because you can easily insert them and then bend back the prongs. But thicker fabrics, such as denim or leather, can be a bit more tricky. Here's my fool proof method for adding studs to denim.Stud collage31. Needed: exacto knife, small pliers, studs (the one pictured is larger than the ones I added to to my shirt) and your garment. 2. Find where you want to place your stud. 3. Use the exacto knife to poke two holes in your garment; where the prongs need to go. 4. Insert your stud through the holes. 5. Use the pliers to bend the prongs down. 6. Make sure the prongs are secure before adding more studs.How to insert studs*Tip: place an old pillow or folded blanket under your garment as you work. You don't want to poke your exacto knife through to your leg—ouch! Be safe and have fun adding studs to your clothes. xo. emma

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